Translation of sign language in Spanish:

sign language

lenguaje gestual, n.


  • 1

    lenguaje gestual masculine
    lenguaje mímico masculine
    lenguaje de gestos masculine
    to talk in sign language hablar por señas
    • If the linguistic space is sign language, then the deaf infant will acquire language in that modality.
    • The videophone is already being used to let patients talk remotely to doctors, and by deaf people to communicate in sign language.
    • She was phenomenal - she trained for about two months with a deaf lady and learnt sign language.
    • He also knew of elders from a previous generation who were deaf and used sign language.
    • The script of the play will be put on the whiteboard so that anyone in the audience who does not understand sign language will be able to follow the plot.
    • You don't have to understand sign language to enjoy the show, nor do you have to hear the performance to enjoy it.
    • Chloe's mum, Emma, works for the East Lancashire Deaf Society and has been using sign language for two years.
    • Fortunately, one of the nurses at the surgery has a deaf relative and has picked up some sign language along the way.
    • Now I go to a school where everyone uses sign language and we can communicate easily with each other.
    • Today, linguistic research confirms that sign language is a real language.
    • She returns to the chateau outside Lyon and learns to communicate through sign language.
    • I can understand the older people best because they use sign language too.
    • While in Dublin she learned sign language at a course in Trinity College so she could communicate with her son.
    • She first borrowed a kit to learn and teach Makaton, a simple form of sign language, to make it easier to communicate with Felix.
    • She is profoundly deaf and will rely on communicating with the rest of the crew by sign language.
    • Few people deafened in middle age become proficient in sign language or identify strongly with deaf culture.
    • They even learnt sign language because of having a deaf boy there, which was excellent.
    • The recent World Cup inaugural ceremony coverage had an instructor using sign language.
    • Kavita learned to talk to them in sign language by the time she was three.
    • Two people have sat next to me and are conversing in rapid sign language and working on a series of forms and business documents.