There are 2 main translations of shot in Spanish

: shot1shot2


disparo, n.

Pronunciation /ʃɑt/ /ʃɒt/

Definition of disparo in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (from gun, rifle) disparo masculine
      (from gun, rifle) tiro masculine
      (from gun, rifle) balazo masculine
      (from cannon) cañonazo masculine
      she fired three shots disparó tres veces
      • an exchange of shots un tiroteo
      • to have a shot in the/one's locker tener una carta en la manga
      • the government still has some shots (left) in its locker al gobierno aún le queda alguna carta / baza por jugar
      • Carter recommended firing two aimed shots to establish where the rifle is hitting.
      • Cursing himself for being so stupid, Bryce took aim and fired a single shot at the man's left leg.
      • When he didn't hear a single shot fired, Ben chanced a look behind him and saw Jen running after him.
      • In fact, it turns out that her weapon jammed and she didn't fire a single shot.
      • Therefore in one moment the commandos may eliminate an enemy guard without firing a single shot.
      • Indonesian police fired warning shots, tear gas and water cannon to try and disperse the crowd.
      • He dodged the anti-fighter cannon shots coming from the surface of the frigate.
      • The firing squad usually fires at least three shots - at the neck, waist and ankle, he said.
      • The gunmen on foot then proceeded to the swimming pool, where a party was going on, and fired several shots.
      • And the cannon shots accompanying the cremations are enough to give one a heart attack.
      • As the bandit was fleeing, Boodram reportedly pulled out a licensed firearm and fired several shots.
      • They use hunting rifles and home-made pistols that fire a single shot.
      • She held a musket and fired several shots, each hitting their marks.
      • Even for the regular troops, single shots are now favored over emptying a 30 round magazine with fully automatic fire.
      • On seeing the weapon the men fled, firing three shots.
      • Before the Hmong came to America, the death of a family member was announced by firing three shots into the air.
      • The last images Dana captured on tape depict a U.S. tank coming toward him firing several shots.
      • Consider firing warning shots, or shoot to disable the vehicle if the threat persists.
      • He is not counting his shots, just firing as fast as he can to stop the deadly thing that is coming toward him.
      • Witnesses told officers that the youths had fled the scene on a motorcycle after firing five shots.

    • 1.2(marksman)

      a good/poor shot un buen/mal tirador
      • he's no shot: he can't hit anything tiene muy mala puntería; nunca da en el blanco

  • 2informal

    • 2.1(attempt, try)

      shot at sth/-ing
      • I'd like another shot at it
      • she had another shot at convincing them
      • have a shot at it
      it costs $50 a shot son 50 dólares por vez
      • You don't even have a shot at making something good if you don't sit down and give it a try.
      • Whatever people say about their team, all we know is we have a shot at making history.
      • In a perfect world, nearly every track on this album would have a shot at the top of the charts.
      • Despite their losses, Brower still thinks his team will have a shot at a repeat title.
      • This is the kind of seat Democrats must win if they are to have a shot at regaining control of the House.
      • If everything went well on this job, it could all be over and he might even have a shot at a normal life again.
      • All I had to do was put it on the green, and I would have a shot at winning something.
      • Six pitchers, possibly more, have a shot at winning the fourth or fifth starting job.
      • If the Supreme Court pulls the plug it will be tough, but you have some time and you actually have a shot at this.
      • We never dreamed we would have a shot at playing anywhere but a local party.
      • Fred Barnes argues in the Weekly Standard that the Democrats have a shot at a Senate takeover.
      • I'm just happy to have a shot at playing in the NFL and am thrilled that everybody wants to talk to me.
      • To have a shot at winning the prizes all you have to do is give us the right answer to this question.
      • Kids are being invited to a road safety day to have a shot at winning a bike.
      • As the play-offs approach, all teams have a shot at winning the championship.
      • But in the same interview he cast doubt on whether he even wanted to have a shot at the Breakfast Show.
      • We do have a shot at winning every time.
      • Our game plan is to race heads-up because we want everyone to have a shot at the title.
      • So, Taylor and the running game should have a shot at making yards in the middle this time.
      • He was struggling to meet math requirements needed to have a shot at the Naval Academy.

