Translation of sight in Spanish:


vista, n.

Pronunciation /saɪt/ /sʌɪt/

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  • 1eyesight

    • 1.1

      vista feminine
      to lose one's sight perder la vista / la visión
      • to have poor sight tener mala vista
      • Likewise, the quality of each sense perception is embodied as a sense consciousness - sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.
      • Our brain gets stimulatory inputs through the special sensory stimuli of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.
      • So in addition to the usual five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, the mental function is counted as the sixth.
      • To fully appreciate the complexity of wine, the senses of sight, smell, taste and even touch must be employed.
      • However, to watch the players in action you would think that Poll had completely lost the power of sight and moral judgement.
      • The factors which operate to make the case one for awarding more than average are physical pain and any diminution in the powers of speech, sight or hearing.
      • The disease usually does not affect the senses - taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing - or the mind.
      • In humans taste is one of the five senses (along with sight, touch, smell, and hearing).
      • Crocodilians' senses of smell, sight, and hearing are well developed.
      • And earth, being the final element, contains all the five qualities of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell.
      • He also reports the view that it is the brain that furnishes the sensations of hearing, sight and smell.
      • It is a good idea to check your home for hazards that you may trip over, such as trailing wires, and to make sure you have regular sight and hearing tests.
      • Soon after being taken in by a kind couple, she's predicting the fate of various folk in the town, having gained special powers since losing her sight.
      • But there is one peculiarity about his power of sight.
      • Her already improved sight and hearing were improved five-fold.
      • Choosing whole fish is a sensory experience that involves touch, sight and smell.
      • Through our senses of touch and sight, it is a way of making intuitive information available to us.
      • Now a 10-minute sight test could prove to be the long-awaited breakthrough.
      • This can apply to people of any age but, for the over 60s specifically, they should take advantage of the free sight tests available every two years.
      • All distress, annoyance, frustration, vexation and so on is a reaction to things perceived through the senses, usually of sight or hearing.

  • 2

    (range of vision)
    to come into sight aparecer
    • the finishing line was now in sight ya se veía la meta
    • we were within sight of victory, victory was within sight la victoria estaba cercana
    • as soon as we were out of sight, we began to run cuando ya no nos veían, empezamos a correr
    • she watched until they were out of sight los siguió con la mirada hasta que los perdió de vista
    • you'd better keep out of her sight for a while va a ser mejor que no te vea por un rato
    • keep it out of their sight que no lo vean
    • I daren't let him out of my sight for a second no me atrevo a dejarlo solo ni un minuto
    • For some time now dog snatching has been prevalent in our area and all dogs should be within sight at all times.
    • Indeed, you can find some marvellous fishing within sight and sound of Copenhagen airport itself.
    • The men were drowned within sight and sound and near touching distance of frantic relatives.
    • The only thing within sight was a figure off in the distance.
    • Although they were clearly within sight, they seemed very distant and remote.
    • The castle loomed above us, within sight, but we could not summon enough energy to convince each other to go up there.
    • Sheldon still walks her dogs in the forest, but is more apprehensive about letting the animals out of her sight when in the area.
    • The crew also said they fired flares when another boat came within sight, but that it did not stop for them.
    • Partners had to remain within sight and be on hand to witness recordings of any fish caught.
    • She shook her head not even bothering to ask where he was off to, but as soon as he had disappeared from her sight, curiosity got a hold of her.
    • Seattle is still within sight to the northeast, and the snowcapped Olympic Mountains rise just above the wing to the west.
    • The line was almost within sight, less than 1km away on a crowd-lined finishing straight in central Nancy.
    • If your child wants you to stay, but you do not want to watch the procedure, step back, but stay within your child's sight.
    • I got up quickly when I realized, but Faith was, oddly enough, not within my sight.
    • At least there, they hadn't needed to be close at all times, just within sight.
    • Continue your activities, paying no attention to your child but remaining within sight.
    • Before leaving my sight, Itrenore looked back one last time and smiled at me.
    • I watched as her shadow fled from my sight before looking down at the cloth to finish folding it into a little compress.
    • When his cottage is out of her sight, she looks at the grass and cries an ocean of tears as she reaches her cottage within four hours.
    • In fact, your teenager will be out of your sight most of the time.
  • 3

