Translation of significant in Spanish:


importante, adj.

Pronunciation /sɪɡˈnɪfɪkənt/ /sɪɡˈnɪfɪk(ə)nt/

Definition of importante in Spanish


  • 1

    (important, considerable)
    • This work was little known about at the time but it has since emerged how significant this work proved to be.
    • The next significant study of perfect numbers was made by Nicomachus of Gerasa.
    • The nurses want a significant increase in their flat fee for agreeing to be on call.
    • The appeal raises a point of some general importance and concerns a significant sum.
    • We thought it only fitting that we do something quite significant for humanity.
    • At present there seems to be a significant disparity in the statistics that are being reported.
    • Yet the British music scene has always been an early indicator of significant social and political change.
    • Bernoulli was one of the most significant promoters of the formal methods of higher analysis.
    • Max's published work, as significant and substantial as it is, is not what we will remember him by.
    • One of the most significant demographic changes was the decline of infant mortality at the turn of the century.
    • They have achieved international publicity and significant sales in every continent.
    • It is important to understand just how significant this new idea was.
    • This could be the only significant side effect possibly related to the product use.
    • This has the makings of a very significant case of very considerable legal importance.
    • If the problem is difficult enough, a theorem like this can be a significant achievement.
    • Rap, jazz and so called world music have seen significant increases in CD sales in the past few years.
    • Although he was not a prolific writer, his work had a significant impact and is still of considerable interest.
    • Weldon asked the questions that drove Pearson to some of his most significant contributions.
    • A rise in temperature of this kind would have a significant effect on the distribution of vegetation.
    • There is no doubt that this was a serious injury with significant orthopaedic and cosmetic consequences.
  • 2

    (look/smile) expresivo
    (look/smile) elocuente
    (fact/remark) significativo
    • For Fagan, the next few weeks promise to be the most significant of her year.
    • Empires from Rome to Carthage fought over this most significant of nautical prizes.
    • Most significant of all, we felt, was that so many divers were keen enough to queue up to have their fitness checked.
    • The data indicate that ethnicity is a significant factor in the development and course of the disease.
    • Use Mediamancy to derive significant messages from billboards and shop names.
    • Almost every significant word seems to suggest a corresponding image in sound.
    • Naming newborn children is always a very meaningful and significant issue for a family.
    • So how come the most prevalent symbol of this monumentally significant festival is the chocolate egg?
    • The national flower is the ceibo and the most symbolically significant tree is the ombu.
    • It is significant that this weighty information is not revealed to the reader.
    • It is not intelligence, it is information, and that, I think, is a significant point.
    • Ceres is the symbol of authority and it is significant also that she is goddess of the harvest and fecundity.
    • The walls are covered with photographs marking significant moments in Wood Group's history.
    • These statements may have been symbolic, but the symbolism was highly significant in the context.
    • But symbolically, heading off to cover the conference is hugely significant for me.
    • Is it possible that certain expressions of hybridity are more significant than others?
    • But Gordon Brown had a new and highly significant message for his American audience.
    • As for adultery, it is significant that Santorum suggests it should be treated as a crime.
    • In measuring that weakness, his sexual misbehaviour is more symbolic than significant.
    • Yes, but these disappearing acts are significant because they are symbolic of a wider truth.
    • Downstairs, Martha gives Margaretha a significant look, upon which she rises and excuses herself to her guests, who leave.
    • At all times and in all hours they were in deep consultation and Margarot was observed to say to Campbell, with a significant wink, "keep an eye on the old gentleman", meaning me.
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    to be significant of sth ser indicativo de algo