Translation of short story in Spanish:

short story

cuento, n.

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    cuento masculine
    narración corta feminine
    relato breve masculine
    short-story writer cuentista
    • Lots of writers use the short story to develop a scene from a greater, future work.
    • When she is writing poetry she will devour novels, biographies and short stories.
    • You can talk about great novels, short stories, movies, or urban legends about the subject.
    • When I write I always send my novels or even short stories to three or four other writers.
    • Jancar's work includes novels, short stories, theatre plays, film scripts and essays.
    • He has since written short stories, a novella, novels and even a thriller set in the Pacific.
    • Like writing a novel or a short story or a poem, songwriting is the art of telling a story.
    • If I want to include a dead celebrity as a character in a short story or novel what is stopping me from doing so?
    • Later, it comes out in the form of a short story or a novel and that is the best way for a writer to react.
    • The first work of mine to be published in a book wasn't a short story or a novel.
    • I want to imagine you not having a life other than writing novels and comics and short stories and films!
    • Before coming to Hollywood he was well known for several novels and short stories, and a play.
    • His short stories and novels continue to delight and entrance readers all over the world.
    • She then took an office job to help her get by while she wrote short stories, novels and poems.
    • She completed over 100 novels, twelve collections of short stories, and three plays.
    • Too often, what we're getting these days are short pieces of fiction and not short stories.
    • Maupassant's short stories raised the art of story telling to a pitch rarely equalled.
    • I even put chapters inside the short stories to give convenient stopping points.
    • Was it difficult for you to be shopping around a book of short stories as your first book?
    • Here, however, is a brief summary of the history of the short story as conceived by our literary masters.