    (act of seeing, view)
    at the sight of blood al ver sangre
    • to play at / by sight tocar a primera vista
    • the sight of a cat drives the dog wild el perro se enloquece en cuanto ve un gato
    • I can't stand the sight of him no lo puedo ver
    • We had not one look, glance, sight, glimpse, sound, whisper, touch, tap, smell, scent.
    • Yet worse then all that was the fact that the very sight of him made her hunger for his touch all over again…
    • The sight of the blood and the use of the blade were obviously the key to his sexuality, according to forensic psychologists.
    • Reese cringed at the extreme sight of blood.
    • Ebony gasped at the sudden sight of blood and backed away.
    • That emotion was the only thing that kept Paris from retching; she was still a young angel, this was her very first sight of blood.
    • Shana was the first to recover from the disturbing sight of blood trickling through Krist's fingers.
    • She knew this bliss could not have lasted long, unfortunately, for she awoke at the expected sight of blood.
    • The sight of blood flowing from his lip and nose was almost too much.
    • At the first sight of blood the man changed channels to find the game show that he usually watched in the late afternoon.
    • The sight of Midge shot blood to every corner of his being, drowning his pain further with each heartbeat.
    • The sight of the blood no longer bothered me; I had seen far too much blood in my twenty years.
    • The sight of blood set her heart racing and she had the urge to throw something else at the woman.
    • The sight of the blood had been enough, but all the gory was too much for her to bear.
    • The sight of blood could set some people into hysterics.
    • The sight of the Look Out being lashed in the way that it was is a memory that will stay with me forever.
    • The sight of him looking like the homeless person he actually was joins the iconic images of our time.
    • The sight of her eyes constantly shifting from blue to gold did nothing to calm him.
    • The sight of Noel, looking so much more the girlfriend I'd always wanted than Abby ever had, melted my heart.
    • Scotty glanced about for any sight of the East Team before answering.
  • 4

    • 4.1(thing seen)

      the sparrow is a familiar sight in our gardens el gorrión se ve con frecuencia en nuestros jardines
      • Traditional Dutch street organs are a familiar sight in Holland as you would expect, but Territorians don't have to travel overseas to see and hear them.
      • Over the next three years, the bus became a familiar sight to local residents, was visited by the Queen, and won a national award presented by Princess Anne.
      • It's a familiar sight in the middle of the Christmas table or perhaps in a living room window, but their creator explains that one of the four candles should be lit during each week of December.
      • A familiar sight, almost opposite Bedford Hospital, is the Britannia Works archway, the area behind which has been wasteland for at least ten years.
      • Pickup autos with colourful stockpiles weaving through the congested National Highway at Karamana or Pulimood are a familiar sight.
      • Since then, whether walking her dog or pulling luggage through an airport, she has become a familiar sight on television.
      • Malevolent in appearance as it hovers menacingly in the spring skies, the Apache attack helicopter will soon be a familiar sight over Yorkshire.
      • For many years, until ill health prevented him, Mr Moore was a familiar sight behind his tray of poppies in Regent Street in the days leading up to Remembrance Day.
      • The Tahitian Princess is a familiar sight off Avatiu harbour - according to Fallon the ship calls here about every two weeks.
      • He was a familiar sight at Heaton's Corner in Castlebar back in the mid-1970s and 1980s.
      • They used to be a familiar sight in cities including London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield.
      • Police are becoming a familiar sight in a Trowbridge school as part of a new initiative in the town.
      • Flat-chested and tall, it wasn't exactly a very amusing sight to look at.
      • Elizabeth muttered as she looked upon the horrible sight below her.
      • Frowning, he leaned forward for a closer look at the bizarre sight.
      • She turned her gaze away from the transfixing sight before her and glanced to Cinaed, who was half-dozing in a chair.
      • Neil turned away from the dark sight outside, and looked at Sean.
      • Sanchen was unsure how large this desert was, and looking upon the intimidating sight now, he wasn't sure he wanted to know.
      • And Moses said, ‘I must go and look at this strange sight and see why the bush isn't burnt.’
      • The Opel wasn't in a good state - it looked a very sad sight, a bit like that very battered car they used in Starsky and Hutch.

