Translation of serum in Spanish:


suero (sanguíneo), n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪrəm/ /ˈsɪərəm/

nounplural serums, plural sera

  • 1blood serum

    suero (sanguíneo) masculine
    • Blood products, sera, sperm, oocytes and embryos are not included.
    • The number of sera from patients whose blood culture grew B. psuedomallei is only 12.
    • Blood samples were then obtained and sera tested for HIV and hepatitis.
    • Blood was withdrawn from the carotid artery and the sera were separated for each study.
    • Acute and convalescent sera were obtained 4 weeks apart.
    • Normal human sera were obtained from healthy individuals.
    • The sera were stored at - 20°C without any preservative.
    • Earlier studies found that pregnant pigs vaccinated against bacterial intimin developed antibodies against it in their sera and colostrum.
    • The percentage antibody prevalence was calculated using the ratio of positive sera to the total sera tested in each age group.
    • I took those sera down to Melbourne with me and tested them to see if any of them had antibody to this newly discovered tick typhus organism.
    • The sera used in this study correspond to bleeds obtained after four boosts with the same antigen.
    • Furthermore, antibodies to the region II domain of the protein are commonly detected in sera from individuals in endemic populations.
    • The femoral marrow cells were flushed out with fetal bovine serum and smeared on clean slides.
    • Normal human sera were obtained from healthy individuals.
    • The preimmune serum was collected 1 week before the first inoculation.
    • No staining was detected when the preimmune serum was used as a negative control.
    • Controls included omitting the primary antibody, using control rabbit serum as primary antibody, and omitting the secondary antibody.
    • Pooled control sera had been collected from 321 adults positive to a few molds/microbes.
    • The test liquid was said to approximate the surface tension of human serum.
    • So far, Herman has tested his hypoallergenic soybean with human sera and in sensitive animals.
  • 2

    suero masculine
    • He was given a cocktail of vaccines within 10 minutes including anti-plague and anthrax serums.
    • You could be making a fortune out of the drugs, serums and surgical hardware, and yet you have to stand on the sidelines and watch as US drug companies make a killing.