Translation of shelf in Spanish:


estante, n.

Pronunciation /ʃɛlf/

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nounplural shelves

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    • 1.1

      (in cupboard, bookcase) estante masculine
      (in cupboard, bookcase) balda feminine Spain
      (on wall) estante masculine
      (on wall) anaquel masculine
      (on wall) repisa feminine
      (on wall) balda feminine Spain
      (in oven) parrilla feminine
      a set of shelves unos estantes
      • The pieces were displayed on shelves, propped against the wall, emphasizing their three-dimensionality.
      • The painters, who had promised me two days notice to remove everything from walls, shelves and large pieces of furniture, instead gave me a few hours.
      • Free-standing shelves provide excellent storage and can be taken with you when you move.
      • You'll find wood storage shelves and crates in pine, oak, redwood, and a variety of other woods, or you can have a wood shop custom make whatever you need.
      • On another wall were shelves holding the trophies displayed.
      • In the adjacent cabinet, glide-out shelves provide pantry storage.
      • A walk-in pantry with shelves provides extra storage and another door leads to a roomy back hall, toilet and plumbed utility room.
      • A shelf along one wall provides extra space for smaller plants.
      • Scattered around the perimeter were canvases and dark wood frames and shelves were put seemingly randomly on the walls.
      • Many display shelves were covered by stationery materials, crepe paper, haberdashery, hair conditioner and washing detergent, boot polish and plastic toys.
      • Eventually, the stock grew and Bruce put shelves on the wall (behind the counter) to display the movies.
      • Wood or plastic shelves then rest on the brackets.
      • Traditionally, a food bank's shelves are filled haphazardly with whatever goods companies overproduce.
      • At the back of the restaurant is a grand old-fashioned teak pharmaceutical counter with banks of drawers and shelves full of bottles.
      • These ladies got a team together that catalogued and organised the books and journals from boxes to shelves and they continue their work today as more and more books are donated.
      • The brunette in question merely nodded at my statement and continued rifling through the shelves.
      • They check that the items are continuously on the shelves and promoted prominently.
      • The cost of fitted shelves and units can break the bank.
      • I could stock the shelves with my teenage children at the local food bank.
      • The boy grabbed a lantern off a shelf and lit it, and they continued down the dark hallway.

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    banco masculine
    bajo masculine
    arrecife masculine
    • There were, broadly speaking, three tracts of relevant land: there is the rock shelf, which was tidal…
    • A dusty pile of sheet rock tumbled from one of the high, unsteady shelves and landed beside Barbara.
    • I pull the rope bag out and drop it on the ledge in front of my shins, padding the rock shelf so I can lean into it.
    • Figure 6 shows outcrop Al as a representative example of the shelf to shoreface successions on the footwall of the Jalan Tutong Fault.
    • In the Speak-See Ball, huge shelves of land were being uprooted and tossed through the air like confetti.
    • Then the fogbank was gone and the ground suddenly appeared, jagged shelves of rock speeding up toward them.
    • Beside him on the rock shelf was a small cylindrical shaped object with a whip-thin antenna telescoping from the top.
    • Several minutes later the rock shelf above him disappeared and a steady stream of moonlight cascaded across the path.
    • They kept to the shadows, slinking along beneath a dusty shelf of rock.
    • This has been known to occur on the north side of Mavericks where there is no exit from the water, only a rock shelf.
    • The rock shelf came to an end as the cliff stopped, and at the end was a thirty-foot drop into the lagoon.
    • I wanted to get a photo of the Gram Parsons BBQ pit from a small shelf in the rock above.
    • As the water went down, one of the aquarists placed some of the eggs that had fallen from the sides of the tank on a rock shelf.
    • The children seemed a little disappointed that a ride in the rubber boat was not included in their tour, but they found plenty to interest them in the rock pools in the cave and on the rock shelf.
    • To the hole's right lies a broad shelf of rock; to its left, a tower.
    • Sitting on a natural shelf in the rock was a dingy mirror, and Prudence finger-combed her hair in it before smiling through the redness of her nose and eyes.
    • Later, he tries another, trickier approach, via an overhanging shelf of rock and ice.
    • An undamaged cluster of two foot long straws hang under a shelf of rock topped with flowstone, and is well worth a visit.
    • Each bank has a marginal shelf, which during the summer is covered in lilies.
    • The venue has steep banks with a shelf half way down.
    • This problem with the sediment trap technique is probably restricted to the continental slope and shelf and will not occur over abyssal depths.
    • Recruitment patterns of these species along the shelf were then used to infer water-mass distributions along the shelf.
    • Zebra sharks are primarily bottom dwellers that live in warm shallow inland waters, of continental and island shelves.
    • They prefer the warm environment of coastal waters along continental and insular shelves.
    • This depth corresponds to the major change in slope between the shelf and the submarine flanks of the island.
    • Sea mounts with dizzying shelves rise from the ocean floor, covered in every form of life which crawls, slides, flickers and oozes through the days and nights of marine existence.
    • Limestone deposition will then result by retrogradation from the adjoining shelf during continuous transgression.
    • We thank B. Pelletier for fruitful discussions on the origin of the shallow submarine shelf, and G. Wadge and S. J. Day for their careful reviews.
    • This is situated on the highest part of the shelf and is bounded on the east by a rubble bank, which can be traced for over 600 m. and on the west by a precipitous natural scarp.
    • Exquisite rock islands cloaked in dense foliage are fringed by the shelves of coral reefs covered in crystal water leading you to precipitous drop-offs.
    • From the cave I like to follow the reef up past a shelf at 12m to a window in the rocks at just less than 10m.
    • The deep-sea species inhabit the ocean shelf around 100 miles off the north-west coast of Scotland.
    • Adjacent coastal states have sovereign rights over the seabed mineral resources of the shelf.
    • Sheltered from the southeasterly breeze, the reef drops away in a series of shelves down to a large sand gutter at 30m.
    • The reef at once returned to slopes, shelves and indentations, with a host of coral species shrouded in anthias, butterflyfish, angelfish and groupers.
    • Anemone City's sharply angled reef is broken by plateaux and shelves, where dense pinnacles and coral heads tower in a blaze of colour.
    • The Lower and Middle Allochthons comprise shelf and continental rise successions envisaged as indigenous to the Baltoscandian margin.
    • It occurs in mudstones that were deposited at outer shelf or bathyal depths and in flysch facies that were deposited at bathyal depths or greater.
    • Heading up Leck Fell Lane, past the cascade marking the start of the Cigalere, we continued upstream until arriving at the nice flowstone shelf with loads of straws.
    • In 1965, a sudden change occurred; drift ice and polar water covered the north Icelandic shelf during spring.