Translation of setback in Spanish:


revés, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛtˌbæk/ /ˈsɛtbak/

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    revés masculine
    contratiempo masculine
    our plans have suffered a major setback nuestros planes han sufrido un gran revés
    • However, it is a fact of life that there is no progress without a few setbacks.
    • Unfortunately, the amount of work that she was being forced to do was a huge setback to their progress.
    • As the process moves forward, there will no doubt be frustrating delays and difficult setbacks.
    • He said there is a window of opportunity to reverse the environmental setback caused by many years of neglect.
    • Serious setbacks have not deterred Dawn Phillips from following her dream to run local cafés.
    • Each succeeded one way or another, but not overnight, and certainly not without serious setbacks.
    • In fact, many men have experienced the crushing setback of reverse discrimination when seeking jobs.
    • Since 1990, the global environment has both made progress and suffered setbacks.
    • They move into a tenement, the only place they can afford, and set about making a good life despite some serious setbacks.
    • Over the last year the pharmaceutical corporations have been making sure they reverse any setbacks they incurred.
    • It is also the story of reversals and setbacks in broader social and economic policy, as Richard Rothstein has argued.
    • It begins with a brief overview of the major developments over the last decade, identifying both progress and setbacks.
    • The decision will be seen as a serious setback to the team's hopes of progressing to the Euro 2004 finals in Portugal.
    • It was a serious setback for the Mayo men and four minutes later this was compounded when Hayes set up Mark Ronan for the opening goal of the match.
    • Zambian football has survived more serious setbacks before.
    • This would be a setback to progress that has been made.
    • But in order to win a war, you have to have the vision and determination to fight it despite setbacks and political difficulties.
    • The findings will be a serious setback for Blair and Jack McConnell as they battle to persuade activists to campaign in the coming election.
    • While the four are now being recognized for their efforts, most of them have suffered serious career setbacks and financial difficulties.
    • This lack of preparation caused some serious setbacks.