Translation of smart in Spanish:


elegante, adj.

Pronunciation /smɑrt/ /smɑːt/

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adjective smarter, smartest

  • 1

    • 1.1(neat, stylish)

      (appearance/dress/shoes) elegante
      you're looking very smart today hoy estás muy elegante
      • they have a really smart house tienen una casa muy bien puesta
      • his room looks very smart su habitación está muy bien (arreglada)
      • Bacon's not-quite-leading-male good looks are complemented with nondescript, reasonably smart clothes and a neat haircut.
      • There came to the door, very late one evening a very shy, middle-aged man, very neat, smart suit, shirt and tie - he had just been thrown out of the family home where enough had been enough.
      • The female who turns up wearing neat, smart clothing with well-groomed hair, fingernails and make-up?
      • Attractive women in smart hats are not uncommon in Harrogate, but one has been singled out for special attention.
      • In smart suit, immaculate blue shirt and plainish tie, Kinski attempts to demystify the complexities of the post-privatisation utility businesses.
      • Phillips dressed in smart clothes and passed himself off as an club official: perhaps it's time to introduce dress-down Saturdays for our bufties, to prevent any repeat.
      • He said typical bogus callers were aged 25 to 40, could be male or female, wore a uniform, overalls, a yellow reflective jacket or smart clothes.
      • During the summer, drivers can wear a plain blue or white polo shirt and smart trousers and shoes, but not shorts or trainers.
      • The girls in evening dresses looked glamorous and the men wore smart clothes with a cutting edge.
      • I looked up to find her holding a pair of pale blue jeans and a smart button down top.
      • Their lovely home and Florence's smart clothes might be showing you the benefits of paying attention to this quality in yourself now.
      • ‘Nice outfit,’ Paul said, dressed in an equally smart suit in comparison to the scruffy clothes Kenny and Matt had thrown on.
      • She wears smart clothes and carries herself with dignity.
      • I'm old-fashioned about ‘going to the bank’, clinging to the feeling that it's a posh outing, needing smart clothes.
      • I guess I have to wear smart clothes, either way.
      • Now I want to just think and write something in my head but now we have commitments, actions requiring smart clothes and small-talk.
      • I probably just about have enough t-shirts, shorts and the like but I need warm weather smart clothes.
      • His smart suit, beautifully groomed long hair and supreme confidence symbolized the vital reclamation of a lost life.
      • Six months ago I put on a shirt and tie, smart trousers and shoes and I was best man at his wedding when he remarried his ex-wife.
      • Many found ways of enriching themselves, parading themselves in their own vehicles and parading their wives in smart clothes, who in turn paraded their poodles or other treasures.
      • The man is described as being of smart appearance, 5ft 11 in, of slim to medium build, with short, brown hair brushed forward.
      • But the burglars have often been described as in their late teens or early 20s, of smart appearance and well spoken with a local accent.
      • Charlotte de Rosnay - who lived near Miss Dando - said the man's overall appearance was smart.
      • I had learned his smart appearance was not simply a façade.
      • He was an octogenarian with a smart appearance, an upright stance, and a military looking moustache.
      • Spit and polish did more than produce a smart appearance: it helped inculcate a corporate spirit.
      • He was making sure that if all else failed he would be smart in appearance with a pair of black polished shoes.
      • A very smart bunch who appeared to take great delight in posing and trotting about the place.
      • Its not all about smart suited execs, bright young techies, missions statements and working breakfasts with the international blogerati in Kensington.
      • And being on time, having a positive outlook and a smart appearance help to make a good first impression.
      • But this man was the real thing: well-spoken, briefcase, smart dresser.
      • They considered themselves to be smart and fashionable.
      • Feathering should be trimmed every few months, both to give the dog a smart appearance and to repel the grime that seems to accumulate there.
      • The new car has the appeal of fresh looks and a smart interior.
      • The local pub has just won Fuller's Pub of the Year competition, for the quality of its ales, smart appearance, ambient atmosphere and good food.
      • John Lewis has a good selection of styles in basic colours, as well as red, smart sagey greens, all shades of brown and even a wacky violet.
      • The bridge has survived flooding, and was repainted in smart Kendal green in the year 2000.
      • The racecourse's smart, modern appearance, location in the middle of the Downs and the glamour associated with horse racing are thought to be the main attractions.
      • But there is much more to it than a lovely fresh ringtone or smart wallpaper.
      • The mere fact that polish is applied to boots and shoes for the purpose of cleaning them and giving them a smart appearance seems to me to be quite irrelevant in this connection.
      • Near the Serpentine, he became aware of a smart green and yellow phaeton stopped ahead of him.
      • That summer, we visited Spain in a rather smart Volkswagen camper van I had bought with a small bequest from my Aunt Helen, thought Salamanca was heaven on earth and decided to live there.
      • He drove off in his smart van leaving me in a state of unease.
      • It is a smart green coloured train with Urdu lettering.
      • It was July 1959 when David's smart, green Daimler bus was crossing through traffic lights at Heaton Park's Grand Lodge.
      • So, slowly but surely, the Metrobus blue-and-yellow is dying out, and that horrible green Arriva thing will be replaced by a smart red.
      • The smallish dining room is smart and comfortable, and the service has personality, wit, and a refreshingly unforced charm.
      • Far from looking dull, the black and white combinations are sharp and smart and exude timeless elegance.