    • 4.2a sight informal(of untidy or absurd appearance)

      I look a sight! ¡estoy horrorosa!
      • she looks a sight in that dress ese vestido le queda espantoso
      • your room's a real sight tu habitación es un desastre
      • I must have been a sight in my blood stained wedding dress and shoes that were still oddly contorted from the crash.
      • Clad in my nightgown and untied work boots, I must have been a sight.

    • 4.3sights plural(famous places)

      the sights los lugares de interés
      • to see the sights visitar los lugares de interés
      • to do the sights visitar los lugares de interés
      • Most of the city's top tourist sights lie within a single wide bend in the river.
      • They want McDonald's to take down the outsize golden arches that obscure some of the city's tourist sights.
      • Usually, it is the final stop of foreign tourists looking for pretty sights and interesting places to the north of Varna.
      • An optional dazzling Dutch capital tour gives you the best of the city's sights with a canal cruise included and a visit to a diamond factory.
      • The main tourist sights are in the Old City on the European side of Istanbul and the easiest way of getting there is to take the light rail system.
      • Whenever, I visit Jamaica I like to experience the best of two worlds, the commercial tourist sights and old familiar places.
      • For a tourist, these sights might appear romantic and exotic.
      • They would like to spend time on a beach and hire a car to visit interesting cities and sights.
      • In Trainspotting, Begbie's blood boils at the backpackers who see the sights of the city centre but are blind to the blighted landscape of its surrounding schemes.
      • The route starts and finishes at Pudsey Park and will take in some of the town's historic sights including the Moravian settlement at Fulneck.
      • All are encouraged to come along and view the sights of a fascinating continent.
      • Then I decided to become a tourist and see the sights.
      • The churches of Nazareth were mentioned as tourist sights, shown to guests before the beginning of Intifada, but not as places of symbolic value.
      • We wandered aimlessly around Paris for three days just going to all these different tourist sights in the days and in the evenings we'd live the night life.
      • Leave Manneken to the other tourists and head off to visit the city's unmissable sights.
      • There are very few conventional tourist sights in Johannesburg.
      • Though it covers less than a third of the total delta area, this southern section is where most of the tourist sights and facilities are concentrated.
      • Foreigners pay 10 times the locals at tourist sights, whilst it is still small in relative terms - it begins to grate on you.
      • Telling China's stories from the past it is home to many of the must-see tourist sights.
      • The five-hour trip is a wonderful exploration of interesting villages, forests, restaurants and other city sights.

  • 5

    • 5.1(of gun)

      mira feminine
      she had the hare in her sights tenía la liebre en la mira
      • And they said the same things but they added that some of their weapons, thermal sights and night vision devices needed updating.
      • Today's armoured battle might take place at night, using thermal imaging devices that are in many ways better than optical sights even on a clear day.
      • There are backup open sights in case the optical sight becomes damaged or is removed.
      • This rifle has a standard 10X daylight scope, but it can also be fitted with a variety of other optical sights.
      • The receiver is of the flat-top variety with an accessory rail that is adaptable to most optical sights.
      • There are many schools of thought on the combat use of the Aimpoint and similar optical sights.
      • A shipborne version consists of a launcher for six Ataka missiles with stabilised optical sight.
      • Soon there were all sorts of optical sights, lights and lasers hanging on the gun.
      • The sights are typical Kalashnikov, and more than adequate for their intended usage.
      • The missile and sights can be dismounted and used with the tripod if necessary.
      • While at Strathalbyn he became an expert at making rifle sights and gun stocks as well as colouring rifle and gun barrels.
      • Jason had lifted his rifle to his shoulder and was pointing it at the back of the receding keeper, using the optical sight of his rifle as a telescope.
      • The Soviets and Russians have consistently designed sniper weapons with open sights readily usable under the scope.
      • Betsy was out in a flash, and my experienced gunslinger's hand trained the weapon's sights on the killer.
      • Optical sights are not only faster in acquiring a target, but they are also more precise in hitting it than iron sights.
      • The attachment variation is 16.5 inches in length and uses the host weapon's sights.
      • The basic RBS 70 comprises the missile in a launch container, a tripod firing stand and an optical sight.
      • The mob were about 100-strong with automatic weapons, sniper sights and Makarov pistols.
      • He climbed a tree he was next to, a tall, thick one that looked out of place, and slowly rotated his sight around, looking for something.
      • With a global positioning system, thermal weapon sights and other gadgets, a soldier can immediately identify friends and enemies and see where his shots will hit.

