Translation of sixteen in Spanish:


dieciséis, n.

Pronunciation /sɪkˈstin/ /ˈsɪkˌstin/ /sɪksˈtiːn/ /ˈsɪkstiːn/

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    dieciséis masculine
    • They were working fifteen to sixteen hours a day and at the same time coping with the difficulties of living on a reduced benefit.
    • A total of fifteen salmon were caught by anglers ranging in age from four years to sixteen years.
    • We only have about four hundred students in all, so the most we have in a class in fifteen or sixteen.
    • He said there were sixteen to eighteen permanent nursing places waiting to be filled while staff overtime was banned.
    • Where else can you get four adorable sparkly halter tops for sixteen dollars?
    • Besides: with sixteen guests in all, and four weeks to fill, we have a pleasing numerical symmetry.
    • He estimated that the room was at least sixteen feet tall, meaning that it would take four of him to reach the top.
    • There were eight drink driving offences in the first week, twelve in the second, sixteen in the third and eighteen in the fourth.
    • Plants require sixteen nutrients to grow and produce their flowers, fruits or vegetables.


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    (invariable adjective) dieciséis