    • 1.2(chic)

      (hotel/neighborhood) elegante
      (hotel/neighborhood) fino
      • Ayrshire - the birthplace of our national bard and producer of possibly the best bacon in Scotland - is coming into its own as a startlingly smart place to live.
      • I have been to a very smart place called Century on Shaftesbury Ave.
      • You can have lots of ugly old photo frames, with masses of pics of yourself in smart places or with famous people.
      • Only a mile east of Glasgow's smart city centre streets, this - the third most deprived council ward in Scotland - might as well be on a different planet.
      • The style of the gate should match the house: a wicket gate would look out of place in a smart city setting, whereas antique wrought iron might lead to expectations that a cottage garden fails to meet.
      • This is a very nice and smart area of central Tokyo, rather like Knightsbridge: a wide leafy boulevard with lots of side streets and fashionable places to shop.
      • Dates with the girls took place in smart locations like Mediterranean resorts and even on a luxury yacht off the Côte D' Azur.
      • When built at the turn of the last century this was in a smart district of the city, but decay has set in.
      • After about half an hour tailing my taxi, we arrive in a smart area on the outskirts of Rhodes town itself, where modern hotels stand shoulder-to-shoulder facing a small but pleasant beach.
      • Our weekend cottage is situated in a quiet but rather smart village in the Derbyshire Peak District, somewhere between Ashbourne, Bakewell and Buxton.
      • Pulling out of Queen's Park, heading towards Maida Vale through the smart terraces, it was all very nice, until at the Harrow Road a big gang of bus enthusiasts came on.
      • Residents living in a smart area of Salisbury are preparing to do battle a second time to save two large detached family homes which are under threat of demolition.
      • The family moved to their present home in a smart district on the edge of the town about two-and-a-half years ago.
      • The man now regarded as one of the prime suspects in the alleged air terror plot moved into a smart area of Bahawalpur, in southern Punjab, just three months ago.
      • Interior of a smart City office, with an elderly businessman sitting at a large oak desk.
      • The menu is Scottish with French influences, while the decor and atmosphere are smart without being stuffy.
      • In 1982, he was a long way from Angola and his bush fighters, in a smart suburb of Rabat in Morocco.
      • The daughters of an insurance investigator, they lived in a smart area close to the cathedral.
      • Shocked residents have told of the mayhem brought to their smart suburb after a man was found shot dead.
      • Born in 1913 into a family of means and international connections, Helms grew up in smart suburbs of Philadelphia and New York.

