Translation of skilled in Spanish:


hábil, adj.

Pronunciation /skɪld/


  • 1

    (negotiator) hábil
    (negotiator) experto
    (pilot) diestro
    (pilot) experto
    (worker/labor) calificado
    (worker/labor) cualificado Spain
    (work) de especialista
    (work) especializado
    • He was already highly skilled in the martial arts, having obtained a black belt in karate.
    • And Kerry's people are obviously less skilled in the art of spin.
    • There can be no doubt that masons in Medieval England were highly skilled craftsmen.
    • There is no doubt that the appropriately skilled addressee of the Patent would have known about degeneracy.
    • My father had made both the bed and the dresser, he was a very skilled craftsman.
    • But there is no demonstrable shortage of low skilled workers in the United States today.
    • In the United States, labour market prospects for low skilled workers have been poor over the past two decades.
    • We must match the work environment to an appropriately skilled workforce.
    • Therefore, the real solution would be to identify and train more skilled labour.
    • An AIDS epidemic has claimed many of the country's most skilled professionals.
    • Many upper class women spent a lot of time on embroidery and became very skilled.
    • They have become very skilled at playing the role of the victim.
    • What were the patentee's words intended to convey to the skilled addressee?
    • Japanese feudal lords had invaded Korea and brought with them skilled Korean artisans.
    • We need physicians, lawyers, nurses, educators, technologists and skilled tradesmen.
    • His people were skilled with metal, and they were about as strong, too.
    • The Creeks were reputed to be a hospitable people skilled in diplomacy.
    • He was one of the many elves skilled with the blade.
    • Jax was still amazed how a three-year-old could be so skilled with a computer.
    • If he hadn't been so skilled, he may have perished eons ago.