Translation of shambles in Spanish:


caos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃæmbəlz/ /ˈʃamb(ə)lz/

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  • 1

    caos masculine
    desquicio masculine River Plate
    the meeting was a terrible shambles la reunión fue el caos más absoluto
    • they left the place a shambles lo dejaron todo patas arriba
    • I think the border is in a shambles of smuggling, pollution, contagious diseases.
    • I don't want to come home and find my half in a shambles.
    • In 1853, Louisa Dalton Bird Cunningham was aboard a steamer on the Potomac sailing from Philadelphia to her plantation in South Carolina when she saw Mount Vernon in a shambles.
    • Currently the education system is in a shambles.
    • It's been a dreadful year for the broadband industry, with DSL phone service, particularly, in a shambles.
    • By evening, David and Yohanna's house was in a shambles.
    • He recovered peace, he recovered provinces, and he recovered the finances, which were in a shambles after the civil war.
    • Forget the scare stories you heard when the lights went out: America's electrical grid isn't in a shambles.
    • Now the U.S. telecommunications industry lies in a shambles, and it has the potential to damage the entire economy.
    • He found his colony in a shambles, most of its inhabitants gone.
    • The business focus was too narrow, customers were not sufficiently valued, and the work culture was in a shambles.
    • The next day, the housekeeper arrived to find the place in a shambles.
    • He was not very successful in his attempts, for the finances of the Empire were in a shambles and would take time to recover.
    • But he had been sadly mistaken and his life was in a shambles now because of it.
    • The second is that the first scene is such a shambles it only makes any sense when you reach the end.
    • So in a daze of confusion she entered her house to find her room in shambles and a shadow of a person sitting on her bed.
    • Despite the wonder of the things in it, the room was in shambles; everything was strewn about across desks and tables, bookshelves, and even the floor.
    • The room was in shambles and their master laid crumpled and bleeding on the floor.
    • The countryside is a shambles, full of cut-throats and wild animals.
    • The California energy disaster has left the once-vigorous electricity deregulation process in shambles.