Translation of sloppy in Spanish:


descuidado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈslɑpi/ /ˈslɒpi/

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adjective sloppier, sloppiest

  • 1

    (manners/work) descuidado
    (presentation) descuidado
    (presentation) desprolijo Southern Cone
    (English/research) pobre
    he's such a sloppy dresser viste tan mal
    • It's true that people get signed on the strength of some pretty ropey demos but you have to think about why you would want to expend the effort of being in a band and then showcase your sound in such a sloppy careless way.
    • There is no reason for the government to shape policies to protect companies that are inherently weak, or are sloppy and careless.
    • Meticulous on the one hand, but unbelievably sloppy and careless on the other.
    • Sure, there are some plot issues and short-cuts that have to be avoided, but these are not the result of sloppy film-making or careless consideration for the audience.
    • It takes 50 or 100 rounds before you really start to improve, but after 200 rounds it's easy to get sloppy and careless.
    • The group responsible for evaluation and safety insisted that the other group was too quick, careless and sloppy in their safety review procedures.
    • Then it uses sloppy arguments to defend their act, and they even repeat it.
    • The point here is to challenge the media's effort to turn Judge Jones into something he's not in order to defend a biased and sloppy ruling.
    • Holding onto profits might lead to excessive executive compensation, sloppy management, and unproductive use of assets.
    • I'll stick with my sloppy couldn't care-less style thank you very much.
    • I want to begin by apologizing for all of the grammatical errors, slapdash reasoning, and sloppy writing in my recent posts.
    • They're right to worry: the system is haphazard and sloppy.
    • And neither do you, thanks to sloppy reporting and slapdash conclusions.
    • Despite what you may think, that kind of sloppy unprofessionalism doesn't add to the cutting edge breaking news image.
    • The environment is gradually being ruined by sloppy and haphazard planning.
    • She has a recurring dream, she confides, in which she is a sloppy and unprofessional actress.
    • Don't send a resume and cover letter that has misspellings, poor grammar or looks sloppy and unprofessional.
    • It's so unprofessional to have a sloppy list, so write another one, okay?
    • Either way, it's entertaining, even though Blumenthal is sometimes sloppy with his facts.
    • There are too many amateurs out there writing sloppy code.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (kiss) baboso
      • I like to have my tears jerked as much as the next sloppy sentimentalist.
      • In a culture as sloppy with sentiment and theologically illiterate as ours, it's a dangerous thing to spend much time speculating about.
      • I was going to write about a couple of more films tonight, but I'm fading fast and my prose is getting a little sloppy and sentimental.
      • Here is architecture, rather than sloppy sentimentality or crass commercialism.
      • If the love of God were as sloppy and sentimental and subjective as our own, we could never count on him to be consistent in anything.
      • I know this must sound sloppy or romantic, but put yourself in my shoes, you would feel the same.
      • A society run on love alone is decadent and sloppy.

    • 2.2 informal (sentimental)

      (film) sensiblero
      (film) sentimentaloide