There are 2 main translations of skate in Spanish

: skate1skate2


patín, n.

Pronunciation /skeɪt/


  • 1also ice skate

    (para patinaje sobre hielo) patín masculine
  • 2also roller skate

    (de ruedas) patín masculine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to go skating ir a patinar
    • We sat on the mezzanine floor where I was amazed by the sight of hip young waiters as they literally skated by, on roller skates, while balancing laden trays in their hands.
    • I told my mother I wanted to ice skate, but she didn't skate, and she was afraid to take me out on the ice.
    • Figure skating includes four disciplines - singles men and ladies skating, pairs skating, and ice dancing.
    • She walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then put on her rollerblades to skate up to work on 34th Street, about four miles way from here.
    • They kept good speed throughout the program, skated with flow and confidence.
    • Now it's a gorgeous day and we should be able to attract lots of good attention as we skate down the coast.
    • Sophie started skating at the Altrincham Ice Rink four years ago, and was devastated when it was closed in April.
    • Buys was a late starter in skating, not taking to the ice until she was nine.
    • These are definitely the most comfortable skates I have ever skated in.
    • I started skating in a toddler and parent class at the Skating Club of Wilmington.
    • Karam comes from a skating family and began skating when she was three years old.
    • Aureli began skating when she was six and started competing in dance at eight.
    • Racers may scoff, but both Liz and I feel that a heel brake is required for safe street skating.
    • John, who is two years younger than his sister, also began skating when he was nine.
    • People in London regard in line skating as a recreational sport more than anything else.
    • He skates for four hours a day, five days a week, and sometimes another two hours on Saturday.
    • The two-time World Junior bronze medalists skated close together.
    • Gregory skated in singles up to the national level in novice ladies.
    • I skated up and down my sloped neighborhood streets, analyzing the sources of my anxiety and how to relieve them.
    • We skated with and met lots of new fools over the past two months.

There are 2 main translations of skate in Spanish

: skate1skate2


raya, n.

Pronunciation /skeɪt/

nounplural skate, plural skates

Cooking Zoology
  • 1

    raya feminine
    • If, like me, you adore the meaty flesh and sweet flavour of fresh skate, and you have not asked your fishmonger to remove the skin, then you will need to resort to the toolbox before dinner.
    • Galicians specialize in trencherman food: suckling pig, grilled skate, pulpy octopus speckled with sea salt and paprika.
    • The cooking possesses an apparent simplicity - but this should fool no one: it takes ten minutes and 30 years to cook a wing of skate to this degree of perfection.
    • Most recently, a gorgeous wild mushroom truffle soup stood out, along with a generous plate of skate dressed in an intense caper sauce.
    • Pan-seared skate's lobsterlike richness is offset by tarragon and grapefruit.
    • We had an amuse-bouche of lobster bisque with skate, a good strong flavour to get the juices flowing.
    • Who knew that grilled skate wing went nicely with a hot, red smear of sambal?
    • Place each skate fillet in the center; season and spread some basil and olives on top.
    • Delicate skate in a grainy mustard sauce is bolstered by a forceful bed of savoy cabbage and water chestnuts.
    • We used to sell mostly skate, cod and rock salmon but now the Chinese want lobster and Dover sole, while the West Indians want snapper.
    • Only skate, a little soggy in white wine and lemon, and skirt steak - which might benefit from marinating or some garlic - don't quite match up.
    • We ate fish soup, mussels, oysters, skate in brown butter and my aunt's tomato salad.
    • Throughout the western fjords, a hash of skate is cooked.
    • Melt some butter until it becomes foamy and brown, toss in some capers and lemon juice, and splash it onto the skate with a good grinding of black pepper and some chopped parsley.
    • Put the skate into a large, shallow pan and add enough water to cover it.
    • I'll have to get the skate from Boston, and I doubt I'll be able to find any that isn't frozen, but I'll let you know.
    • Most of the skate sold in fish shops is in fact thornback ray, and in the Southeast the fish has the local name roker.
    • Like the skate, this more delicate fish was simply perfect.
    • The freshwater sawfish, a ray, is related to stingrays, skates, sharks, and other fishes with cartilaginous skeletons.
    • From the same family as rays, skates are bottom-dwelling fish usually found in shallow coastal waters.
    • After a total of forty minutes of heaving, the skate broke surface by the side of the boat.
    • Mr Wells had hooked a large flatfish which he thought was a skate, but it turned out to be a stingray and it wound its tail round his arm and stuck a four-inch spike into him.
    • In some areas small skates and dogfish (a small shark species) appear to have taken over the cod's niche in the ecosystem.
    • While a fine food, skate numbers in UK and European waters are very low and this fish is officially recognised as an endangered species.
    • Cod, hake, whiting, mackerel and skate as well as shellfish were pulled from the sea.
    • Things like halibut and skate were decidedly strange - a bit like vegetables that swam.
    • If cod and haddock are overfished, monkfish and common skate threatened, farmed salmon tainted with dyes and antibiotics and game fish riddled with mercury, what are we meant to eat?