Translation of serve in Spanish:


servir a, v.

Pronunciation /sərv/ /səːv/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (work for)
    (God/monarch/party) servir a
    he has served his country/firm faithfully ha servido fielmente a la patria/a su compañía
    • she has served the company for over 25 years lleva más de 25 años al servicio de la compañía
    • You are out there supporting and serving your professional organization.
    • He served these organizations for some 23 years till his retirement in March 1996.
    • I will continue to serve this organization with all my energy, wisdom, and passion as I have done in the past.
    • For now, she continues with her ministerial duties, serving the church she sees as part of her family.
    • Further, he was a career professional, dedicated to serving Johnson.
    • And even though I was young I had already pledged my life to serving that woman, my duty was complete obedience to her.
    • The tale takes place 500 years ago and begins in the house of a Novgorod merchant, where horseman Antti and his wife Anne are serving their master.
    • The girl grew up to be a well-behaved young lady, and when she was old enough, she served her father with all her heart and soul.
    • It's bad enough that they spend their lives serving us, but now, they have to die at our bidding, too?
    • Advisory Editors currently serving on the board are listed on the masthead.
    • And he even once served on the board of the New York Stock Exchange.
    • I once served on a social committee and it was always hard organising things to make people happy.
    • Recently a priest who had served for years as an official in the chancery office was ordained an auxiliary bishop.
    • He has served with distinction for some years as the head of the Federal Reserve.
    • Ever since then he has served the group in various capacities.
    • He had previously served the club as a goalkeeper and then centre forward for ten years.
  • 2

    (help, be useful to)
    to serve sb as sth servirle a algn de algo
    his experience served him well la experiencia le sirvió de mucho / le fue muy útil
    • it serves a variety of purposes sirve para varias cosas
    • it serves no useful purpose no sirve para nada (útil)
    • A sheet of red outdoor fabric serves as the roof.
    • Elastomer and fabric device serves as both a seal and a filter.
    • However, it just so happens that a human being standing on the ground near the object serves as a perfectly good conductor as well.
    • That's why an old photograph taped to the refrigerator door serves as a daily reminder of the girl she once was.
    • A weblog serves as a perfect tool for disseminating this type of information.
    • The president serves as the soul of a university, with his/her personality, morality and educational ideas usually having a profound influence on the university culture.
    • But the case serves as a warning that the industry will have to find a new way of distributing music which appeals to these kids, and the growing number of people who are searching for their entertainment online.
    • This kind of reasoning is, of course, nonsense, but it serves as an illustration of the danger in concocting fanciful theories based on historical precedents.
    • The exercise not only serves as warning, punishment, or purge but also advertises to his subjects, his enemies, and his potential rivals that he is strong.
    • The photographic imprint serves as a substitute.
    • A salvaged piece of marble serves as the countertop.
    • Armstrong serves as an inspiration to many and is clearly one of the most significant contributors to black culture of the 20th, and perhaps any, century.
    • It's almost like a superhero film, with magic tricks serving as Danny's powers, helping him solve any sticky situation.
    • History will serve only to remind us that man's reach always exceeds his grasp.
    • Though certainly these later developments served to reinforce and spread the use of such techniques.
    • Having students present the same material during lab served to reinforce their knowledge.
    • The whole episode has already served to highlight a number of important economic issues.
    • The above examples serve to underline how limited our philosophy of health has become.
    • All of this served to underline the dangers, as much as the benefits, of nationalism.
    • First and primarily, military advice serves to set a baseline for the analysis of any proposed intervention.
    • Called Serenade, the Victoria Road shop was serving its first customers today.
    • The shop served its last customers on Friday after being based on Newmarket Street for more than 17 years.
    • Mark, Andrew and Esther were in the shop front, serving customers.
    • Sofi finished serving her customer and asked one of her shop assistant to take over.
    • Shop managers cannot do anything because they are serving a queue of customers.
    • Also I think it is so rude to be in a shop and being served whilst having a chat on the phone.
    • Mary didn't say anything more, she finally forced the smile her face had been promising and then went back to serving the other customers.
    • It was the husband of the woman who had served Freya in the shop.
    • The story begins with Bruno the Bear, the proud owner of a sweet shop, serving Olga, the Russian owner of an animal circus.
    • She took it without hesitation and wandered off to serve the other customers.
    • Among Mike's duties yesterday were serving customers, tidying up and putting security tags on items of clothing.
  • 3

