Translation of since in Spanish:


desde que, conj.

Pronunciation /sɪns/

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    (in time)
    desde que
    since we've owned a yacht/I've been doing yoga … desde que tenemos yate/hago yoga …
    • since coming to London desde que vino (or vine etc.) a Londres
    • it's years since I've been to France hace años que no voy a Francia
    • it's years since I enjoyed myself so much hacía años que no me divertía tanto
    • That fabric has long since been sundered and social anarchy has been the consequence.
    • Practice has long since taken its leave of policy, and speaks to it about once a year, on a bad line.
    • Many features shown are long since gone, but the maps aim to ensure they are not forgotten.
    • Presumably it's a joke, but taken to such an extent that it's long since ceased to be one.
    • I am sure there would have been mad ones then, too, but they are long since forgotten.
    • The government has long since given up trying to reduce the propensity to commit crime.
    • The club's long since gone but the memories of those starry nights have never faded.
    • They have long since ceased to be amazed at the number of shopping trolleys they find.
    • My father who started the business has long since given up trying to make me like him.
    • Mitchell had matured and quieted much by then and had long since left her flapper days behind.
    • Other cabins and superstructure have long since rotted and crumpled to the seabed.
    • The lights had long since gone out, leaving the room darkened enough that he could hide.
    • The guards behind her had long since left and Ashley stared at the entrance with longing.
    • Tunisia put the ball in Spain's net, but the whistle had long since gone for offside.
    • The banks will reclaim the funds from the retailer, but the goods have long since gone.
    • Her cards were face up in front of her and she had long since lost count of whose turn it was.
    • Wales had long since been conquered, but it was still very much alive as a country.
    • The sun had long since risen, not that you could tell it from the ominous clouds outside.
    • The romance has long since expired like the first red rose he bought you to proclaim his love.
    • The sun had long since faded by this time and the sky was growing darker by the minute.
    • It is hard to believe that a year has passed since then and it is a significant milestone in her fight for life.
    • I booked him for an exhibition immediately and he has been here regularly since then.
    • My focus since then has been on removing this sort of conditioning from everyone.
    • Workers say since then managers have been asking them to go home during quieter periods.
    • That was a few months ago and I've put a lot of work in since then so it should be stronger.
    • It is the first rise since property prices began spiralling in York in the last two to three years.
    • All the things that have happened to me since that depressing period of my life!
    • Things may have picked up for Celtic since then but I see no reason to change my advice.
    • Too much has happened in the period since.
    • It was the British who suffered the worst single incident since the end of the war.
    • Well, maybe not entirely, but life has been in a slump since I tied the knot this summer.
    • It meant that no party had overall control for the first time since the Second World War.
    • They are on a mission, a task that they have been training for since they entered the Army.
    • The property had been empty since last July but a couple of weeks ago his daughter moved in.
    • It could quite literally be the biggest thing to hit the resort since the war itself.
    • It has been some time since anyone had to fight their way into a London saleroom.
    • So I put on makeup for the first time since that fight at lunch that started all this.
    • I want to get back in the ring because it feels such a long time since the last fight.
    • It is now one year since Douglas died and for some reason it still feels like there's a hole in the world.
    • For that reason clarinets have been built since their early days in different keys.
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    (introducing a reason)
    since you can't go, can I have your ticket? ya que no puedes ir ¿me das tu entrada?
    • I didn't call him since it was already quite late no lo llamé porque ya era bastante tarde
    • since that is not the case … como no es así


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    they've worked there (ever) since 1970 han trabajado allí desde 1970
    • since the party he's only seen her twice desde la fiesta solo la ha visto dos veces
    • I've been living here since March desde marzo pasado que vivo aquí
    • how long is it since your operation? ¿cuánto (tiempo) hace de tu operación?
    • since when have you been giving the orders? ¿desde cuándo eres tú el que da las órdenes?


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    (from then till now)
    desde entonces
    we had an argument last week and she's been very cool since tuvimos una discusión la semana pasada y desde entonces ha estado muy fría
    • … but she had since remarried … pero (en el ínterin) ella se había vuelto a casar
    • she was sacked last year but has been reinstated since la despidieron el año pasado, pero más tarde fue restituida en su cargo
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    long since hace mucho
    • he gave up trying long since hace mucho que dejó de intentarlo
    • they left not long since no hace mucho que se fueron