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sábana, n.

Pronunciación /ʃit/ /ʃiːt/

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  • 1

    (on bed)
    sábana femenino
    the bottom/top sheet la sábana bajera / de abajo/encimera / de arriba
    • a fitted sheet una sábana ajustable
    • between the sheets en la cama
    • Sleeping blankets and covers, sheets and quilts have been made - with the children's assistance.
    • Nothing made sense but the darkness behind her eyes and the scratchy cotton of the sheets beneath her skin.
    • We're surrounded by pillows, blankets and sun-smelling cotton sheets.
    • Once I slid the robe onto him, he lay back, and I covered him with a sheet and a light blanket.
    • I jumped up from my bed (which was just a mattress with a fitted sheet and blanket on the floor) and grabbed the phone from off my desk.
    • Mary quietly got off the bed and covered him with the sheet and blanket.
    • On each mattress were soft-blue sheets, but no blankets or comforters.
    • Although she was toasty and warm under blankets and cotton sheets, she was still shivering fairly violently.
    • The bed was very masculine, covered in dark sheets and white blankets.
    • The game consisted of two large pieces of plywood, covered with while linen sheets.
    • Especially when we saw that the bedding comprised of sheets and blankets!
    • Choice made, we settled down to a night of relaxation under the crisp cotton sheets and cosy duvet.
    • You can help by donating blankets, sheets, duvets, guilds, curtains and other such items but they must be clean and in good condition.
    • If they need to rest in bed, cover them with a light sheet rather than blankets or a quilt and keep the room cool.
    • Papa lay on a steel table covered with a white sheet drawn up to his chest.
    • I opened the thin sheets and he came in next to me.
    • Four hours later I woke up, my eyes fluttering open, the sheets around me damp with sweat.
    • He pulled the sheets open for her and eased her in and tucked her inside like she was a helpless puppy.
    • Her hands were palm-down on the soft sheets, arms perfectly spaced on either side of her body.
    • Tom's bed was vacant, the sheets pulled back a fair way.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (of paper) hoja femenino
      (of wrapping paper) pliego masculino
      (of wrapping paper) hoja femenino
      (of stamps) pliego masculino
      information / fact sheet folleto
      • in sheets en capillas
      • It is a neat little unit - exactly the same size as a sheet of A4 paper, and only 65 mm high.
      • Our microprocessor isn't some tiny silicon die - it's the size of a sheet of paper, maybe two.
      • At first, the prints were only the size of a sheet of typing paper.
      • This outermost layer of your skin is about as thick as a sheet of writing paper.
      • He held up a piece of white cardboard, about the size of a sheet of note paper.
      • It was wrapped in a sheet of writing paper, tied off with a blue bow.
      • Do this on a large A3 sheet and you get a sheet of size A4.
      • One of the pieces I like the most in the exhibition is a sheet of printing material that dates back to 1491.
      • Finally, Burrose finished typing, and his printer spat out a sheet of paper that he handed to Tom.
      • The whole image can then be printed on a long roll of paper on an ordinary printer or as strips on standard sheets of paper.
      • ‘God yes,’ she replied, eyes not leaving the sheets of writing paper she was scrawling all over.
      • Use permanent markers to avoid smudging, and place a sheet of ruled paper underneath so that the writing is evenly spaced.
      • Walking over to her writing area, he picked up a sheet of paper.
      • After passing up their homework, the class took out a sheet of paper and their writing materials for their quiz.
      • The primary method of examination is to ask the patient to read and pronounce a standard list of words from a sheet of paper.
      • Despite its size - smaller than a sheet of A4 paper - the X40 sacrifices little in performance.
      • The array consisted of each letter of the alphabet listed twice, once in lower case and once in upper case, displayed in random order on a sheet of paper.
      • You will never again sit by your grandmother's bed as she makes those huge paper boats from single sheets of paper for you to sail on rivers produced by the rain.
      • You can also do this when they are wet - just be gentle when opening the dry sheets as spots may be stuck together.
      • Just as she closed her eyes again a huge gust of wind smashed her windows open, sending sheets of paper from her desk to the floor.
      • Here she embellished sheets of postage stamps with silk thread; the sewing records the situations in which they were sewn.
      • Whoever wishes to give a personal touch to stamps can have their photos printed on stamp sheets and use them.
      • The film's title is a reference to the sheet of nine rare postage stamps, which they see as their ticket to the top.
      • In your May issue you ran an ad for a sheet of Richard Petty postage stamps.
      • That poses a problem with perforation and overlapping other similar stamps on the sheet.

