Translation of sickly in Spanish:


enfermizo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪkli/

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adjective sicklier, sickliest

  • 1

    (complexion/appearance) enfermizo
    (child) enfermizo
    • The predator weeds out the weak and the sickly (those incapable of participation).
    • In history books, one can find descriptions of this Bulgarian king as ‘weak, sickly, meek and a poor statesman’.
    • King was a sickly child, once bedridden for a year, and at the age of four he one day returned home silently after playing with a friend and crawled into bed.
    • A real man, I used to say, no matter how sickly or incapacitated, should pick up a case by its handle and carry it like a man.
    • During the 19th century it had a reputation in Britain as a restorative food for invalids and sickly children, and was added to their diet in various forms.
    • Colonel Brandon mentions wearing one, and Marianne takes this as a sign he is old and sickly, and incapable of being a lover.
    • Rumoured to be sickly, deformed and incapable of producing heirs, Carlos was widely held to have only a few years to live.
    • My true love returned a fortnight later, clearly shocked to see such a pale, weak and sickly frame propped up against a mountain of pillows.
    • When I was a child, I was a weak, sickly little thing.
    • He had always been more comfortable with women; as a young boy, he was sickly and weak and preferred to stay at home with his mother and sisters rather than play with the boys.
    • A baby that appeared weak or sickly at birth, or had even a minor birth defect such a cleft pallet, hair lip, or cleft foot, or was in some other way imperfect was killed.
    • As a tyke, little Bobby Jones was a frail, sickly kid, living under the auspices of protective parents, and a Puritanical grandfather.
    • It was a tough birth, and I was a frail, sickly infant.
    • Physically he gives Alexei a gentle, frail, almost sickly presence that naturally arouses women's protective instincts.
    • I left thoroughly turned-off by the film's weak, sickly ending.
    • ‘Remove these weak and sickly ones,’ he commanded of the soldiers that accompanied him.
    • The incessant screech grew in a massive crescendo of sound, and made Vincent's entire body feel sickly and weak.
    • His wife is frail and sickly, and he is often without work.
    • While there were leaves, they were sickly and frail and barely hanging on from their branches.
    • Scrawny and pale, with a mop of scruffy black hair and watery grey eyes, he looked sickly and weak.
    • If there was anything to be salvaged from the situation, it might've been said to have been worth it for the sickly expression on Rupert's face.
    • Not only that, but his formerly vibrant face was now marred by a sickly pallor and shadows under his eyes.
    • Her sun baked skin had deteriorated to a grey, sickly pallor and her eyes had lost its bright sparkle.
    • He was described as having ‘a sickly, pasty complexion’.
    • Haru finally stated matter-of-factly; his face appearing childish from the sickly, sleepy expression he was wearing.
    • Looking over, he saw a sickly, shocked expression on Jack's face.
    • Her figure was thin from undernourishment and her complexion a morose sickly gray.
    • She could have easily passed for a corpse, complete with a sickly pale complexion and dark circles under blood-shot eyes.
    • The sun never made quite an effect on him, resulting in a sickly pale complexion, which was the basis of many a taunt.
    • He needed a shave, his complexion was pale and sickly and he looked drastically deprived of sleep.
    • When I was a baby, my eyes were as black as my hair and I recall my brothers calling me sickly for my pale pallor, though I was never ill.
    • This King, of course, was a sickly neurotic, whom every day brought nearer to complete mental disability.
  • 2

    (taste/smell) empalagoso
    (color/green) horrible
    (color/green) asqueroso
    (grin/smile/expression) forzado
    • The walls were the same sickly colour, the smell was the same of dense human aromas, and my feelings of determination and acceptance were one and the same.
    • I entered the school and was met by the sweet, sickly smell of flowers and the dead.
    • The atmosphere seemed stifling, the sweet, sickly smell in the air was unbearable.
    • In this state they contain small amounts of a poisonous alkaloid, and have a sickly, unpleasant smell and taste.
    • Bright white and blue flowers bloomed from them and smelled almost sickly sweet.
    • The sickly sweet smell is inescapable at local rock shows…
    • As I walked from work in the late winter Melbourne sunshine yesterday I smelled the sickly, sweet stench of death.
    • When a bug has fed it emits a sickly sweet smell to attract hungry relatives: a giveaway sign of infestation.
    • Just round the corner we pass Camden Market, a hypermarket of henna and hemp, where the pavements are packed and there's a rather different sickly sweet smell in the air.
    • There was a sickly sweet smell surrounding them.
    • There was a sickly sweet smell that surrounded it.
    • His normally pale skin was a sickly green colour with a glistening sheen of sweat, his hair flopped lifelessly as the ship lurched from side to side, his eyes were drooping and he looked exhausted.
    • Her pale face stood out against the warm, creamy colours of the pillows and sheets, some of the smaller bruises starting to turn the sickly colour of yellow and brown.
    • He feels like himself, but is trapped in a dog's body, describing in graphic detail the many pungent, metallic, meaty and sickly smells all around him.
    • Usually I hated the sickly smell of vanilla but today it was soothing.
    • Flora saw her chance, lunged, and ripped into Moonlights chest and pulled out her heart, which was glowing a sickly purple.
    • I've had a lot of anticlimactic hot chocolate drinks lately: they're all syrupy, sickly and goopy.
    • It was soupy and gloopy, sickly and sour, and downright wonderful.
    • I enjoyed my creme brûlée, although the excess sugar was a bit sickly.


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    a sickly green carpet una alfombra de un verde horrible / asqueroso
    • a sickly sentimental ballad una balada sensiblera