Translation of sheet metal in Spanish:

sheet metal

metal en planchas, n.


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    metal en planchas masculine
    metal en chapas masculine
    • You may also need some of that thin sheet metal and some sheet metal cutters.
    • During the next step the produced upper sandwich was bonded with the lower sheet metal, also by rolling.
    • You could also have a top of galvanized sheet metal fabricated at a sheet-metal shop.
    • By the Bronze Age drinking vessels were being made of sheet metal, primarily bronze or gold.
    • Plastic/metal hybrid parts are made up of a thin formed sheet metal profile supported by plastic ribbing.
    • Gutters on older homes may be wood, galvanized sheet metal, or copper.
    • Metal clad kalamein windows are wood covered by galvanized sheet metal.
    • The sheet metal, chromoly tubing, and various parts and pieces that were destroyed can be replaced.
    • This is handy for differentiating sheet metal and steel bracings when detecting studs in auto bodies.
    • The bicimolina, a pedal-powered mill, is a fusion of angle iron, sheet metal, and old bicycle parts.
    • They had set up makeshift cover using old metal crates and some aged and rusted sheet metal.
    • He would also have punches with which to make holes, shears for cutting sheet metal and files for smoothing the metal.
    • Toe plates are then cut from sheet metal, and pieces of iron are hammered and twisted into shape to form soles and heels.
    • Tight faceting suggests plumage, but those feathers could be forged of sheet metal.
    • All of the ducting must be smooth-wall galvanized sheet metal - corrugated flex duct is not allowed.
    • The desktop is galvanized sheet metal, a material that is handsome and weather-resistant.
    • Galvanized sheet metal was chosen for the exterior walls and roof because of its economy and durability.
    • The only manufacturers in the world to use galvanized sheet metal and structural tubing.
    • Each false tattered edge, painted shadow, smudged scrap of paper and rusted piece of sheet metal is a visual delight.
    • Rusted sheet metal, asphaltic roofing, old boards, or slate tiles are other roofing alternatives.