Translation of share in Spanish:


parte, n.

Pronunciation /ʃɛr/ /ʃɛː/

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  • 1

    parte feminine
    I've already paid my share yo ya he pagado mi parte / lo que me corresponde
    • how much is my share of the bill? ¿cuánto me toca pagar a mí?
    • she must take her share of the blame debe aceptar que tiene parte de la culpa
    • he's had his share of bad luck ha tenido / le ha tocado bastante mala suerte / su buena cuota de mala suerte
    • I've done my share of covering up for her yo ya la he encubierto bastante
    • to work on shares trabajar como socios
    • After all, the city contributes a major share to the State's revenues.
    • Two shares went to the captain, one and a half shares to the quartermaster, and one share each to the crew members.
    • How can a beneficiary group in need of drinking water be forced to contribute a share of the cost of water supply?
    • It can allow one person to contribute a larger share of the ideas than would be seemly in conversation.
    • It is true that Western creditors have announced forgiveness of a substantial amount of their share of the debt.
    • I began making new friends and every week I'd put a few pounds aside to pay my unfeasible share of the quarterly phone bill.
    • In these countries, profits taxes contribute a large share of total revenue.
    • She, like John, contributed a major share to tuberculosis knowledge and its control.
    • In general, both employer and employee pay a share of the contribution, which is divided into three elements.
    • Each child is legally entitled to an equal share, but in practice male descendants are often privileged.
    • This surplus value is then distributed to the different sections of capital in proportion to their share of the total capital.
    • On his death shortly afterwards, his two children received an equal share of the fund.
    • The most contentious issue at hand: whether actors should be entitled to a share of the profits from video games that feature their voices.
    • A turnkey package would be offered in return for a down payment and a share of the profits.
    • The pitch then did garner its proper share of attention.
    • The former McShain property forms a major share of Killarney National Park.
  • 2

    Business Finance
    • 2.1(held by partner)

      participación feminine
      I own a half share in a fishing boat soy copropietario de un pesquero
      • How can a partner protect his or her share of joint property?
      • The investment trust specialises in property shares and property assets.
      • This has not yet occurred; therefore, your husband holds the property or his share of the property in trust for you.
      • But what happens if one of the partners dies or wishes to dispose of their share of the property?
      • Traders said a strong performance by technology and telecom stocks and the narrowing of declines in property shares helped offset the overall losses.
      • If you opt for tenancy in common and want to leave your share of the property to the person you buy with, you need to make a will and state this.
      • As well as a legal agreement, it is vital for all joint owners to make a will in which they stipulate who inherits their share of the property should they die.
      • But the scheme will allow them to increase their share of the property as their financial situation improves.

    • 2.2(held by shareholder)

      acción feminine
      to hold shares in a company tener acciones en una compañía
      • an issue of 50,000 shares una emisión de 50.000 títulos / acciones
      • share certificate título de acción
      • share options opciones sobre acciones
      • share portfolio cartera de acciones
      • share prices cotización de las acciones
      • Seats entitle their holders to buy and sell shares on the exchange floor, and brokers say the price is an important measure of market sentiment.
      • Holders of income shares got all the income earned from the trust, while holders of capital shares got all the capital gain.
      • The allure of these fund groups is that there are no restrictions on how often an investor can buy and sell fund shares.
      • With their high incomes they can progressively buy out the ownership shares of the passive capitalists.
      • That means his companies have often used cash to buy back shares rather than boost capital spending.
      • Many of them allegedly raked in massive profits, selling their shares before the price collapsed.
      • In November he bought 18.75 million more shares and made a profit of close to €1 million.
      • In addition, there are significant individual holders of blocs of shares and institutional shareholders.
      • With a mutual fund, investors buy and sell shares from and to the fund itself.
      • Split capital trusts have two types of shares - income and capital.
      • He was perfectly entitled to buy the shares when he bought them.
      • Members could sell their shares but were also entitled to relinquish them at any time.
      • Middlemen make profits by buying shares at a low price and selling them at a higher price.
      • They want us to read brokers' reports before we buy shares and before we sell them.
      • Options enabled the holder to buy shares tomorrow at today's price.
      • Under the share ownership plan employees were, broadly speaking, allocated equal numbers of shares.
      • It intends to provide a facility whereby holders of 2,000 shares or less can sell them.
      • Warrants convey on the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a share at an agreed price in the future.
      • The fund manager of an index fund sets up a mathematical model that buys and sells shares according to their weighting in the selected index.
      • For some investors, the small spread may not justify the costs and risks associated with converting currencies to buy and sell foreign shares.

