Translation of signalman in Spanish:


guardavía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪɡnəlmən/ /ˈsɪɡn(ə)lmən/

nounplural signalmen

  • 1

    guardavía masculine
    • Perhaps the only trades which are exclusive to railways in their nomenclature are platelayers, shunters and signalmen.
    • Railway shunters, pointsmen, signalmen and yardmasters began an indefinite strike at midnight on August 5, demanding the immediate settlement of salary anomalies.
    • You could see the local signal box with the signalman busy in it.
    • David spent more than 20 years working as a signalman on the railways.
    • These were the employees who operated the railway: the station staff, the signalmen, the shunters and the guards on the trains.
  • 2

    Military Nautical
    encargado de señales masculine
    • Mr Cammish started out at sea as a junior signalman in the Royal Navy in 1949 and after eight years travelling the world, he joined the Coastguard in 1957.
    • Combat experience made signalmen constantly adjust their views on how to develop the communications system.
    • Since the flight medic will first be lowered to the ground to continue treatment of the casualty, he becomes the primary signalman for the hoist.
    • Signals should be made by only one signalman; more than one creates too much confusion and can be dangerous.
    • The scout plane's robed signalman tapped the pilot on his right wing and gave a thumbs-up.