Translation of sis in Spanish:


hermanita, n.

Pronunciation /sɪs/


  • 1

    hermanita feminine
    • This wall had kept me separated from you, my big sis.
    • My sis won the game of Pin The Tail On The Donkey.
    • He tells me it is usual for brothers to tease their little sis, but they can be overly protective when their sis gets attention from members of the opposite sex.
    • My sis and I got there around 10 p.m. last night, and the line was huge.
    • Your parents are obviously so worried about your sis that they're not taking chances on you - so they might hold you prisoner as a result of her bad behavior.
    • Your younger sis now attends your school, and your parents expect you to be her chaperone.
    • So the first thing I'm going to do is rest up and then get back to training and I'm also looking forward to a fortnight in the sun with the little sis and if anyone can cheer me up and make me laugh, she can.
    • And if you need a whiney, loud-mouthed woman to repulse those pesky telemarketers, throw your little sis some cash.
    • Having now spent 5 days living by myself while the fam have gone to visit the sis who's on work experience in Adelaide all I can say is that I think I am going insane.
    • At least now I won't look like such a beached whale on the beach next month when I head for sunny Spain with the sis who, incidentally, is about a size 8!
    • The sis and I thought we'd do the noble thing and suggest we all meet for discussion, extend that olive branch, that family was too important to let things end like this.
    • Your little sis will learn she can truly count on you.
    • His lil sis Angela was just leaving the house on her rollerblades.
    • I haven't seen my little sis since November last year.
    • So why is it you and your sis are at each other's throats?
    • I wonder if my sis and I should start up a new company.
    • I am a twin, and my twin sis is my best friend - I do everything with her.
    • Even if the guy is amazing, you and your sis share a lifelong bond.
    • The one thing I always carry: A bracelet my sis bought me for my 18th birthday
    • On Sunday my sis and and her husband are having a 40th birthday party.