  • 3plowshare

    reja del arado feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(use jointly)

      to share sth with sb compartir algo con algn
      • I was able to talk with him about his genre of music, the new album, who his musical idols are and who he enjoyed sharing the stage with most.
      • Now she enjoys sharing the house with her daughter Tanya.
      • The babies enjoy sharing a cot and seem to be happiest when side-by-side.
      • The one-bedroom ground floor flat and the house share a common entrance and a Japanese-style garden area.
      • They share second place jointly with Doncaster, who were tipped off the top by Sheffield United.
      • Visualize a world of peace and justice enjoyed by all who share our beautiful planet.
      • Okay, so maybe I do enjoy sharing a room with Ethan, but I'm not about to tell anyone that.
      • If you enjoy sharing a shower or bath, you're being environmentally friendly and halving your bills!
      • We can only say that we have truly arrived when we also occupy and share the social centre with the predecessor cultures.
      • Family can be defined by those in who occupy and share the home.
      • The couple are not going on honeymoon after the wedding but are looking forward to the possibility of sharing a room together once they are wed.
      • At present, no rules for sharing Mrs Smith's personal electronic records are available, even though they are needed to implement joint assessments and other policies.
      • No one likes to share such a personal item, but situations often dictate that we do.
      • Jack finished for her, somewhat torn between getting out of the rain and sharing a painfully personal moment with someone he found himself liking more and more the longer he talked to her.
      • Another student was forced to buy her own fridge, as the medium-sized one provided was shared by twelve other people.
      • These must be people who can share the same swimming pool, so to say.
      • Why do two people who share such a deep bond treat each other and everyone around them so badly?
      • The audience gets the feeling of eavesdropping on a prolonged conversation between two people who are sharing a special, very limited amount of time together.
      • The band will also share the stage with Celtic Storm, who got their big break in the movie Titanic.
      • All the heirs will share the property equally under Section 8 of the aforesaid Act.

    • 1.2(have in common)

      (optimism/interest/opinion) compartir
      (characteristics) tener en común
      they shared the credit for its discovery compartieron el mérito de su descubrimiento
      • peoples which share a common ancestry pueblos de la misma extracción / con antepasados comunes
      • we share the same star sign somos del mismo signo del zodíaco
      • But to then say that this is somehow proof of some kind of development vote as opposed to sharing a common view is open to different interpretation.
      • This will be achieved by learning from our past and sharing a common view with our suppliers of how to grow sales and lower costs.
      • He shares the common view that America's most significant mistake was to abandon the nation to its unhappy fate following the Soviet withdrawal.
      • In interviews with the Daily Dispatch workers said they shared a common view and emphasised that they were prepared to fight to the bitter end.
      • All our examples share a common quality of utter shamelessness.
      • Rather, it's that guilt is personal, rather than shared by all of a certain ethnicity.
      • You sense that the brothers' pride in such an outcome would be more shared than personal.
      • For the audience, it's a chance to share the performers' personal thoughts.
      • Unlike rallying flags or war cries these distinguishing marks could be personal and not necessarily shared by whole armies or divisions.
      • The most important thing is to share the same personal values and priorities in life with your partner.
      • Both had an interest in Bulgarian folklore and noticed on their travels that this was shared by people in many other parts of the world.
      • But a world-view that is shared by few people does not attain that solidity: it remains belief.
      • In fact it is a legitimate personality type that is shared by numerous successful people.
      • However it looked like not all people shared Mr. Oliver's enthusiasm about the race.
      • Anyway, some bright spark has come up with a search engine that lets you check a name against the register to see how many people in the UK share the same name as you.
      • We find it much easier to identify with people who share some of our cultural baggage, values and preoccupations.
      • In Scotland there are believed to be hundreds of people who share the same Romany ancestry and a similar language.
      • It's a great way to meet new people who share the same sporting passion and to pick up some new moves.
      • Coffey said that the successful women shared many similar personal attributes - which included steady determination and job commitment.
      • Despite these inauspicious circumstances, it soon became clear that the two shared artistic and personal passions.

