Translation of shutter in Spanish:


postigo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃədər/ /ˈʃʌtə/

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  • 1

    (on window)
    (inner) postigo masculine
    (inner) contraventana feminine
    (outer) postigo masculine
    (outer) persiana feminine
    • A pair of windows with wooden shutters allows for a good deal of incoming light.
    • It appears that a thief, described as a drunk male wearing a combat jacket, used a crowbar to prise open the security shutter before smashing the window.
    • There were two doors, both seemingly exiting to the outside, and two windows that were covered on the inside by primitive wooden shutters.
    • The master bedroom has an attractive bay window facing out on the street, with original wooden shutters for privacy.
    • The timber casement windows are new, but much of the interior wood is original including the window shutters and some panelled doors.
    • The other two bedrooms are at the front of the house and have the original window shutters for added privacy.
    • The room is done up in the old colonial style, complete with red stained wooden floors, four poster bed, wooden shutters for windows and so on.
    • As he already had an alarm system, window and door shutters plus several heavy security doors, I would have thought he had provided adequate security arrangements already.
    • Decorated in pastel colours, the bedrooms retain many period features including wooden ceilings, window shutters and original doors with metal latches.
    • The house has 220 square metres of space and includes a number of period features such as fireplaces, window shutters and wooden floors.
    • I ran to the wooden shutters covering the windows by the door.
    • Both rooms have pale yellow walls and white ceilings and each has an original window with wooden shutters, overlooking the gardens.
    • The old wooden window shutters in this area have been retained and are in good condition.
    • It was a room of narrow but long shape, with two glassless windows with wooden shutters.
    • There are charmingly rickety old-style shutters on both the inside and outside of the long tall windows and large mirrored floor-to-ceiling wardrobes add to the sense of space.
    • I almost fell out of the window when one of the shutters came off its hinges.
    • Outside, rain pattered against the sides of the wooden house and shutters to the windows, and Lon loathed joining the horrid weather, but had no other choice.
    • He threw open the shutters of two windows to reveal a simple and slightly dilapidated room with a stone fireplace built out from one wall, and furnished only with two wooden cots and a bench.
    • Stylish wood window shutter panels with operable louvers offer privacy as well as control over the amount of light that enters a room.
    • Despite having an alarm system, window and door shutters, plus several heavy security doors, thieves still managed to break into his shop on Saturday.
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    obturador masculine
    • In order to prevent the image from being blurry, Cassini actually had to rotate while the camera shutter was open in order to maintain her pointing at Phoebe.
    • When the shutter of your camera opens for that fraction of a second, photons of light stream in and strike the silver halide grains suspended in the gelatin emulsion.
    • The camera shutter was open for 8 m sec per frame to avoid motion blur of the particles.
    • Arbus focused her camera and triggered the shutter.
    • Even with your camera on top of a tripod, if you only use your finger to keep the shutter open, you run the risk of camera movement.