  • 2

    (clever, shrewd)
    (businessman/child) listo
    (businessman/child) vivo
    (answer/comment) inteligente
    (answer/comment) agudo
    (trick) hábil
    she's made some very smart business moves ha hecho algunas operaciones muy inteligentes / acertadas
    • he's just a smart talker lo que tiene es mucha labia
    • he's a bit too smart if you ask me para mí se pasa de listo
    • He's really, really smart - intellectually curious, thoughtful, creative, you name it.
    • The sad part is that the present head and deputy head of the nation are by far the most intelligent and smart pair of leaders we have had for a long period of time.
    • I would just like to say that I think Owen's a very smart and intelligent kind of gentleman.
    • Now she's always been known to be intellectually smart, but that question was really stupid and ignorant!
    • If the newspaper publisher is smart, then the intelligent design ought to be continuously updated.
    • He lists his ideal mate as needing to be smart, intelligent, possessing a sense of humour and a well toned body.
    • This year smart hearts and intelligent emotions are essential survival tools.
    • I found Jason to be very smart and quick-witted.
    • Shelly was smart, intellectual, and quiet while Kenny, her total opposite, was loud, ridiculous, and hilarious.
    • It's one thing to be smart and quick-witted, but can you back it up?
    • He always seemed to be the first to get his reply in, quick-witted and clearly smart.
    • On top of that, he was grace with a very smart, intelligent, warm, caring, friendly brain.
    • A very smart and quick-witted comic, Wuhl always has tons of energy that holds the film together and keeps it moving.
    • Brilliant cop, very smart and intuitive, but at the same time he was a people's man.
    • I like being the smart, intelligent career woman who is respected by her peers.
    • They equate winning with intellect, rich with smart.
    • To execute our repertoire, dancers have to be more than good, smart, intelligent movers.
    • Once in a while, I get mail which makes me feel that the world is a very beautiful place full of smart intellectual beings.
    • My little brother Zack is smart, but not geeky smart, he's intelligent.
    • You were beautiful, intelligent, smart, sensitive, and a real friend!
  • 3

    • 3.1(brisk, prompt)

      (pace) rápido
      • We galloped out of Vals at a smart pace and made the 124 Km quite easily in the prescribed 2 1/2 hours.
      • In the first place, we must accept that the purely biographical narratives are compressed accounts: they are stories, and they are stories which march at a smart pace.
      • They were wondering why the PM shut the MP up quick smart when he said something similar to what they're thinking.
      • We reckon that the royal family should snap up some of the domain names quick smart.
      • Now that he has got his head in front, further successes may well follow and Richard Fahey's smart gelding is expected to complete a quick double.

    • 3.2(forceful)

      (blow/rap/tap) seco
      (blow/rap/tap) fuerte

  • 4

    (machine/terminal) inteligente
    (machine/terminal) domótico
    • Alexa is a smart computer system capable of hearing and responding to the human voice.
    • Just like in all the science fiction scenarios in which the machines take over and do all sort sorts of nasty things, a truly smart machine will be capable of being a truly evil machine.
    • Their suit accused gun makers of ignoring safety devices and smart gun technology that would prevent unauthorized shooters like Myles' killer.
    • For the moment, let's ignore three questions: Are we smart enough to program smart appliances?
    • Sales of film dropped 15 percent from last year because cameras have become smart devices.
    • So part of the electromagnetic spectrum could be opened up to anyone who uses smart devices.
    • But I do believe that the clock could be an essential part of a smart device's tech nonetheless.
    • The camera is smart enough to sense whether a picture is taken in a portrait or landscape orientation, and compensate with White Balance and other effects based on the orientation.
    • No, these are not science fiction, they're just some of the smart devices heading our way.
    • Like many smart devices, my phone has an alarm to tell me when the battery is low.
    • Other advantages of smart devices include power consumption monitoring and reporting.
    • ‘Modern alarm devices are so smart, they can even tell when they need to be cleaned,’ he continues.
    • It's a pathetically old technology, especially for an industry that prides itself on such ostensibly smart devices, and it has to go.
    • An exhaustive work on the subject of using Linux in embedded systems and smart devices certainly could occupy a lot more pages.
    • They can be combined with each other and with other applications and smart devices.
    • When the personal computer was introduced 20 years ago, few people foresaw the widespread proliferation of smart devices.
    • We know what's going on better than our enemies because of smart weapons and sensors.
    • The joke about a surgical strike with a smart missile has been around since the first Gulf war.
    • Embedded devices add levels of intelligence to their hosting computer or smart device, and are a common technology on telecom and data networks.
    • The third smart gun safety mechanism postulated is magnetic technology.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (eyes) escocer
    (eyes) picar
    (eyes) arder
    (wound) escocer
    (wound) arder Southern Cone
    the memory of her words still smarted sus palabras le seguían doliendo / lo seguían mortificando
    • A nervous-looking soldier had given her the wound, and she smarted at the pain it was causing her.
    • Tamara, still smarting with pain, just cried as Penelope walked out of the house in jealous rage and did not return.
    • Her eyes actually smarted with pain as she looked at it and Jade realized she had not felt the sun on her back for at least three days.
    • The light scent didn't smart or sting and was, as he put it ‘redolent of old money!’
    • While still smarting from the body blows, Mnisi appeared to be cautious while Dintsi suddenly burst into action with his jab and controlling the round.
    • At any rate, here you are, sitting in your room, wounds smarting from the rejection.
    • Wexford come to the field still smarting from the deep scratches inflicted by the Cats.
    • My knees ached from sitting and my eyes smarted from staring at the screen.
    • He rubbed his elbow, which smarted from breaking his fall.
    • My eyes are more than prickling now, they're smarting, and tears are rolling down my cheeks.
    • Though the hot wax smarted, it didn't hurt as bad as Randy would have thought.
    • Okay, maybe this doesn't qualify as a safety hazard, but darnit it smarts when it gets into your eyes.
    • My tootsies are smarting like you wouldn't believe.
    • Makes the skin of your face tingle and smart like it's been slapped.
  • 2

