Translation of skittish in Spanish:


voluble, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈskɪdɪʃ/ /ˈskɪtɪʃ/

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  • 1

    (person) voluble
    (person) veleidoso
    • He is forever messing with us, but always in the most playfully skittish way.
    • As things were going slow, some of the skittish young people proposed to have a game of mock marriages.
    • His grandmother was was skittish and playful, instilling in him a passion for spooky stories.
    • In Britain he was all buttoned up; abroad, on holiday, he could be skittish and silly.
    • Charles is skittish and silly, but at his core sincere about his affection for his aunt.
    • The songs are at once deeply absorbing and playfully skittish.
    • She is at times playfully skittish and fanciful.
    • Betty was in a skittish mood the next morning, cracking jokes over breakfast.
    • He was in a skittish mood; there wasn't much point in talking to him any longer.
    • She's a rigorous thinker but quite skittish and funny too.
  • 2

    (horse) asustadizo
    • She was rushed to hospital after getting knocked over by skittish horse.
    • The little lizards are everywhere, but they are skittish and can be difficult to approach.
    • He was very skittish, and had been used as a news horse, since he couldn't be used for actual battle.
    • Only the rays were skittish, darting off as soon as we drew near.
    • Mottled ducks at least remain skittish around people and present some challenge.
    • My wife and I had a skittish gray cat for 14 years whose name was Pepe.
    • Mice can often be skittish creatures at first.
    • Skittish dogs can be unpredictable, and if they misbehave we are responsible.
    • These skittish little fishes are also very photogenic.
    • Jessie was very skittish and nervous when she first arrived but she's like a different dog now.
    • She's an ex-rescue cat who used to be very skittish and nervous.
    • A normally gentle or tame animal may suddenly become skittish or aggressive.
    • Coyotes tend to be skittish around people.
    • Larger pets, like cats and dogs, may also be a bit skittish around unexpected noises and motion.