    • 3.1Cooking

      (food/drink) servir
      go ahead, serve yourselves! ¡adelante, sírvanse!
      • we don't serve children here no se admiten niños
      • who's serving our table? ¿quién nos atiende?
      • this cake serves six este pastel es para seis
      • serves four para cuatro personas
      • dinner is served la cena está servida
      • can I serve you some more fish? ¿le sirvo más pescado?
      • This recipe makes enough to serve four as a main course, more as a side dish.
      • Thai food is significantly less meat-intensive than American, and half a pound of meat is enough to serve four.
      • Isabelle received a cup of wine from a man serving drinks.
      • The working committee thank all who came and those who prepared the food and served the tea.
      • There are countless jobs and professions that are far more dangerous than serving food or drink in the presence of secondhand smoke.
      • Meanwhile, back in the wine bar, the barman returned and served our drinks.
      • I like to serve this dessert in individual glasses - wine glasses or tumblers are equally good.
      • We'd stopped, when the waitress came to serve our pizza and drinks.
      • They went to the kitchens, and found the kitchen workers ready to serve cookies and drinks on the spot.
      • Refreshments were served and to mark the occasion certificates were presented to all the children who took part.
      • Once they had settled, and he had served the food and drink, Lauren stood up.
      • The third supervises the tavern and the food and drink being served by her husbands.
      • That evening they served food and drinks to the guest of Master Shay.
      • It was mayhem, fuelled by bar staff and a pub industry all too willing to serve drink after drink after drink.
      • There were plenty of mushrooms and the dish was also served with potatoes, broccoli and carrots.
      • Refreshments were served afterwards which included various types of drinks and edibles.
      • There's a four-course meal served by waiters.
      • Refreshments were served afterwards by the female staff.
      • The meeting finished with a social half hour and some tasty refreshments served by hostesses for the evening.
      • The meals are typically served with salads, rice and other side orders.
      • The meal was served with a large side salad and baked potatoes with sour cream.
      • Wherever possible, ask that hot food is served piping hot and ensure that cold food has been kept cool.

    • 3.2British (in shop)

      (customer) atender
      are you being served? ¿lo atienden?
      • I'm being served, thank you me están atendiendo, gracias

  • 4

    • 4.1(supply)

      (person/area) abastecer
      to serve sth/sb with sth abastecer a algo/algn de algo
      • The basic initial idea is to have small buses, serving local areas providing daytime services to those most needing them.
      • Would it be better to have a team of priests in a central house serving a group of parishes?
      • As a market hall serving a bustling group of traders and agricultural merchants, it must have been perfect for the job.
      • They have provided and maintained a fleet of 160 ambulances that serve remote areas of the Chernobyl region.
      • If you value the land-grant tradition, and we do, we know we need to serve that group of consumers.
      • Paddy employees over 30 people from the local area and with their expertise, they serve sites all over Ireland.
      • Different laboratory test menus may be needed in different locales to properly serve the ethnic groups in the community.
      • We wanted something that would serve every age group.
      • Are there agencies in the community that also serve complementary groups?
      • These managers are starting to look at how much it will cost to serve a group of farmers.
      • He said the system had functioned well in the past and did not serve any specific group.
      • This scheme serves an area which stretches to a radius of 10 miles outside Claremorris.
      • The Barbican is the only pool on the south side of York that is within walking distance of the city centre and Yearsley serves a wide area.
      • Its retail sector serves an area that extends for miles on either side of the Strait.
      • The chosen route linked central London to Docklands by heading south of the Thames into areas previously poorly served by underground services.
      • They compared the locations with the current spread of population and realised that some areas were not served as well as they should be.
      • The area is currently served by 28 branches which, according to company bosses, is too many to survive.
      • The area is served by 28 branches which, according to the company, is too many chasing too few customers.
      • Besides Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the area is served by airports in Macao and Zhuhai.
      • The firm, which has a network of branches in the area served by the hospice, is paying for a crucial element of the appeal.

    • 4.2Transport

      the village is not served by public transport el pueblo no tiene (servicio de) transporte público
      • the bus route serving Newtown el servicio / la línea de autobuses que va a Newtown
      • Riem airport serves Munich Riem es el aeropuerto de Munich

  • 5

    (summons/notice/order) entregar
    (summons/notice/order) hacer entrega de
    to serve sth on sb
    to serve sb with sth
    they served a summons on all the directors todos los directivos recibieron una citación judicial / fueron citados para comparecer ante el juez
    • she was served with divorce papers recibió notificación / fue notificada de la demanda de divorcio
    • While defendant was in custody awaiting an extradition hearing he was served with the Complaint herein.
    • When the breath tests were completed, he was served with the appropriate documentation and released on a promise to appear.
    • As a consequence, the police were unable to locate him to serve him with a subpoena.
    • He was then served with an appropriate prosecution statement and ordered to respond by 7th September.
    • We understand you were served with documents from the defense.
    • Writs were served on 30 councillors, who were jailed for their pains in September 1921.
    • He said the minister would be seeking quashing of the arrest warrant against him on the ground that no summons were served on him.
    • Empanelling a grand jury empowers prosecutors both to serve subpoenas, and to gather testimony under oath.
    • Enforcement notices are only served as a last resort, when all efforts to negotiate have failed.
    • The prisoner had already served notice of application to appeal to the final court.
  • 6

