Translation of shopping basket in Spanish:

shopping basket


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    • The man in front of me unloads his basket, then dumps his plastic basket on top of the neat stack of other shopping baskets.
    • Her defence was that she had no intention of stealing but had absent-mindedly placed the items in her shopping basket.
    • He dropped them into a shopping basket that was already so laden with tools that he had a hard time maneuvering it down the narrow aisle.
    • Fishing nets, cafe life, a shopping basket hanging on the back of a blue door - all very evocative of the French way of life and celebration of food.
    • Many supermarkets are experiencing a chronic shortage of shopping baskets because shoppers too mean to buy plastic bags are stealing them, it emerged yesterday.
    • Refuse those plastic bags that eventually disfigure our towns and countryside and use a shopping basket.
    • She had a shopping basket on the front of the bicycle and seemed to be wearing a blue anorak with a hood.
    • The company is now selling advertising space in car parks, on petrol-pump handles, shopping baskets, lorries and even the floor of its supermarkets.
    • They've ridden the same bike for 50 years and still use its little shopping basket to carry their groceries.
    • So, next time I was in the supermarket, I picked up a small pack and hid it at the bottom of my shopping basket in case anyone I knew came along and saw it.
    • The whole gallery space was set up to look like a supermarket, with aisles and checkout stations and shopping baskets.
    • I'm thinking of getting a removeable wire shopping basket for the handlebars.
    • Mom kept ordering assistants back to the storage sheds until we had enough bulbs and tubers to fill two shopping baskets.
    • It's a great shop to walk around, but without a shopping basket.
    • In my local supermarket, I see harassed Italian mothers shoving packets of pre-washed salads into their shopping baskets as well as ready-made pizzas.
    • Accompanied by a man who appeared to be her bodyguard, she smiled as she loaded her shopping basket.
    • I think my favorite features of the stroller are the removeable wheels and the big shopping basket.
    • But now she finds it much easier to reach up and grip even heavy objects and put them in her shopping basket.