Translation of sextuplet in Spanish:


sextillizo, n.

Pronunciation /sɛkˈstəplət/ /sɛkˈst(j)uplət/ /ˈsɛkstjʊplɪt/ /sɛksˈtjuːplɪt/


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    sextillizo masculine
    sextilliza feminine
    • Across town at Via Christi Medical Center, Sondra and Eldon Headrick were also dealing with the media frenzy generated by the birth of their sextuplets one day after the Tetrick boys were born April 5.
    • A woman in the US has given birth to sextuplets and doctors say the three boys and three girls are doing well.
    • A woman pregnant with sextuplets has given birth to the five remaining babies more than a week after delivering the first, a hospital official said Saturday.
    • The sextuplets, born last Friday, have been named David, Nicolette, Jason, Emma, Grant and Elizabeth.
    • When the CIA's activities were discovered and reported in Guatemala, Headquarters recommended, ‘If possible, fabricate big human interest story, like flying saucers, birth sextuplets in remote area to take play away.’
    • So we chatted about life, men, sex, my stalker, sextuplets, girls things, birth, weirdos, my fav man etc etc.
    • South Africa's first sextuplets, three boys and three girls, are alive and well - born by Caesarean section at 8.10 am yesterday.
    • In a BBC documentary to mark their 18th birthdays, the girls and their parents, Janet and Graham, speak about their extraordinary lives since the birth of the world's first surviving set of all-girl sextuplets in 1983.
    • The guest speaker was Graham Walton, the father of the only girl sextuplets in the world, who proved an entertaining speaker, regaling the audience with anecdotes about life as the only male in a family of seven women.
    • While advances in caring for very small infants has brightened the outlook for these tiny babies, chances remain slim that all infants in a set of sextuplets or more will survive and thrive.
    • You're secretly six months along with his sextuplets, which is why you're wearing a corset, to hide it.
    • He introduced obstetric ultrasound to Liverpool, where he delivered the Walton sextuplets in 1983.
    • I have a thing for twins/triplets/quartets/quintets / sextuplets / septuplets/etc.
    • We're identical sextuplets, so naturally the four boys all look alike.