Translation of siege in Spanish:


sitio, n.

Pronunciation /sidʒ/ /siːdʒ/

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    sitio masculine
    (economy/mentality) (before noun) de sitio
    (economy/mentality) (before noun) de asedio
    state of siege estado de sitio
    • In the American civil war the sieges of Vicksburg and Petersburg saw trench warfare on a localized scale, and the same was true of the siege of Port Arthur in the Russo-Japanese war.
    • After more than a month of siege warfare, Pemberton surrendered to Grant on 4 July 1863.
    • Stalingrad, besides being the turning-point of the war on the Eastern Front, was also a reminder that an ancient form of land warfare, the siege, was by no means obsolete.
    • Skipton Castle, dates back some 900 years, and withstood a three-year siege during the Civil War between 1643 and 1645.
    • The Siege Museum is full of memorabilia and provides vivid portrayals of battles and conditions inside the town during the siege.
    • Most contemporary commanders used their troops in a slow, expensive, attritional warfare based on sieges of selected fortified cities or fortresses.
    • The seriousness of our project - to sneak into a town under a relentless military siege - began to sink in, and I shuddered.
    • This historical drama retells the 1835-36 Texas revolution surrounding the famous siege of the Alamo.
    • Most of the cities were already being filled with food and supplies for the siege, though it was slow and tedious work.
    • The well was outside, and no one had thought to supply water before the siege.
    • To capture a town through a siege one must, according to Philon, make proper use of machines such as catapults and other war engines.
    • By 1216 the castle was sufficiently strong to withstand a siege by forces opposed to King John.
    • When the assaults failed, Grant settled into conventional siege warfare.
    • This also marks the introduction of siege warfare and the deliberate efforts to counter static defenses.
    • Now all you need are the supplies to withstand the coming siege.
    • Such places, with their own aerial supply routes and security systems, could simultaneously withstand a siege and topple a government.
    • The centre of the city was walled and, with its water and food supply enclosed, could have withstood a long siege.
    • ‘We're doing our best to prepare our city for defense in case of siege,’ she said as I shot my own arrow.
    • Several historians of the 1569 Protestant siege on Poitiers provide detailed descriptions of the city's topography.
    • A violent episode from York's past will be brought back to life this Bank Holiday when the Civil War siege of the city is re-enacted.