Translation of silver in Spanish:


plata, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪlvər/ /ˈsɪlvə/

Definition of plata in Spanish


  • 1

    plata feminine
    • Beryllium, calcium, silver and antimony have no appreciable effect on mechanical properties.
    • Unlike gold, silver or other precious metals, copper is primarily an industrial metal sold by copper producers to large manufacturers.
    • He described the ratios between the densities of gold, mercury, lead, silver, bronze, copper, brass, iron, and tin.
    • Silver fillings are actually made of a combination of metals including silver, tin, copper and mercury.
    • In practice, precious metals such as gold or silver, metals in stable and high demand per unit weight, have won out over all other commodities as moneys.
    • However, he had no difficulty in desecrating and looting the temple of tons of gold, silver and precious stones before burning it.
    • Rhenium is not attacked by molten copper, silver, tin, or zinc.
    • White gold, which is a mixture of gold, silver, copper and palladium, is now considered to be more trendy than real gold.
    • They're placed into a scoring range for bronze, silver, gold, platinum.
    • Gold, silver and precious stones along with other vessels and works of art made his tomb a virtual gold mine.
    • For example, all of the gold, silver, and copper came from the Egyptians.
    • And the only way to do that is to return to using real gold and silver, and maybe copper, as currency.
    • Copper, gold and silver can all be recovered from discarded computers.
    • Metals like silver, nickel and gold are a perfect medium for coinage because of their durability and the value accorded by their relative rarity.
    • Metal coins had an intrinsic value based on the scarcity of the elements used in making them (usually copper, silver, gold).
    • Its most common ore is sylvanite, a complex combination of gold, silver, and tellurium.
    • The ores generally yielded a blend of gold and silver with copper.
    • For most wavelengths of visible light, aluminum allows plasmons to travel farther than other metals such as gold, silver and copper.
    • In addition to iron as stated above, gold, silver, diamond and other metals and precious stones etc. were gifted to India in abundance.
    • At the nearby processing plant copper, uranium oxide, gold and silver are produced for the Australian and overseas markets.
  • 2

    • 2.1(household items)

      platería feminine
      plata feminine
      to clean the silver limpiar la platería / la plata
      • Part of a hoard of family silver which vanished for more than 100 years was yesterday sold at auction for nearly £8,000.
      • I could have just driven away with the family silver for all she knew.
      • We have been pawning the family silver to pleasure ourselves.
      • I just wouldn't let them anywhere near the family silver.
      • If you're lucky to reach this hallowed ground, you'll be flattered and coddled until you've given up the family silver.
      • Thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and silver has been stolen as well as computer hardware.
      • It's not like I'm taking food out of the kiddies' mouths or swapping the family silver for an 1873 Colt.
      • These pieces of land are like the family silver and shouldn't be lost to communities.
      • Just days ago the Elliott family silver and a collection of prized John Gould bird prints went under the hammer at a Melbourne auction.
      • It is like giving somebody you meet in the street your house key, not changing the locks and then being surprised when the family silver goes missing.
      • It was not the Greeks' practice to place the family silver in graves, nor was it subjected to deep polishing.
      • Yet a small group of CEOs and financiers managed to save the family silver before the house burned to the ground.
      • Sales of silver and glass have been sluggish, with the exception of cutlery, Irish provincial silver, Irish and art deco glass.
      • During the reign of James, sales of Crown land provided the family silver of the period.
      • Glass bottles are highly collectable, and some folk proudly display their bottles in much the same way as other people display the family silver or fine bone china.
      • The collection consists of more than fifty pieces of family silver and thirty-nine paintings.
      • The moonlight grew brighter, like silver when it is polished.
      • Elsewhere in the gallery a high security case contains the town council's silver, with extra silverware from St Andrew's parish church.
      • Phelps found that his gold watch, the family silver and his loose cash were in plain sight, but had been left alone.
      • But further back there was an earl, and the family had a heraldic crest and some silver, bits of which Orwell pawned to raise money to fight in Spain.

