Translation of sister city in Spanish:

sister city

ciudad hermana, n.


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    ciudad hermana feminine
    (company) afiliado
    (company) asociado
    • I mentioned the efforts of San Diego Rotary Club that resulted in their home town becoming a sister city of Jalalabad.
    • Marseille became the sister city of Shanghai in 1987.
    • ‘Jakarta is an important sister city, with which Rotterdam enjoys an excellent relationship,’ the Mayor said in a statement.
    • Council agreed Monday to forge ahead with a proposal to select a third sister city, this time in the Shanghai area of China.
    • From Dubai we drove for ten minutes to its sister city of Sharjah - a graceful modern urban centre with an eastern flavour.
    • Steves notes Richmond has always had a good relationship with its sister city Wakayama.
    • The sister city agreement between the two cities started in 1986 and there have been several projects undertaken over the years.
    • One day, an ambassador came to our House, a merchant from Ched Nasad, our sister city.
    • Ambon's had a long relationship with Darwin as a sister city - links nurtured through education, agricultural exchanges, and an annual yacht race - a major regional sporting event.
    • But if our sister city was under attack, why had we not sent help?
    • The sister city relationship between Dingle and Santa Barbara will help strengthen mutual understanding and promote friendly relations between both towns.
    • He established the first sister city exchange ever in Australia between Lismore and Yamato-Takada.
    • The students come from Yamato-Takada, Lismore's sister city.