Traducción de serene en Español:


sereno, adj.

Pronunciación /səˈrin/ /sɪˈriːn/

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    (person/beauty/sky) sereno
    • Great minds such as ours must be serene and tranquil in order to remain above the fray.
    • She seemed, to him, to be at peace, tranquil and serene.
    • I looked at it, suddenly calmed by its serene expression.
    • Larry's face was calm, almost serene; his voice was quiet and steady.
    • The expression he wore was calm, almost completely serene, except for the penetrating glare he had trained on Travis.
    • Inside it devastated him, but he forced the pain back and on the outside he put on a calm and serene face.
    • He was in a calm and serene state of mind, the empty concentration that martial artists called the void.
    • New mothers are usually stereotyped as being calmer and more serene after they give birth.
    • He was a jolly, pleasant and good natured gentleman whose calm and serene demeanour endeared him to many.
    • Whenever I was upset, I always turned to her, and she would talk to me in a calm, serene, optimistic manner, which always left me cheerful.
    • She was calm, perfectly serene in her stance as she approached him.
    • Even after the horror of it all, she still looked so serene.
    • He looked so serene in his sleep, like a little boy.
    • You look so serene: sitting happily in the middle of all this chaos.
    • During our one week cooling off period after signing the papers, I was strangely serene.
    • She leaned back into me, a serene smile written across her beautiful lips.
    • His glorious blond curls shone golden in the candlelight, framing his remarkably serene features.
    • The children and staff work and communicate in a very serene and peaceful fashion.
    • For all her fierce colouring, her face was serene and her voice soft.
    • Beth's face is serene and childlike in the dim light; she breathes slowly, deeply.
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    (in title)
    His/Her Serene Highness Su Alteza Serenísima