Translation of skeptic in Spanish:


escéptico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈskɛptɪk/


(British sceptic)
  • 1

    escéptico masculine
    escéptica feminine
    she's a bit of a skeptic es algo escéptica
    • How does he gain by fortressing himself and his administration away from critics, skeptics, and questioners?
    • He accepts there remain sceptics and doubters concerning the present Dublin side.
    • Cynics and sceptics raised uncomfortable questions, and found serious flaws with the script.
    • Lieberman has drawn so much praise, in fact, that some skeptics are questioning whether the media are getting carried away.
    • Little said skeptics have questioned the science of the project since the beginning.
    • The couple announced their romance in Italy earlier this month, prompting sceptics to question the validity of the match.
    • Even the sceptics who had questioned the wisdom of spending 800 million euros to build and upgrade stadia, joined the party mood.
    • Good journalists should be outsiders, questioners, sceptics, empathisers.
    • Already skeptics are questioning whether the initial budget for the space plan is sufficient.
    • He was different from the other skeptic that had questioned her before.
    • Some sceptics even question the statistical findings of the Central Statistics Office.
    • Indeed, all progress depends on the sceptic, the questioner, the person who does not wholly conform.
    • He is rather like me, a true skeptic whose passion for questioning emotionally held beliefs and outspokenness makes him many dangerous enemies.
    • Once again, the people proved all the skeptics, all the doubters, all the detractors, wrong, that democracy can work in this part of the world.
    • Nevertheless, the first woman literary critic of Malayalam proved her critics and sceptics wrong.
    • And among the administration's critics and war skeptics, this Senator is front and center.
    • At first, the idea of bringing the Internet to print received much criticism from skeptics.
    • I'm not giving in to the sceptics and critics.
    • Mack continued to write about his meetings with abductees and also to endure bitter criticism and abuse from full-time UFO sceptics..
    • I have no doubt that there are many sceptics who will describe this vision as a pipe-dream.