Translation of shortly in Spanish:


dentro de poco, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈʃɔrtli/ /ˈʃɔːtli/


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    dentro de poco
    he'll be leaving shortly for Paris saldrá dentro de poco para París
    • I'll be with you shortly enseguida estoy con usted
    • shortly before/after midnight poco antes/después de la medianoche
    • Details of these will be made available shortly before the summer launch.
    • Again and again we saw those pictures of the television presenter shopping in London shortly before her death.
    • I had tried a number of times to get back into writing shortly after the funeral but I soon gave up.
    • Strong military ties between the two countries commenced shortly after.
    • Vandalism has increased and trees have been broken shortly after being planted.
    • He was arrested after being wounded during a shoot-out with police shortly after the slaying.
    • Police and paramedics were called to the scene shortly after midnight.
    • Witnesses saw the victim chatting to a group of men and asking them for cigarette papers shortly before the accident.
    • But Mr Bingham was taken off the ventilator in the recovery room shortly after the operation.
    • When it was removed by a specialist team shortly after 9.30 pm, the wall was reduced to rubble.
    • Miss Mitcham said four masked men burst through a locked door shortly before 9pm on a night in October.
    • Both Murphys had left the town hall shortly before noon, turning left off the private road into Mount Street.
    • The man got into the house in North Reddish, Stockport, shortly before 9pm on Friday.
    • Police and paramedics were called to Woollin Avenue shortly after 3pm on Sunday.
    • Police had arrived shortly before 3pm, following a prior arrangement with the rock star.
    • Mrs Kumar added that crime scene investigators were at the scene of the attack shortly after the police were called.
    • An eyewitness had seen the man playing with the two children shortly before the abduction and did not think he was a threat to them.
    • A Thames Valley Police spokesman said the girl was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after the crash.
    • It had been spotted by a member of the public after it was set alight and abandoned shortly before midnight on Wednesday.
    • The court heard how drugs officers arrested two men in July last year shortly after they left the Manningham flat.
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    en una palabra
    • The letter shortly, but strictly stated that her previous life and hopes were over.
    • Householders in the Borris area will receive a letter shortly advising them of the offer.
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    de modo cortante
    de manera cortante