There are 2 main translations of should in Spanish

: should1should2


Pronunciation /ʃʊd/ /ʃəd/

past tense

There are 2 main translations of should in Spanish

: should1should2


debería, v.

modal verb

  • 1

    (expressing desirability)
    you should be studying deberías / debieras estar estudiando
    • she shouldn't treat her friends like that no debería / debiera tratar así a sus amigos
    • you should have thought of that before deberías / debieras haber pensado en eso antes
    • I've brought you some flowers — oh, you shouldn't have te he traído unas flores — ¡no te deberías / debieras haber molestado! / ¡no te tenías / tendrías que haber molestado!
    • shall I invite them? — I think you should ¿los invito? — creo que deberías hacerlo
    • that is as it should be así es como debe ser
    • you should've seen the look on her face! ¡tenías / tendrías que haber visto la cara que puso!
    • I didn't have any breakfast — you should've said! no desayuné — ¡me lo hubieras dicho! / ¡habérmelo dicho!
    • They should make it their duty to make everything as simple and straightforward for you as possible.
    • When a person enters the army, they have to swear an oath, and they should fulfil their obligation.
    • At the very least the council should assume a duty of care to all the kids using this scheme.
    • We should never drink on duty at all and never ever use drugs of any kind.
    • Prisoners who are not suitable for open conditions should not be moved there.
    • People with urgent conditions should not be left on trolleys in accident and emergency.
    • Working conditions should surely be the same for everyone and not just a chosen few.
    • He said if any of his relatives has done wrong, he should suffer the consequences.
    • The council has taken this upon itself to install the cameras, and should pay the consequences.
    • If they commit crimes they should face the consequences as an adult offender.
    • There is no single best way to reflect on your practice, but we should all spend some time doing it.
    • The writers should have spent more time and effort adapting the story to a modern setting.
    • In future, any player who misses a drug test should be banned for the two-year maximum period.
    • I've broken the speed limit, parked where I shouldn't, driven with a rear light out, and so on.
    • I could kick myself for doing what I knew I shouldn't and being too stupidly soft.
    • I was trying to overtake people in places that I shouldn't, and that got me in trouble.
  • 2

    (indicating probability, logical expectation)
    debería (de)
    debiera (de)
    it should add up to 100 tendría que / debería (de) / debiera (de) dar / sumar 100
    • how should I know? ¿cómo quieres que sepa?
    • why should they want to come here? ¿por qué han / habrían de querer venir aquí?
    • All these factors should be enough to gain Magee victory, probably on points.
    • The yellow bus scheme should alleviate any worries parents have about public transport.
    • Having won in Katowice, England should be good enough to do it again at home.
    • That should provide him with enough potential material for the next bestseller.
    • One more intervention from each should be enough to ensure a meeting in Paris.
    • Events should move swiftly now, with an inquest being opened and adjourned by the end of next week.
    • The next few events should also favour the Scot but he needs to make no mistakes if he is to capitalise on his advantage.
    • In its glory days of the past, it was a great event and should prove as popular as ever again this year.
    • Wording has been added, and we now have legislation that should stand the test of time.
    • Trustees who conduct their duties diligently and take the right advice should have little to fear.
    • Back row forward Andy Hill faces a fitness test this week but should be passed fit to make his first appearance.
    • She said a package that included a birthday cake for her daughter was on its way and should arrive soon.
    • That situation should, however, be eased as the Christmas buying period kicks in.
    • The situation should become clearer in the next few weeks and after forthcoming elections.
    • In March, Lonmin said trading conditions should remain strong for the rest of the year.
  • 3

    • 3.1British formal (conditional use)

      I should like to see her me gustaría verla
      • I shouldn't have mentioned it if he hadn't asked me to no lo habría / hubiera mencionado si él no me hubiera preguntado
      • I shouldn't be surprised if they didn't turn up no me sorprendería que no aparecieran
      • I should be grateful if you would send me the details le agradecería (que) tuviera la gentileza de enviarme la información
      • A friend suggested if I were an American, I should pass the US Foreign Service exam.
      • I signed a ‘living will’, making it clear that, if I were terminally ill, I should receive no more than palliative care.

    • 3.2British (venturing a guess)

      I shouldn't think the chairs are very old no me parece que las sillas sean muy antiguas
      • I should think she must be over 80 yo diría que debe tener más de 80
      • will they be finished by Friday? — I shouldn't think so ¿terminarán antes del viernes? — no creo / no me parece
      • she's a little upset — I should think she is, poor thing está un poco disgustada — y es lógico, pobrecita
      • In the final analysis, we should hope that fear of global warming will subside.
      • I should imagine the Elliotts feel the same way.
      • It's not overly complicated, which would appeal to the majority I should imagine.
      • ‘But he will recover?’ ‘With people like you helping him, I should think so’.
      • We should all hope that Sir John does not give in to this ill-advised bullying.