    • 2.2(chance)

      an 8 to 1 shot una probabilidad entre 8

  • 3

    • 3.1Photography

      foto feminine
      • I think she was pleased to have her tree photographed there, though, but tried her best to be out of shot.
      • Have the assistant who will fire the trigger, out of camera shot on the ground.
      • Perhaps there is an unsightly electricity pylon just out of camera shot?
      • Expect to see more nice pictures of unmanned missiles slamming into things without any people in camera shot.
      • McClean then walks out of camera shot and you can hear the sound of McClean knocking Kamara's lights out.
      • Even the most amateur of photographers can snap perfect shots in this idyllic place.
      • In the same frame as Akayesu's photograph is a shot of Prosper taken earlier in the trial.
      • At a team practice, a local photographer snaps some shots of her which he hopes to sell on the open market.
      • He enjoyed photography and liked to take still life shots and photographs of the countryside.
      • Perched on the roof of an NBC news truck, a photographer snapped shots as marchers passed by.
      • You can photograph lightning day or night, though night shots are generally more productive.
      • Photographers snapped shots of her that would be sure to make headlines.
      • You actually have time to frame your shots without jockeying for position with all the other shutterbugs.
      • He told me he would be in touch next week, to follow up on the story and to arrange a visit from a photographer to get some shots of me at my computer.
      • The most important thing that you should know about sharpness is to use a good tripod for all of your shots as well as using a cable release.
      • More commonly, if you want close-up shots, you'll have to work from a distance using a telephoto lens.
      • The flakes were falling lightly and the photographer took several shots of Ally and Trent trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues.
      • The photographer took the shot from a closer angle, or maybe used a zoom of some kind.
      • She quickly progresses from poorly framed out-of-focus shots to contest-winning photos.
      • The pinks, yellows, golds, and reds of dusk and dawn are hallmarks of his work and make Rowell's shots instantly recognizable.
      • I was wondering if I should include these shots in a submission?
      • In fact all of his projects are very nice - I even liked the fashion shots!
      • I especially like the fact that your full-size shots are clear and crisp.
      • The following advice should help you in taking shots at the concert.
      • Even if the flash is powerful enough for wider shots, it only washes away the colorful artificial lighting.

    • 3.2Cinema

      toma feminine
      location shots exteriores
      • Is there really a need for slow motion shots of him running with an American flag?
      • Indeed elegance is the last thing you might have expected from the opening shots of the film.
      • It is really the exterior shots and fight sequences which give the film its scope and grandeur.
      • The two men watch and analyze several key shots and sequences from Scott's film.
      • Then, on the next day, we would come back with the actors and film the interior car shots with them driving.
      • The opening shots of the film show, in long-shot, a lone rider moving through the empty desert.
      • Often animated images are composited with live-action footage within a shot.
      • The film begins with aerial shots of the crowded city while the homeless talk about the reasons they ended up on the streets.
      • Elephant is filmed entirely in fluid long takes and sequence shots.
      • I did find it interesting that the 1979 shots were filmed in Vancouver, Canada.
      • The shots of this film are arbitrarily put together with no rhyme or reason, creating haphazard action that is barely cogent.
      • His latest film contains only 39 shots during its 145 minute running time.
      • Many of the film's interior shots are shadowy, with most of the lighting provided by glowing fireplaces, and these scenes looked very warm.
      • Just compare the shots from the film with the paintings of Carl David Friedrich.
      • This is a very dark film, and some shots seemed a tad bit soft, but overall the transfer is very nice.
      • Her walk down the barge may be one of the most memorable shots in film history.
      • The problem is that he has four shots from the film, and is at the moment trying to decide which one to use.
      • For the most part, the shots in the film were well composed and mostly pleasant to look at.
      • I used a video camera and grabbed the shots, then arranged them as a storyboard.
      • One of the best shots in the film is of a church spire which pans up to reveal the minaret of the mosque just behind.

  • 4

    • 4.1(projectile)

      proyectil masculine
      bala feminine
      • They were made of wrought iron strips bound together with hoops and fired stone shot.

    • 4.2also lead shot(pellets)

      perdigones masculine

    • 4.3(used in shotput)

      bala feminine
      peso masculine Spain
      to put the shot lanzar la bala
      • Right before you get ready to throw the shot, take a deep breath in and let it out.
      • These are things that are not going to allow you to repeat and throw a good shot.
      • I practised throwing the shot in the orchard and I ran the 800m to national standard.

  • 5

    (in soccer) disparo masculine
    (in soccer) tiro masculine
    (in soccer) chut masculine
    (in soccer) chute masculine
    (in basketball) tiro masculine
    (in basketball) tirada feminine
    (in golf, tennis) tiro masculine
    • His refusal to go down often results in defenders getting extra shots at the ball.
    • During afternoons in the school year, when the weather was good, I hit hundreds of nine-iron shots on a football field near our home.
    • Rallies last far longer than in tennis - about 10 shots more on average - and the shuttle is in play for roughly double the time.
    • What follows is one of the most famous shots in golf history and almost certainly the tournament clincher.
    • He sets up scenes of surreal brilliance, like the estranged husband practising tennis shots in an empty swimming pool, while his wife entertains her masseur in the bedroom.
  • 6

