Translation of slogan in Spanish:


slogan, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsloʊɡən/ /ˈsləʊɡ(ə)n/

Definition of slogan in Spanish


  • 1

    Business slogan masculine
    Business eslogan masculine
    Politics lema masculine
    Politics consigna feminine
    protesters chanted slogans los manifestantes coreaban consignas
    • We've got rejected campaign slogans for the political parties here and here.
    • None left charged up and ready to chant party slogans or shake their fists in the air.
    • Men chanting ruling party slogans slashed the tyre of a media car.
    • Perhaps it's time someone collected the best catchwords, slogans and political idiom of the 2001 campaign here in Australia.
    • You continued to work for the party and were involved in writing political slogans on walls, although you were aware of the illegality of this activity.
    • His speech was dotted by a vocal, slight minority of students who were chanting slogans and rhymes in protest to his performance over seven years of presidency.
    • He said youths should not only be used by politicians to chant slogans but engaged in sports for them to shape their future.
    • Zou said whether the protest resulted in renewed political conflict with the central government would depend on the slogans chanted during the protest.
    • Protestors focus energy on creating signs with witty slogans and singing catchy chants for their favorite political issue.
    • He warned voters about parties that simply convey vague messages or chant slogans rather than provide specific viewpoints.
    • Demonstrations after football often turn political in Iran, with fans chanting slogans against the state.
    • Major governmental policy statements and the slogans and publications of political parties are translated into Gaelic.
    • I don't know if this painting was made for that purpose - it could have been to prevent people from covering it with political slogans and posters.
    • Bursting crackers and shouting slogans, the party partied.
    • I started driving around with political slogans on my car.
    • It is one of the bread-and-butter slogans of the pro-choice movement.
    • If he's shouting political slogans, the council can't move him.
    • The painting of political slogans along a wooden wall that encases the old Woodward's building marked the rally.
    • No one was interested in busting up local stores, though the boards made a fine surface for political posters and slogans.
    • Nowhere is this more pathetically obvious than in the party slogans.
    • They've shown that there is more to advertising than a catchy slogan and a memorable logo.
    • How about the banners or the slogan or the advertising?
    • He once arm-wrestled another CEO to determine who got to use an advertising slogan.
    • Jess's early collages used advertising images and slogans to present a satirical, absurdist view of sexuality and politics.
    • These serve a duplicitous ideological function in the manner of advertising slogans.
    • I used to spend idle spite-time imagining new slogans for its advertising campaigns.
    • Two of America's most famous stores briefly banned products with the iconic slogan, and the advertising watchdog in the UK was flooded with complaints.
    • In the advertising world, slogans remain an important tool to capture the attention of the people and hook them to become your customers.
    • We are so preoccupied with the concept of milk as it is so fresh and so clean, with its wonderful advertising and catchy slogans.
    • Lager has been the subject of many great advertising slogans.
    • Discussion and argumentation are displaced by catchy phrases and slogans, produced according to the practices of the advertising business.
    • It is all very well to have these slogans and catch phrases, but if they do not produce or mean anything, then why have them?
    • I think there's a popular advertising slogan which can be invoked here.
    • We have just saved millions on a new advertising campaign and slogan.
    • The mind boggles at all the other sartorial possibilities - and the associated advertising slogans.
    • Then I copied the logos and trademarked slogans of the printer manufacturers and started composing my own colorful work.
    • Your name, logo, slogan, even the location you choose and your pricing structure depend on the brand you are trying to create.
    • A clever slogan to sell vats of hair dye a few seasons back, but does it stand up as social analysis?
    • No one builds a jingle or a slogan or even a brand identity using web advertising.
    • The slogan follows for a well-known brand of vodka.