    • 3.3(expressing indignation)

      he said he was sorry — I should think so too! pidió perdón — ¡faltaría más! / ¡era lo menos que podía hacer!
      • she won't be asking us for any money — I should think not! no nos va a pedir dinero — ¡faltaría más! / ¡sería el colmo!

  • 4

    (subjunctive use)
    it is essential that you should be present es indispensable que estés presente
    • it's natural that he should want to go with her es natural / lógico que quiera ir con ella
    • I'm sorry he should see it like that siento que él lo vea de esa manera
    • if you should happen to pass a bookshop … si pasaras / si llegaras a pasar por una librería …
    • You would think that people with this distressing condition should not be in jail at all.
    • He believed there should be a stamp duty or tax on a second seller of rezoned land.
    • One of the features of the new mood is that religion should be effective in the marketplace.
    • Most of all, hosting an event should be part of a long-term strategy for both its host city and country.
    • The relationship between patients and their family doctor should be built on trust and honesty.
    • Of course Turkey should be allowed to join if they have met the conditions of membership.
    • After that, students should be able to do a systematic examination of cranial nerves.
    • The crucial question is how health professionals should carry out their duties of care.
    • It's understandable that such an event should be turned into a commercial disc.
    • Mrs West said the Trust should encourage existing health care assistants to train as nurses.
    • Indeed, in neutral monetary conditions it should work rather like an interest rate rise.
    • Lord Lloyd also said he could see no reason why the condition should not be labelled Gulf War Syndrome.
    • He has genuine pace, hits the deck hard and the conditions in Australia should suit his type of bowling.
    • This meant the pupils should be able to share in the planning of their school life, he said.
    • It might be argued that liability should not be conditional on such a finding.
    • When consumers buy software, of course they should be able to expect that it will work.
    • This is an important occasion for the parish and all who wish to attend should be able to do so.
    • Is it too much to expect that Otley should get a fair share of the roads budget?
    • Politicians should be able to go about the work we expect of them without a lawyer waiting on the end of a phone.
    • If he feels that strongly about the current situation should he not be campaigning for someone else?
    • Perhaps other people in my situation should not disregard this opportunity if offered.
    • Huntley said that should such a situation arise, he would report it to a senior member of staff.
    • It is unlikely to stop him from doing the same thing again, however, should the situation arise.
    • If new moneys are provided by a third party in this situation, it should not be a cause of concern to the borrower.
    • Now, if we can keep as much of that wealth as possible then we should be much better off when we retire.
    • Next Sunday, he will be sub goalie and is prepared to do duty again should his team need him.
    • One of the best things about it is that it's easy to swap the vest for a bikini top should the mood take you.
    • The warden giving this ticket told me the park was private and if I didn't want to pay, I shouldn't go.
    • He declined to comment on where the buses would move to should the depot be sold.
    • So he should win the million dollars and be the subject of a documentary if all goes well.
    • If you can avoid damp and overcrowded conditions in your greenhouse, this should help.
    • If it is because of an underlying medical condition then this should be treated.
    • If you have trained, you are in good condition and you acclimatise, then you should be okay.
    • if you say that other people can use your material for commercial purposes, then you can't withdraw that permission should you change your mind.
    • The teams and manufacturers wants to stay in, should FIA also listen to what they have to say.
    • Don't ever be late for these guys should you be lucky enough to get a job.
    • Yes, if there were threats of physical violence, they should have received more cash.
  • 5

    • 5.1(expressing amused surprise)

      and who should turn up but her ex-husband! ¿y quién te parece que apareció? ¡su exmarido!
      • what should she come out with at the critical moment but … ? ¿y no va y en el momento crítico sale con que … ?
      • I snuck downstairs into the luxurious media headquarters, and who should I see but the two girls from that now-famous beer commercial.
      • Our photographer was dispatched to get a picture of the distressed bird lover, but on the way back, what should he see but 30 ducks waddling towards him.

    • 5.2ironic (in exclamations)

      he said she drinks too much — heshould talk! dijo que ella bebe demasiado — ¡mira quién habla!
      • they should complain! I was waiting twice as long as them ¡yo sí que me puedo quejar, que estuve esperando el doble que ellos!