    (be distressed)
    to smart from sth resentirse de algo
    to smart under sth
    • The Audit Commission has extended an olive branch to the Council chiefs who are still smarting after the authority was branded ‘weak.’
    • Clarets chief Cotterill was smarting after seeing referee Colin Webster ignore his side's appeals for two late spot kicks after Ian Moore had already missed a late penalty.
    • This was on top of the fact that at that time he was smarting from various other frustrations with Singapore and perhaps some of the other ASEAN members.
    • When he went to register the theft, four other tourists were already in line ahead of him, smarting over similar humiliation.
    • In 1996, Kentucky was smarting from the sting of its regional final collapse against North Carolina the previous season.
    • He is still clearly smarting from the wounds from this film.
    • It was salt in the wounds of a Fianna Fáil party smarting from a grass roots rebellion in the European and local elections.
    • When she's being patient and honest, you want to cheer; when she says she's been hurt, it smarts.
    • Campaigners still smarting from ‘the bruises’ of wrangles with education officials four years ago advised parents of children who have been declined places from their primary school.
    • Still smarting from the terrible interruption to their plans by those cunning security measures in airports - what wily geniuses the enemy are to have thought of making the check-in staff ask such questions!
    • Residents in Croydon, still smarting from a 27 per cent increase in this year's council tax, say an extra £20 a year until the 2012 games takes the biscuit.
    • Chen's removal, under such circumstances, would amount to a kind of legalized coup by the Kuomintang, which is still smarting from its historic loss of the presidency in the March election.
    • Reed is still smarting with his side's defence after they conceded four goals in the first 20 minutes of their 5-1 FA Cup first round defeat at Farnborough.
    • Shelbourne were still smarting from a penalty decision that went against them within fifteen seconds of the start of the second half and trailed 1-2 at the time.
    • Second-rower Nathan Sharpe, smarting from the Wellington defeat when he was captain, had a stormer but, worryingly, finished the game with a shoulder injury.
    • And he expressed no fear about going up against a Democratic opposition, still smarting from election losses and gearing up to fight him every step of the way.
    • Even the action groups, who are still smarting from failing to win a single board seat and Treves's dogged refusal to co-opt any of them on to the board, wholeheartedly support his chairmanship.
    • Ireland are certain to be given a robust challenge by a team still smarting from the disappointment of conceding three goals to Netherlands in the last seven minutes of their tie on Saturday.
    • I was smarting from the realisation that nothing was every going to happen between me and my friend, and I couldn't focus enough to be involved with someone else, even someone as kind as the waiter.