Translation of settlement in Spanish:


acuerdo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɛdlmənt/ /ˈsɛt(ə)lm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(agreement)

      acuerdo masculine
      convenio masculine
      to reach/achieve a settlement llegar a/lograr un acuerdo / convenio
      • wage settlement convenio (laboral)
      • wage settlements of over 5% aumentos salariales de más del 5%
      • The peaceful settlement of this dispute has allowed for renewed co-operation.
      • It is the same form of acknowledgment seen in the settlements that the National Government was involved in.
      • Chapter 6 deals with the peaceful settlement of disputes, in which all sides seek a solution.
      • Since the end of last year and until recently, there were repeated efforts to secure a negotiated settlement of the dispute.
      • Is there a chance of a negotiated settlement to the conflict?
      • For months they have been applying intense economic and diplomatic pressure for a settlement of the destabilising conflict.
      • The two men shaking hands represent the peaceful settlement of a conflict over the lagoon.
      • A peaceful settlement to the conflict is no longer possible.
      • They were reinstated after the settlement of the dispute.
      • At no stage can it be credibly argued that all means towards a peaceful settlement in the conflict had been exhausted, the report insists.
      • It assists in the peaceful settlement of disputes.
      • A similar protest in 1978 led to the creation of the organisation Peace Now, which continues to fight for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.
      • We can have no illusions that there can be a peaceful settlement or compromise with this gang.
      • They are the result of the settlement of the national pay dispute which opened the door to localised attacks on conditions.
      • He stressed that normalization in the region is not possible without a settlement of the dispute.
      • The next day's official negotiations were the most productive yet and an improved settlement seems possible.
      • Just when a peaceful settlement to the civil war appeared possible another nightmare scenario erupted.
      • The press has labelled the failed settlement a power-sharing agreement.
      • The details of the settlement were unclear as Socialist Worker went to press.
      • The greatest myth is that right up to the start of the war they were open to a peaceful settlement.

    • 1.2(payment)

      pago masculine
      they offered her an out of court settlement of £20,000 extrajudicialmente le ofrecieron 20.000 libras para que se desistiera de su demanda
      • Otherwise, they won't make so much money out of me in spite of early settlement penalties.
      • On the other hand, the losses on contracts that require settlement in cash are accounted for as a charge in the income statement.
      • What's more, free life insurance is included, plus there are no other charges or early settlement penalties.
      • Some pharmaceutical companies give early settlement discounts and rebates
      • Two months' extra interest is the norm, but a few enlightened lenders don't charge any early settlement penalty.
      • The administration has lowered the standard for local enterprises to set up settlement accounts for foreign exchange.
      • Invoice discounting or offering discounts for early settlement could ensure that book debts are quickly collected.
      • In normal operation CHAPS payments are settled in real time across settlement accounts, maintained by Members at the Bank of England.
      • Fortunately, the government has put a stop to it and new loans taken out 1st June can only incur early settlement charges of, at most, two months interest.
      • The interbank market remained fairly liquid last week even though a total of K150 billion was traded for on the treasury bill and bond settlement market on Monday.
      • Credit vehicles increasingly are used for a preponderance of transactions, with settlement made through book entries and expanding financial claims.
      • However, this deal comes with a £499 upfront arrangement fee, plus a two-year lock-in with a hefty early settlement penalty.
      • Early settlement discounts will vary from one supplier to another, but you can usually expect to obtain a maximum of 5 per cent off the total purchasing price.
      • And about K70 billion is this week expected to exit the market through treasury bills settlement, after the Bank of Zambia offered the same amount last week.
      • Finally, watch out for early settlement penalties, because around seven in ten personal loans are paid off early.
      • Admittedly, these borrowers are then locked in to paying Northern Rock's standard variable rate for ten years, or face stiff penalties for early settlement!
      • Egg claims that 70% of loans are paid off early but, in spite of this, four out of five lenders penalise borrowers for early settlement.
      • Around seven out of ten personal loans are paid off early, so watch out for loans that include hefty fines for early settlement.
      • We don't have an array of complete services like on-line banking and a central on-line transaction processing and settlement center for all banks.
      • Immediately following the purchase, they were sold back to the original broker with settlement terms of five days.
      see also marriage

