Translation of skive in Spanish:


holgazanear, v.

Pronunciation /skaɪv/ /skʌɪv/

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intransitive verb

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    (not work)
    gandulear informal
    sacar la vuelta Chile informal
    hacer sebo River Plate informal
    • If I hadn't skived off work early to go see, I'd have been angry at the waste of my time.
    • You think I skived off without blogging anything today, right?
    • I had said to myself that I would go to the gym after Dame G and Dr Sir T but I skived off and watched News 24 instead.
    • I'm not sure what he was getting so upset about, but I think he was partly mad because some people had skived off the rehearsal.
    • So we skived off for another cup of tea and I lent him my towel.
    • He won't be able to accuse me of having sold it on the black market and skived off with the proceeds.
    • In the end, I skived off to a side street and made myself as inconspicuous as possible so I could get up to date.
    • He skived off quite a lot to go to band warm up session and meet people in the industry and it obviously paid off!
    • Then how do you know I skived off two other classes?
    • It was a warm, sunny Thursday and Belinda had skived off her unofficial work to join Astor for some sunbathing.
    • He had come back having skived off on his birthday, so the lads had made sure he'd stay there.
    • I always wondered what Wibbler got up to whilst apparently skiving from his blog duties.
    • BA admits that not one single check-in worker has been disciplined in recent years for bunking off or skiving.
    • Having said that, being a professional skiver, I have devised tactics, strategies and contingency plans to prolong skiving.
    • I'm not completely skiving, though - Friday was sick leave, and today was a day of ‘education’ at a local ‘learning centre’.
    • Truancy officers caught 154 children skiving between September and December last year, 42 of whom were with their parents.
    • It doesn't seem to matter how old I am, driving away from the office at any time before 5: 30 pm always feels like skiving.
    • Children have been skiving off school for years.
    • In my own book I have included a chapter on skiving.
    • But seeing as though you're reading this, you're probably already on first-name terms with office skiving.
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