Traducción de shiny en Español:


brillante, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈʃaɪni/ /ˈʃʌɪni/

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adjetivo shinier, shiniest

  • 1

    (hair/fabric/plastic) brillante
    (shoe) brillante
    (shoe) lustroso
    a shiny new coin una moneda nueva y reluciente
    • the seat of his trousers was shiny with wear los fondillos de los pantalones estaban brillantes de tan gastados
    • As the sun came and went behind the clouds, shiny surfaces reflected it right across the showground.
    • Powered by infrared lasers, the shiny surface reflects and focuses this laser beam into a ring.
    • Continue to do this until most of the egg has set, but still retains a soft shiny surface.
    • One school friend said one vivid memory was of May as a child with long black shiny hair who loved to skip.
    • My hair was all shiny and smooth from the stuff the hairdresser put in my hair yesterday.
    • My handsome brother, with his shiny black hair, white teeth and carved jaw line.
    • Beneath the postmodern gloss of its bright shiny surfaces lies a cleverly disguised core of rational modernity.
    • How do I avoid scuffing my new shiny black shoes?
    • On the right we have a brand new shiny penny.
    • My eyes darted to the point of the noise and saw a small shiny black object with earphones.
    • When cooked, the filling should have set like a custard and have a smooth shiny surface.
    • An object with a smooth shiny surface reflects more light than an object with a rough grainy surface.
    • I almost met him once and he had very shiny shoes - always a sign of true class.
    • When he looked back up at me, I realized what had been making his eyeballs so shiny.
    • I didn't know they could even make fabric that shiny.
    • Ten minutes later, Keven stumbled out the door, face pale and shiny with sweat.
    • She glanced at me, her face shiny with sweat.
    • Standing them in water will keep the stems shiny and plump but be careful when using electric lighting near water.
    • She put on the silky dress, white stockings and shiny black boots.
    • Lead pipes and solder are dull gray, when scratched they will look shiny.