    • 1.3(village)

      asentamiento masculine
      poblado masculine
      • Many settlements turned into ghost towns, as the land could no longer sustain life.
      • It will be touring the province's reserves, settlements and native communities.
      • Attempts by Spanish and French colonists to establish settlements were unsuccessful.
      • In the century that followed, the Dutch established settlements and devised means to live off the land.
      • Libya boasts the ruins of ancient Greek outposts, Phoenician settlements and Berber cities.
      • Instead, they established settlements on the outskirts of towns, where they worked as wage laborers.
      • The Russians gradually colonized the north, establishing Cossack settlements in the lowlands.
      • Coastal settlements were established, but the interior was forbidding.
      • He ended up in Queensland where he established an Aboriginal settlement at Yarrabah on Mission Bay, east of Cairns.
      • Eighteen villages and two urban settlements in the northeastern district of Monduli will benefit from the initiative.
      • In the 1730s Slovenians and Croatians established small agricultural settlements in Georgia.
      • We are not going to build new townships or new settlements.
      • By the end of the nineteenth century, Cajuns had established settlements in the Louisiana-Texas border region.
      • In the 1790s, the islands began to attract whalers from Europe who established the first settlements on the coast.
      • However, before permanent settlements are established, people will probably occupy a series of lunar outposts.
      • There were even attempts to establish Scottish farming settlements as well as commercial connections in South America.
      • Over the next 150 years, more English settlements were established.
      • Cartier's third voyage to Canada was a failure in terms of establishing a settlement.
      • Both communities are remote settlements on sites with long histories and dependable access to wild animals, fish, and plants.
      • Over 1,400 cities, towns and settlements have been found so far, with about 900 in India.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (of account, bill) pago masculine
      (of debt) liquidación feminine
      (of debt) satisfacción feminine
      prompt settlement appreciated se agradece la prontitud en el pago

    • 2.2(of dispute)

      (re)solución feminine
      settlement out of court (re)solución extrajudicial

    • 2.3(of people)

      establecimiento masculine
      asentamiento masculine
      • The 1976 Immigration Act made family reunification and refugee settlement two of Canada's fundamental objectives.

    • 2.4(of country, region)

      colonización feminine
      población feminine
      • A process of settlement and resettlement along the Niger continued into the nineteenth century.
      • The story of the railways of Shanghai goes back to the early days of Western settlement in the city after it was forced open by the unequal treaties imposed by the Western imperialists.
      • She presents a wide variety of descriptive material concerning Aboriginal life, dating from the earliest years of European settlement.
      • A survivor of fire, flood and suburbia, Christ Church is a remarkable artefact of Wellington's early settlement.
      • Resources of grass and gold dominated the early period of European settlement following exploitation of fur seals and flax.
      • The trip passes many different points of historical interest relating to both early European and Maori settlement.
      • Thorny bush, swamps and even tidal waves impeded early settlement, as did the belief that evil spirits inhabited the islands.
      • It is a fine publication which will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the early history of settlement in Australia.
      • For those on the wrong side of the law, the 1950s were seemingly akin to the early days of penal settlement.
      • Coins from the earliest days of Australian settlement to modern decimal currency are displayed.
      • This is an area long in history of the Maori and of early white settlement.
      • In the early days of settlement in the valley there were two schools, one at the top and one near the Akaroa Road.
      • Repetition of the purified story of John Ramsay's help during the early years of settlement continues to silence Native voices.
      • It comprehensively records the early years after white settlement, so our explorers and colonial governors feature, as do a few indigenous Australians.
      • The detailed recounting of the outrageous cultural and physical destruction of Aboriginal societies in the process of white settlement disturbs a good many Australians.
      • The patterns of Swedish immigrant settlement changed during the course of the nineteenth century, varying with economic conditions and opportunities.
      • The area is a fantastic place to do research, Pastron says, because of its immigrant history and rapid settlement in the 19th century.
      • Some see this fishing equipment as evidence for boat-building technology that may have allowed for initial human settlement of the Americas by sea rather than by the Bering land bridge.
      • In the early days of our pioneering era, following European settlement, mining gave a huge boost to this country's economy.
      • It is the first in a planned series of three volumes on the impact of European settlement in Australia.

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    organismo que presta diversos servicios a una población (institution)