    • 2.2(coins)

      (de plata, aluminio etc) monedas feminine
      • I tend to pick out the one pound coins and the silver to buy my lunch the next day so generally it's just the coppers that are left.
      • The manager of the shop arrived to find the lock smashed, and the money, all silver and coppers, all gone.
      • British imports of tea were steadily increasing during the early nineteenth century, and the Chinese would accept only specie, usually silver, in payment.
      • Its platform called for the free coinage of silver and plenty of paper money.
      • I remember looking into one and seeing a little dining table laid out with tiny silver cutlery.

    • 2.3(medal)

      medalla de plata feminine
      • Great Britain have won nine gold medals, 10 silvers and six bronze.
      • Todate he has participated in six international events and has won himself a gold medal and three silvers.
      • Between them they won 7 gold medals, 3 silvers and 3 bronze - more than any national team won in track and field at the Games, except America itself.
      • Pool playing reached a frenzy after the 1998 Asian games, when the Chinese Taipei team won three gold medals, two silvers and a bronze.
      • Taiwan grabbed two gold medals, two silvers and one bronze at the Athens Olympics.
      • The senior and junior Welsh teams exceeded all expectations by collecting eight gold medals, 15 silvers and seven bronzes at the Culinary World Cup.
      • It has eight gold medals, 14 silvers and 19 bronzes.
      • China had won a total of 11 medals, with three silvers and two bronze, while Australia have won nine.
      • The five gold medals, five silvers and 15 bronzes were the highest number garnered by local innovators at the China International Exhibition of Inventions, held in Shanghai.
      • Australia have made the finals three times in the past but have yet to win a gold medal to add to their haul of three silvers and three bronzes.
      • Sailing has become a hot bed of medal action for Great Britain at recent Olympiads with five golds, three silvers and two bronze medals snared on the water in 2004 and 2000.
      • This is the eighth time they have made the Olympic semi-finals and they have a respectable haul of three silvers and three bronzes.
      • The U.S. had 14 gold, 10 silver and 6 bronze medals, while the Jamaicans achieved 2 gold medals and three silvers.
      • However, the lead was temporary as Germany went ahead with four golds, two silvers and four bronze medals late Sunday (Hong Kong time).
      • She was just one of many fine performers for the York club, who picked up 17 golds, 11 silvers and eight bronze medals.
      • Four years after that, Bode Miller's two silvers, in giant slalom and combined, were the only U.S. medals.
      • Now 35, this is his last chance of adding a gold to his two Olympic silvers.
      • Halfway through the tenth day of the Olympics, China topped the medals table with 23 golds, 15 silvers and 11 bronzes - one gold ahead of the Americans.
      • He has won three golds, two silvers and three bronzes at world championships in the past five years, along with an Olympic silver and Commonwealth gold.
      • Poland and Hungary each earned two golds, one silver, and one bronze.

  • 3

    plata masculine
    color plata masculine
    • They are all normal colours, silver, or white, and never-ever purple.
    • A gleaming and glittering twist on gray, silver is the complementary colour of gold.
    • Unlike the stuffed one I saw originally, which had yellowed with age, the Nile Perch is silver in colour with a blue tinge.
    • My favourite colours are silver, brown and rose.
    • Patricia's holdall style bag is dark silver in colour.
    • The brushtail possum has a fur similar in quality to mink and colours range from silver to red brown to dark brown.
    • It will appear in three colours - silver, black and blue.
    • It smelled like ammonia and it was all a blurry colour of silver, blue and white that made it feel scientific and clinical.
    • The bezel is two toned, though the primary colour is silver, which matches the rest of the case.
    • The primary colour is silver, and you can select red, black or blue as the secondary colour.
    • The octagonal shelter, which is coloured purple and silver, has seats and roof.
    • Finally, it comes in a choice of seven colours: black, silver, red, yellow, blue, white and green.
    • Grey-haired people look good in silver and softer colours.
    • It too is available in a range of colours: silver, blue, ‘velvet’ and orange.
    • On display were a riot of classy colours, gold, silver, maroons and black.
    • She has beautifully and brilliantly caught different moods of water in colours black, white and silver.
    • He wore the clothes of a petty nobleman; grey and silver embroidered with royal blue and purple.
    • And three years ago Elizabeth Taylor briefly abandoned her trademark black bouffant for shocking silver, and what an impact it made.
    • But I went to a colour lady one time who told me that I should wear silver, sky blue and another which I have forgotten.
    • So maybe the cowboy boots do look kind of spiffy after a few licks of silver, purple, yellow and green.


