Translation of sewerage in Spanish:


alcantarillado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsuərɪdʒ/ /ˈsuːərɪdʒ/

Definition of alcantarillado in Spanish


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    alcantarillado masculine
    • He is also well qualified to comment on the technical and practical aspects of the provision of sewerage to Bent Hill.
    • The matter was raised when councillors discussed draft policies on the provision of sewerage schemes in villages.
    • The provision of a sewerage scheme for Stradbally was placed sixth in order of priority.
    • Workers plan to strike and shut down the sewerage system if the allowance is not paid over the next several weeks.
    • The capacity of the sewerage system is limited and comes close to overload during peak periods.
    • We have a large sewerage system which is dependent on a lot of water moving through it.
    • In Karachi a huge section of the population goes without clean water or a sewerage system.
    • It will also be used for the provision of small public water and sewerage schemes in smaller towns and villages.
    • A new underground pipe 130 metres long will connect the existing sewerage works with the holding tank.
    • Despite that, they were still optimistic that the sewerage treatment system would be in place by 2005.
    • Fifty-eight per cent of homes have electricity and water supply and are linked to the sewerage system.
    • The state of the sewerage system in Kirkwall, which includes a leaking pipe, has meant all new building projects in the town have been put on hold.
    • But people in the area also need an adequate sewerage system and they are waiting for the County Council to act.
    • A Sligo Fianna Fail councillor said he was confident that Enniscrone will have a new sewerage system next year.
    • The new school will attract families to the area, while the sewerage system will allow for further development.
    • Residents are adamant that neither the sewerage system nor road infrastructure can cope with such an increase.
    • But, there has been a problem with the sewerage system over a period of time.
    • With a new sewerage system on the way for Kiltimagh, a number of large housing developments are at the planning stage.
    • Spokesman Patrick Killgallon said the high river level meant that water was being pushed back through the sewerage system.
    • Moreover, the civic authorities give low priority to sewerage and treatment of sewage.
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