    • 2.2coloquial (newspaper)

      periódico masculino

  • 3

    • 3.1(of metal)

      chapa femenino
      plancha femenino
      lámina femenino
      a sheet of glass un vidrio
      • sheet glass vidrio plano
      • Essentially, it is a matter of adding a pigment to the interlayer material between the sheets of glass.
      • The problem was that the metal sheet was glued to the door frame, but the adhesive did not properly take grip.
      • Mostly the effects and material were taken from the theatre where a metal sheet would replicate thunder and a hard board against another would give the illusion of gunshots.
      • The use of natural fibers can serve as reinforcements in a matrix material between two metal sheets.
      • The new plant will make the glass sheets used in flat panel television and computer displays beginning in October 2005.
      • But as it was four sheets of glass glued together, it was also very thick and extremely heavy.
      • Many families now use sheets of metal or plastic to roof their houses.
      • All appliances were placed in a wooden box protected with insulation material and plastic sheets.
      • These light guides may take the form of three overlying plastic or glass sheets.
      • We were in the lobby of the building; the sheet glass handrails along the central staircase all wavered back and forth throughout the quake.
      • When the reverse side is worked to completion, the lacquer is heated and the metal sheet separated and thoroughly cleaned and work begins on the front.
      • It has been constructed mostly of perforated sheets supported with waterproof materials like fibreglass wool and thermocole.
      • We do not need a whole new building with flying sheets of glass and yet another piazza of bars and cafes.
      • Several sheets of metal and various pieces of junk were thrust into the air as a strange device emerged from its hiding place.
      • The ceiling, which I had expected to be covered in fake palm trees and coconuts, is lined with sheets of bronzed metal, which gives the place a modern touch.
      • They used Vietnam-era metal sheets, artifacts of a previous war.
      • To excel as a mogul skier, you must be on a mogul ski - essentially an old-school slalom ski without the heavy sheets of metal.
      • Others watched as sheets of metal flapped visibly and noisily.
      • Roll out the pasta dough into a sheet and stamp out 7.5cm rounds with a pastry cutter.
      • The filter plates are formed on a polymer sheet with a series of holes ablated using an eximer laser.

    • 3.2(of ice)

      capa femenino
      a sheet of flame una cortina de llamas
      • the rain was coming down in sheets estaba cayendo una cortina de agua
      • Once he finally got parked, he nearly broke his neck slipping on a sheet of black ice.
      • Skaters were also having a splendid time in Victoria Park, which had been flooded, and was covered with a sheet of ice in grand condition.
      • Carelessly she ran over to the edges to collect more, but slipped and almost fell because of a sheet of ice that was hidden on the floor underneath the snow.
      • He had long, slightly curly black hair, and beautiful blue eyes that were so light that they looked as if the had a sheet of ice clouding them.
      • I was going somewhere with my mom, and she slipped on a sheet of ice.
      • It will freeze like a sheet of ice on your face the minute you go out.
      • A sheet of charcoal clouds stretches into white lace: confusion letting in light.
      • The whole park was a sheet of white, the sidewalk, the ground and even the benches.
      • By Thursday the pavements were like sheets of ice, but who cares about people falling over?
      • In other taxa, a sheet of bone develops ventrally, between the pila and the basisphenoid.
      • The onset of winter blankets all in a sheet of white, as snow and ice mask the landscape.
      • Yet there is a sense in which colour - great unbroken sheets of it - compose the semi-arid environments in which he spent so much of his life.
      • Imagine space time as a sheet of rubber, stretched flat when there is no matter present.
      • You should be able to stretch it with the fingers of both hands into an unbroken sheet at least 3 inches across.
      • Counts were made within a 21 x 21 cm area delimited by a sheet of acetate.
      • They may coalesce to form extensive sheets of exudate.
      • The researchers need to test the material in a vacuum to see how it might perform in space, so they stretch triangular sheets of the cloth over four booms that form a square, and pump all the air out.
      • But most arctic sea ice consists of pack ice, broken sheets moved by wind and ocean currents.
      • Cover this with a sheet of plastic the size of the slice of bread.
      • Solid areas show sheets of uniform, polygonal, epithelioid cells separated by delicate blood vessels.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de sheet en Español

: sheet1sheet2


escota, n.

Pronunciación /ʃit/ /ʃiːt/


  • 1

    escota femenino
    • Soon all three of us have got the hang of tacking, pulling in and letting out the sheets (the ropes attached to the sails) and steering.
    • Turn into the wind and let out the sheet to allow the sail to go slack.
    • With one sail, one halyard, one sheet, and two winches, the boat is the ultimate in uncomplicated sailing.
    • The guy got very frustrated with Andy who didn't realise that ropes are called sheets in the sailing world.
    • It's the one the sheet is attached to on a foresail, and the one the outhaul is attached to on the main.
  • 2sheets plural

    espacios a proa y a popa de una embarcación (space)