Translation of single-minded in Spanish:


decidido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌsɪŋɡəl ˈˌmaɪndɪd/ /ˌsɪŋɡ(ə)lˈmʌɪndɪd/

Definition of decidido in Spanish


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    his single-minded devotion to duty su inquebrantable devoción al deber
    • her single-minded pursuit of fame la determinación con que buscaba la fama
    • Once a field of interest has been chosen, dedication and single-minded pursuit of excellence is boundless.
    • Julien approaches life and love like the video game hero, with determination and a single-minded pursuit.
    • They have a fixed purpose in life, and go for it with single-minded determination.
    • But if they are single-minded in pursuit of victory, Edinburgh will be crushed.
    • It was a single-minded dedication taking every opportunity to win.
    • His view is that without a single-minded purpose, Scotland will remain bogged down in stale arguments that will hold the country back.
    • Miller's Batman is full of the fire of youth: single-minded, without becoming obsessive, exactly.
    • She is a woman who is single-minded, forceful and uncompromising.
    • With single-minded purpose, he hitch-hikes slowly down the African continent.
    • Each side accused the other of stubborn, single-minded, almost childish behavior.
    • I doubt, however, whether single-minded dedication is the best means of judging a successful leader.
    • He is one of the most single-minded and obsessive sportsmen in the world, utterly intent upon relentless success.
    • I have always been determined and single-minded, but you can never get complacent in this industry.
    • He claims that he has never been so focused, single-minded and dedicated.
    • Their single-minded determination makes me realise I'll never make a movie myself.
    • His selfishness and single-minded pursuit ‘to be someone’ has left casualties along the way.
    • Nor is he suffering solely from his single-minded pursuit of Social Security reform.
    • The single-minded pursuit of economic growth can exact a heavy toll on a community.
    • Those who know him say he is professional, single-minded, and extremely determined.
    • How do you turn single-minded determination into team ethos?