Translation of sky-high in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈˌskaɪ ˈhaɪ/ /skʌɪˈhʌɪ/


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    he kicked the ball sky-high mandó la pelota por los aires
    • house prices have gone sky-high el precio de la vivienda se ha disparado / se ha puesto por las nubes
    • I see that violent crime is out of control in our cities, snuffing out lives, mangling the limbs of the innocent, raising anxiety levels sky-high.
    • Expert view: His cholesterol levels must be sky-high.
    • Without Arnie, it is highly debatable if today's prize money would be halfway near its current sky-high levels.
    • Plastic processed cheese with practically no nutritional value but sky-high levels of fat is promoted as a source of protein.
    • And with Americans eating out more often, anyone who measured the sky-high salt levels in restaurant foods could have predicted trouble.
    • ‘It was a hard time - tax levels were sky-high, and it was hard to motivate anyone to work,’ said Doyle.
    • Not only that, the interest at these sky-high levels will also be back-dated to when you took out the agreement.
    • This may be helpful in a particularly high-risk area, where premiums are sky-high or insurance coverage is generally very difficult to come by.
    • Police called for sky-high car insurance premiums in Greater Manchester to be slashed after a huge fall in vehicle crime in the region.
    • Others argue that it was the sky-high insurance premiums.
    • The levels always pack enough challenges to keep the tension ratcheted sky-high.
    • Your chances of attracting a guy can reach sky-high limits, and the only work involved is getting involved.


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    prices are sky-high los precios están por las nubes / son astronómicos
    • he's sky-high on his chances of election cree que tiene la victoria asegurada