Translation of shooting star in Spanish:

shooting star

estrella fugaz, n.


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    estrella fugaz feminine
    • Tiny meteors, commonly called shooting stars, hit the earth's atmosphere and turn into fiery streaks.
    • It was not a satellite, meteor or shooting star.
    • That's much larger than the dust grains that vaporize in the atmosphere to form most shooting stars, or meteors, but not large enough to crater Earth's crust.
    • The appearance of comets in photographs can give the erroneous impression that they streak through the night sky like a meteor or a shooting star.
    • Meteors, also called shooting stars, are really streaks of light that flash across the sky as bits of dust and rock in space collide with the Earth's upper atmosphere and vaporize.
    • However, the meteors or shooting stars last for only a few seconds.
    • It was falling down fast like a shooting star or a meteor and I was waiting to hear an explosion.
    • Small shooting stars tore through the atmosphere.
    • It's a piece of a shooting star that falls to Earth.
    • A sudden gleam shined brightly in the pale pink and yellow horizon, falling downward to earth like a shooting star.
    • Where the heck is this shooting star of yours, anyway?
    • She looked back out the window; she was hoping to see another shooting star so she could make another wish, only to be greeted by her breath fogging up the window.
    • It flew silently, lower and faster than any airplane normally would, and slower and longer than any shooting star I've ever witnessed.
    • The girl tilted her head back, once again hoping for that shooting star, for a flicker of hope of a granted wish.
    • Within a minute we saw a slow red shooting star cross the summer night sky.
    • She said she had seen a brilliant green shooting star earlier in the evening.
    • It was too large to be a shooting star, too fast to be something actually entering the atmosphere, and too realistic to be anything but a figment of my imagination.
    • The night sky should be exploding with celestial activity as one of the most impressive shooting star showers of the year takes place this week.
    • She then looked at us, and said, ‘Look, shooting star!’
    • Diego whispered, ‘So what did you wish for on that shooting star?’