  • 6 informal

    a (far / damn) sight happier/richer muchísimo más feliz/rico
    • it's a (far / damn) sight better es muchísimo mejor
    • he's a sight too clever se pasa de listo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (land/ship) divisar
    (land/ship) avistar
    (person/animal) ver
    • Once prey is sighted it is caught by a short, steep dive from the perch.
    • When one observer sighted a whale or whales at the surface, the other would record data.
    • When a scout has sighted a rhino he radios the camp and interested parties then drive and walk to where the [usually sleeping] rhino has been seen.
    • Twelve days after the tests began, a three-month-old humpback whale calf was sighted without its mother for at least five hours and displayed unusual behaviour.
    • Since this bird finds a perfect camouflage in the evergreen forests, spotting or sighting it is near impossible.
    • In the first 10 days of May, no bowheads were sighted in the observation area.
    • On sighting a pod of sperm whales, the Essex lowered her boats and gave pursuit.
    • And whale watching is becoming a popular attraction; sperm whales are regularly sighted off the west coast, as are humpbacks.
    • About three months ago, one person sighted him, but his tale was dismissed as that of a crazy person.
    • Anyone who sighted this car or who has information regarding it should contact the Garda Station Aclare.
    • She was sighted by a British aircraft, picked up again by the destroyer Sheffield, and in the evening attacked by a swarm of aircraft from the carrier Ark Royal.
    • One of the distinguishing aspects of the car was the fact it was a left-hand drive, which may jog the memory of those who sighted the car in the Tullow area.
    • I walked out of the hospital and around the parking lot until I finally sighted Greg's car.
    • The second, with the highest passage rate, was on 3-5 June, when 70 new whales were sighted.
    • Usually, blue whales are sighted near the poles or at the equator.
    • The second of the three points that was highlighted by his Honour was that the first respondent failed to cease operating when he sighted blood.
    • Cuckoos were sighted and heard mostly at Los Naranjos at the beginning of June in the middle of the rainy season.
    • Whales are often sighted in the early part of the year and we were lucky enough to spot schools of dolphins on the surface.
    • Upon sighting the wreck, he also spotted three groups of survivors.
    • As they sighted the cliffs of Dover, they also spotted another ship.
  • 2

    (gun/bow) ajustar la mira de
    • I sighted carefully down the barrel of my pistol and fired.
    • I yelped and drew my pistol out of its holster faster than I have ever drawn in my life, raised the weapon and sighted down the barrel.
    • He sighted over the barrel of his Winchester and blew apart the skull of the drone nearest to him.
    • He placed the butt against his shoulder and sighted down the barrels.
    • He sighted down the barrel and lined his aim.
    • And they do look very small, especially when sighting down the barrel of a sixgun.
    • Lifting the miniature but deadly weapon, Durlann sighted along its length.
    • Kari raised her bow and sighted along the arrow.
    • She sighted down her own weapon's barrel and took aim at another guard.
    • You should be sighting over your hand to the base of the tree and, without moving anything but your eye, sighting over the top of the stick to the top of the tree.
    • To emphasise her point, she picked up her rifle, sighted and fired in one motion, neatly clipping off the end of a branch high overhead, sending it and its leaves fluttering down about them.
    • Clamping a hand over her wounded abdomen, T. quickly sighted and fired, finishing off her already wounded attacker.
    • Taking a deep breath, she sighted, fired it at a high arc and then waited.
    • The big man brought his rifle about with blinding speed, sighted along the rail and optical sight, and let off a round.
    • I muttered a brief prayer to the Ever Living One that we would be delivered unto safety, raised the pistol, sighted round the door and fired.
    • Grimm leveled his confiscated weapon at the blue-clad human, sighting down its length.
    • Charlie raised the carbine to his shoulder and sighted on the cowboy with the rifle.
    • He sighted through the ports, giving the order to fire.
    • His stepson, Casey Ericksen, was sighting in a new rifle.
    • Quickly, he brought his rifle around and sighted on her.