Traducción de skittish en Español:


voluble, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈskɪdɪʃ/ /ˈskɪtɪʃ/

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  • 1

    (person) voluble
    (person) veleidoso
    • The notion seems to be that the mere look, the urbanity, the smirking of blue staters appalls the skittish people of the heartland.
    • He has cast four relatively inexperienced actors who fatten up Reza's skinny and, at times, skittish characters.
    • We managed to pat them a little bit, but they were pretty skittish.
    • Ganatra brings a quiet, sensual intensity to her role in Chutney Popcorn, perfectly complementing Hennessy's skittish character.
    • He was skittish, trying to please all his guests; yet his had a powerful presence, he had a definite leader quality… charisma.
    • I think they're more skittish readers, where I found girls in general would be willing to try a lot of different things.
  • 2

    (horse) asustadizo
    • I think they're generally skittish and ill-tempered animals.
    • You haven't drunk in a month - no wonder you're skittish.
    • They are skittish and fearful of most people and talk to no one but each other.
    • The little lizards are everywhere, but they are skittish and can be difficult to approach.
    • On a blazing day like Thursday they were positively skittish.
    • She was positively skittish with the silver-haired charmer.
    • At least one local merchant is skittish of the ladies.
    • Her hair was combed, she was clean, she wasn't skittish.
    • ‘I'm Tohru, It's nice to meet you,’ she said, seeing that the boy was as skittish as a cat.
    • He was too skittish, so I made my voice carefully neutral.
    • I was skittish, the smallest sound or touch freaked me out.
    • And the closer the convention came, the more skittish residents grew.
    • They can also make skittish neighbors more accepting of special-needs housing.
    • If you're that skittish about investing, you're probably better off in a high-interest savings account anyway.
    • Only the rays were skittish, darting off as soon as we drew near.
    • If they are skittish they should arrange a visit with their family doctor or paediatrician.
    • He was very skittish, and had been used as a news horse, since he couldn't be used for actual battle.
    • Is that why she was so skittish and nervous around me?
    • Mottled ducks at least remain skittish around people and present some challenge.
    • Alison usually wasn't so skittish, but people around her didn't often fall prey to killers bent on revenge.