Translation of slippage in Spanish:


baja, n.

Pronunciation /ˈslɪpɪdʒ/

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  • 1

    (in standards, schedule)
    baja feminine
    bajón masculine
    • The experience of defence equipment procurement in the UK since the second world war is a story liberally strewn with cost overruns and timetable slippages, often on a massive scale.
    • These included streamlining training practices and eliminating slippages in deliveries.
    • The aftermath of a terrorist attack is the riskiest time for such slippages.
    • If further slippages occur in November and December, it would be a cause for attention.
    • She provided an example: In some organizations, slippages in a work schedule are acceptable, as long as there's a reasonable explanation.
    • There are other signs of slippage in anti-tobacco efforts.
    • But in recent years there's been serious slippage, enough to call a trend.
    • We can only estimate the relative expansion slippage rates and contraction slippage rates compared to the point mutation rate.
    • Any further slippage of the fiscal deficit in the medium term could lower the nation's stable credit outlook.
    • So there has understandably been some slippage, but so far the American people generally, unlike the press, aren't panicking.
    • We hope, if there is any slippage, we can be included in the first round and we feel we should be a priority in the second round.
    • Despite the concerns, however, some stockbrokers have been advising clients to take advantage of the recent slippage in share prices to add to existing holdings.
    • On the timing of the move, a degree of slippage from the original end - 1996 target date originally set by McCreevy is hinted at.
    • But there was still no sign of slippage last night.
    • There is a strong emphasis on low direct tax rates and, notwithstanding a couple of years of slippage, firm control over government spending.
    • In a competitive market, the rest will follow to ensure there ‘is no slippage in their market position’, he said.
    • Well, at this point they're succeeding pretty well, because we have not seen any slippage on the part of the Democrats.
    • Any slippage in tax collections can worsen the situation.
    • And despite regular grumbling from consumers about slippage in quality, more and more people are flying all the time.
    • Any slippage in that timetable they think will be a huge victory for the insurgents and send exactly the wrong message.
  • 2

    patinaje masculine
    • The registration process creates slippage: each of the four colors, plus black, are printed over one another.
    • This suggests that some process other than enzyme slippage is contributing to the high level of diversity in this region.
    • Microsatellite lengths change over evolutionary time through a process of replication slippage.
    • This process is called mitotic slippage and yields tetraploid 4N cells.
    • The slippage caused physical damage, delays, and consequential losses, and necessitated extensive remedial works.
    • He didn't have any advice for keeping the feathers equally spread throughout the quilt all night though, apparently even those quilted into squares suffer from feather slippage.
    • In a shower, be sure to have a bath mat to prevent slippage.
    • The plan also involves strengthening measures for the bank, which slopes down to Markievicz Road, where there has been slippage.
    • An adaptive building must allow slippage between each layer, or the slow layers block flow of quick, and quick layers tear up the slow.
    • No matter how thin the grates, major slippage is bound to occur.
    • The slippage has worried residents in the suburb, where more than 100 homes were inundated in the floods of November, 2000.
    • The traction-control system works well, and is intentionally toned down to allow some slippage through the corners.
    • Mrs Smyth was worried residents would have had to move into emergency housing over Christmas because of heightened fears about the level of slippage.
    • The New Walton Pier Company, which owns the site, told hut owners their huts would have to be removed for urgent safety work to be carried out due to land slippage.
    • But these are all slippages easily repaired with firm editorial control’.
    • Work on the clean up of the local graveyard was suspended last week as fears of further slippages grew but the positioning of special fencing has raised hopes that work may resume this week.
    • Major slippages in body condition can lead to undesirable further problems next year.
    • It is estimated a further £30 million will be needed to prevent further slippages along the entirety of the seafront.
    • You walk right by the edge, vertical drops for the vertigo-challenged, stepping round recent cliff slippages.
    • However, if changes, created either by slippages or by nucleotide substitutions, were seen in the sequence included in any of the indels, then the number of such changes was also counted and included in the analysis.