    • 6.1(injection)

      inyección feminine
      • Immunization shots and antiviral drugs are apparently not plentiful enough to withstand a pandemic.
      • The current vaccine involves six shots with yearly boosters.
      • The biggest problem people have is usually some tenderness at the site of the vaccination, but flu shots absolutely don't cause the flu.
      • Your baby will also get most of the same shots that other babies get.
      • Norman was given the complete series of eight shots of the vaccine before deploying to the Gulf in 2000.
      • You may want to ask about flu shots or the vaccination for pneumonia.
      • Travel vaccines are shots you get before you travel to another country.
      • Communities around the country coming up with some creative ways to try and give away some of these flu vaccine shots.
      • This is because your child might need extra vaccine shots depending on the country or state you will be visiting.
      • The best thing you can do for your pet, besides vaccinations and rabies shots, is to have it neutered or spayed.
      • They would be the first children to get the shots since routine vaccination ended in 1972.
      • When I had to go to the free clinic for vaccine shots, I had to memorize my fake social security number.
      • The government has confirmed that it is to stockpile two million shots of the vaccine against the H5N1 strain of bird flu.
      • First, a single vaccination generates only a small amount of immunity and booster shots are needed to build up immunity to protective levels.
      • As we reported, the two main suppliers of flu vaccine for shots in this country today said they simply can't keep up with demand.
      • I had been to this region not that long ago, so I'd received some of my immunization shots.
      • At the medical complex nearby, clinical shots - immunity boosters mainly - were being administered.
      • Our voice can encourage a fragile senior to get a flu shot or pneumococcal vaccine.
      • Also make sure you're up-to-date on your tetanus booster shots, and ask your doctor about being vaccinated for hepatitis B.
      • Most adults don't realize they still need shots.

    • 6.2(of drink)

      poquito masculine
      • This happens when alcohol is added to a non-alcoholic drink, or when an alcoholic drink has shots of spirits added without the person requesting it.
      • One winter they ran out of beer, so people were drinking shots of whiskey with red-wine chasers.
      • Then we ordered shots of whiskey to drink with our beer.
      • Years ago I sometimes had fun in rooms like these, sitting on stacks of firewood and drinking shots of whiskey with friends.
      • The two men were soon well on their way to getting seriously drunk, downing shots of tequila with beer chasers one after another.
      • They drank twelve-dollar shots of brandy at a fine hotel bar.
      • Unlike last time, however, I wasn't dumb enough to drink tequila shots.
      • A drink is defined as a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, or a shot of distilled spirits.
      • When he was 10, he found his parents' stash of vodka, and drank a couple of shots.
      • The Duke was seated on the chair when Mark came and handed him a shot of whisky.
      • Mix a shot of vodka or tequila into a glass of water and gargle to help numb a sore throat or eliminate tooth pain.
      • We reminisced and drank shots for a half hour or so.
      • He drank a shot of brown liquid quickly, feeling the burning sensation slide down his throat.
      • This gadget is designed to turn a shot of spirits into a mist that is inhaled rather than sipped and savored.
      • While having a shot of whiskey, they talk about their moonshine operation.
      • You can choose to have a pint of Guinness or a shot of whiskey in one of Dublin's many pubs!
      • Bartenders will drink a shot, and then replace it with an equal amount of water.
      • Harmony, Jack, and Choo were all circled around the table taking shots of whiskey.
      • Kendall ignored her last comment, but turned to Sandy who was downing his third shot of whiskey.
      • The tall frosty drink was loaded with fresh peach pulp and a shot of vodka.

There are 2 main translations of shot in Spanish

: shot1shot2


Pronunciation /ʃɑt/ /ʃɒt/

past tense

past participle


  • 1

    • 1.1(variegated)

      shot silk seda tornasolada
      • her hair was already shot with grey tenía ya algunas canas
      • Sometimes they were shot with streaks of ultramarine, or they lit up the sea like jade.
      • We came to the small medieval town of Orchha as the sun was sinking from a pink and grey sky shot with golden threads.
      • The back is greenish and the sides silvery, shot with blue and pink.
      • His hair was shot with gray all over.
      • The light streaming through the leaves of the oak tree is shot with yellow and gold.

    • 1.2(pervaded, permeated)

      to be shot through with sth estar plagado de algo
      • the whole argument was shot through with inconsistencies todo el razonamiento estaba plagado de faltas de coherencia
      • Some of the songs are shot through with what seems like a deliberately ambiguous approach.
      • The novels are shot through with a Burkean fear of enlightenment rationalism.
      • Pipes's book is shot through with essentialism and questionable generalizations.
      • Debate on this question in the United States today is shot through with deeply utilitarian premises.
      • Recollected Work is shot through with ambivalence about the undertaking.
      • But, you know, you're right that her case is shot through with inconsistencies.
      • Yet she returns from these states of self-hypnosis riven with supernatural pleasure and shot through with natural pain.
      • On the contrary, the novel is shot through with an admiration for men who eschew that label and behave in a traditionally masculine fashion.
      • The Other Side, shot through with religious imagery, suggests that Hillman's searching soul has found peace at last.
      • This distressing subject aside, the book is shot through with Connolly's inimitable humour and even in print he has the ability to render you helpless with laughter.

  • 2US informal

    hecho polvo informal