  • 1

    (made of silver)
    (bracelet/tray/knife) de plata
  • 2

    (in color)
    (hair) canoso
    (hair) cano literary
    (hair) de plata literary
  • 3

    (representing 25 years)
    silver anniversary/jubilee el vigésimo quinto aniversario

transitive verb

  • 1

    (metal) dar(le) un baño de plata a
    (metal) platear
    (mirror) azogar
    • The idol is silvered with the electrolytic process.
    • Also in the Metropolitan Museum is a silvered and patinated copper jardiniere designed by Reiber for Christofle.
    • Some late 17th century and early 18th century brass and copper pieces of high quality were originally silvered.
    • It was a small shiny object, a ‘roundel’, which caught my eye because its surface was silvered or tinned.
    • The first examples had painted wood or engraved and silvered dials similar to those of long case clocks.
    • The designer's simple but effective set has an Egyptian court, denoted by familiar golden iconography, standing opposite silvered pillars of Rome.
    • Benneman repolished the veneers, restored the silvered containers for writing materials, repolished the marble top, relined the inside of the drop-front with green Morocco leather, restored the locks and provided a new key.
    • Thus, it seems that mirror glass was silvered not only at glassworks but at looking-glass makers' shops as well.
    • A sheet of glass is silvered with a pattern of repeated gestural strokes, making for a shifting lattice of fragmentary reflections and glimpses through the glass.
    • A block of glass is silvered over the upper portion of the face closest to the laser beam.
    • Alternatively, silvered glass could be substituted for transparent glass.
    • Optical interferometry is a technique that splits a laser beam into two beams by using a partially silvered mirror.
    • Yet Stork determined the probable focal length of a concave mirror made by inverting and silvering the convex mirror shown in the painting.
    • ‘I've always liked mirrors,’ Lyra mused, turning this way and that as she studied her reflection in the silvered glass.
    • He shaved quickly, using his dagger and a piece of silvered glass for a mirror, then dressed in clean clothes from his blanket roll.
    • Silvered mirrors, and marble vases with gold inlay are displayed in a corner.
    • One drawing on a silvered mirror panel presents an axonometric rendering of a cubic form extending outward from the central image along parallel lines.
    • McFarlane's interest in the metallurgy of mirrors has led her to denature the silvered surfaces behind the glass so that the mirrors become almost entirely opaque, yet hold and reflect light.
    • Onto this rubber membrane we attached a tiny piece of silvered glass, which acted as a mirror.
    • I leaned forward, so close to the silvered glass that my breath misted it slightly, partially obscuring my twin's mouth and nose.
    • The ball itself was modelled with a silvered glass sphere of the correct diameter.
    • Instead of silvered glass, however, the frame contains an oval of the same translucent blue Plexiglas, which invites introspection instead of mere self-contemplation.
  • 2literary

    (turn silver-colored)
    age had silvered her hair los años le habían teñido el pelo de plata literary
    • No doubt he was one of those abstracted, lost-in-the-clouds types - it would explain why the rumpled, silvered hair needed cutting.
    • Her fur and long hair were silvered, but it did not give her the appearance of being old.
    • He turned his head to look at her face, her green eyes sparkling in the moonlight, her hair silvered by it.
    • He had black hair that was slightly silvered at the temples, and bright, sparkling blue eyes.