    (apprenticeship) hacer
    (sentence) cumplir
    he had served only a month of his presidency solo había cumplido un mes de su mandato presidencial
    • he served ten years for armed robbery cumplió diez años de condena por robo a mano armada
    • He is still liable to serve ten years in prison for traces of heroin in a needle found at his house.
    • And after serving a prison term for committing a financial crime, he convinced the prison librarian to move with him to his hometown.
    • These resisters are arrested, tried, and often sentenced to serve long terms in prison and jail.
    • He served a year in prison - including eight months in solitary confinement.
    • He served two terms in prison last year, for dangerous driving and then for breaking a curfew order.
    • He is now out of prison, having served three years.
    • However, I felt that serving a prison term was better than living with him and the abuse.
    • He was sentenced to five years and six months jail, and he served three years and nine months.
    • He will serve three years in prison, with a further five under strict supervision to ensure he does not re-offend following his release.
    • They spoke openly about their prognosis when they realised they would have to serve eight months in prison.
    • He was told he must serve three-and-a-half years in prison before his case is considered for parole.
    • She has, however, continued to hold the powerful office and is now serving a second term that will run till December 2005.
    • ‘All the funds are available and now it is up to her to volunteer them, or serve another year in prison,’ he said.
    • If he is recalled to prison he will inevitably serve a greater period in custody than the original tariff.
    • By then he was serving another prison term for snatching a bag from another woman.
    • She was appealing against the sentence after magistrates ordered her to serve one day in prison for the theft and then complete the rest of her sentence for robbery.
    • Some of those sentenced to home detention would have been serving short periods of imprisonment for less serious offences.
    • He has had a number of brushes with the law over the years and has also served custodial sentences.
    • He is currently serving a prison sentence for his role in the embassy bombings.
    • He retired from the Army in 1977 after serving 20 years on active duty.
  • 7

    to serve the ball/shuttlecock sacar
    • to serve a double fault hacer una doble falta
    • Everyone fell silent though when the prince raised his racket and ball to serve.
    • The players exchange words at the beginning of the game as Scott accuses his opponent of failing to tell him he was serving with new balls in the previous game.
    • Before serving in the final game, Pierce had a trainer apply treatment and massage her aching shoulder.
    • He got the message, gave Gracie and me a salute, and ran back to his game, serving the ball and acing it.
    • Taking a deep breath, I took my stance, and served that fuzzy yellow ball with all my might.
    • Safin made the crucial break at 4-4 in the final set, and served out the next game to clinch the match.
    • He served out the final game at love, hitting a 119 mph second serve for a winner on match point.
    • Davenport slammed three winners to serve out the final game for the win.
    • He won only one more game in that set to allow the American to take the set 6-3 and then dropped serve in the ninth game of the third set to enable Fish to serve out the match.
    • A second double-fault allowed Kiefer to break again to lead 5-2 but he failed to serve out the match, putting a forehand wide down the line on break point.
  • 8

    (mare/cow) cubrir
    (mare/cow) montar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1 literary (be servant)


    • 1.2British (in shop)


    • 1.3(distribute food)

      who's going to serve? ¿quién va a servir?

  • 2

    (spend time, do duty)
    to serve in the army servir en el ejército
    • to serve on a committee integrar una comisión
    • to serve as mayor ser alcalde
    • the serving president el presidente en ejercicio / en funciones
  • 3

    (have effect, function)
    to serve to + inf servir para + inf
    • Also, officers have the added functions of setting goals and inspiring others to achieve them to serve this purpose.
    • They do not satisfy hunger and serve no purpose other than to make the companies that make them wealthy.
    • I don't think he serves any useful purpose for the Democrats.
    • It serves no other useful purpose than to inspire and feed the soul.
    • What useful purpose is served by stigmatizing work that someone is going to have to do anyway?
    • Any such individual action would be irresponsible and unwarranted and would serve no useful purpose.
    • Dropping down into the second team would serve no useful purpose.
    • A price war, he warns his prospective rivals, will serve neither party's interests.
    • The very existence of law on the statute books serves the purpose.
    • Even if debunked, the book serves a valuable purpose by encouraging new ways of thinking about intelligence and efforts to build intelligent computers.
    • I am not convinced that any especially useful purpose would be served by that.
    • In essence, the board of directors tries to make sure that shareholders' interests are well served.
    • Indeed, they may tend to serve this function even better than traditional media.
    • His selective memory serves no interest but his own agenda.
    • The proposed lake, which has caused some concern locally in case it affects underground water supplies, will serve three purposes.
    • The goal was the worthy one of racial integration, but it was served by treating children differently based on their race.
    • It points to a post-medical age, where doctors serve desires rather than treat disease.
    • It does serve his political strategy to stay away from the facts.
    • Organizational culture establishes norms and expectations of how people should be treated and serve the needs of the organization.
    • Laser shots and explosions are fairly generic but serve the purpose well.
  • 4

    to serve at Mass ayudar en misa
  • 5

    it's your turn to serve te toca a ti sacar / servir


  • 1

    servicio masculine
    saque masculine
    • In pro tennis serves can sometimes reach speeds over 209 kph, or 185 feet per second.
    • With the big serves in today's tennis, I'm not sure this match will ever be equalled.
    • In fact, he conceded only 12 points on his serve in nine service games.
    • Rafter chipped and charged on Agassi's second serves.
    • He could hardly get a serve into court, seemed too tall and cumbersome to move well or bend, and looked thoroughly outclassed.