  • 2

    • 2.1(divide)

      the inheritance was shared equally between the children la herencia se dividió a partes iguales entre los hijos
      • we agreed to share all expenses decidimos compartir todos los gastos
      • In the present case those communings point to the three parties sharing distributable profits equally.
      • Arrangement and general performance will each attract 40 points, with tone and rhythm equally sharing the remainder.
      • He was searching a field at Sutton-on-the-Forest with the permission of the landowner on the understanding that the proceeds of any finds were shared equally.
      • You equally share the responsibility for this dreadful crime.
      • Instead of sharing the rent equally, they decide to divide the total so that each person ends up satisfied with his or her combination of room and rent.
      • Charlie Dixon and Johnathon Penn scored 27 unbeaten while the other 50 games were equally shared.
      • The costs of an independent expert are normally shared equally between landlord and tenant, in accordance with a specific provision in the lease.
      • The technical prizes were equally shared between the men and ladies.
      • The costs of the adjudicator are shared equally by the parties.
      • In the opposite case, the surplus was shared equally between the state and the lessee.
      • The two companies will share restructuring costs equally.
      • Under existing arrangements, Australia and East Timor would share royalty benefits equally.
      • As a result, the IP clients as well as the application socket layer share the load equally.
      • I happen to support equality and also a welfare state but too often these involve an idea that enough money, shared by enough people, will solve most problems.
      • Also, under family law, couples who fail to arrange premarital contracts share the family assets jointly.
      • I could not actually eat all this food at one sitting, but I'd enjoy sharing it with three or four companions.
      • Each mother was also asked how important it was for her family to take the time to eat together, and if the child enjoyed sharing meals with his or her family.
      • The grounds are spacious and invite the visitor to enjoy the quietude or share a picnic lunch with the whole family.
      • The three were the best of friends at York and will no doubt enjoy sharing some liquid refreshment after tomorrow's showdown.
      • This didn't stop us sharing a couple of bottles of red.

    • 2.2(communicate)

      (experience/knowledge) intercambiar
      I'd like to share my feelings with you on this happy day quisiera hacer a todos partícipes de mi felicidad en este día
      • come on, share the joke vamos, cuéntalo, así nos reímos todos
      • He told the boys: ‘I don't usually tell people,’ and they humbly thanked him for sharing something so personal with them.
      • Gradually he began sharing a few personal details.
      • Now I don't normally like sharing something this personal with the world because it's the kind of thing that can come back and bite you.
      • There was a sense of community as they braved the cold and shared their own personal and favourite memories of a woman whose life spanned all of the last century.
      • I've learned that many of us are not afraid to share some pretty personal stuff.
      • Please share your own personal favourites in the comments section.
      • You want to say something about it, to share some of your personal experience of it.
      • She thanked him for sharing such a personal story.
      • Thank you Sherri, for sharing such profoundly personal feelings.
      • In their letters to each other they shared their more personal hopes and fears.
      • A useful analogy might be if a loved one shared something deeply personal with you, and you then posted it up on your blog the next day because, hey, information wants to be free.
      • People could not hold back their tears as women got together to share their touching personal experiences.
      • I am grateful to this person for sharing this with myself and her friends.
      • My habits don't make a lot of sense, but it has never much mattered because they weren't being shared with another person.
      • This little joke that had unfolded itself in front of us needed to be shared with as many people as possible.
      • Anyway I just thought I would share this with the people who have supported me through this.
      • We have a private board for sharing more personal information.
      • Inspired by your comments, I want to share more about my personal experience with the major banks in China.
      • I just thought it would be great if everybody on this site could share certain personal movie gems with all the rest of us.
      • Because in a world where the balancing of violence and power's more important than human relations, there's no place for real dialogue, for sharing something with another person.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (use jointly)
    you may have to share with somebody puede ser que tengas que compartir la habitación (or el despacho etc.) con algn
  • 2to share in

    (have a part)
    participar de