Translation of snooker in Spanish:


snooker, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsnʊkər/ /ˈsnuːkə/

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  • 1

    (modalidad de billar que se juega con 15 bolas rojas y 6 de otro color) snooker masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    interponer una bola en la línea de tiro del contrincante
    • On his first visit Tony cleared the rest of his spots but snookered himself on the black.
    • Unfortunately, having potted his first (and only ball as it turned out to be) Richard snookered himself.
    • But the initiative was handed back to him after Dott snookered himself on the brown after potting the green and he was able to nick the frame.
    • He led 53-8 with two reds left in the 16th frame but snookered himself on the second last red.
    • Despite accidentally sinking the white ball and then being craftily snookered by Mac, he played his way out of most problems including a spectacular bank-shot sinking his red stripe into a centre pocket.
  • 2British informal

    (put in awkward position)
    poner en un jaque
    poner en un brete
    poner en un apuro
    we've missed the train, now we're really snookered hemos perdido el tren, ahora sí que estamos arreglados
    • The Americans were snookered by their own arrogant assumption that they were dealing with an enemy who could only copy, badly, the wartime devices of the day.
    • California has snookered itself, thinking it's defeated politics as usual.
    • I was pretty apprehensive prior to the ride, as I was aware that it was pretty early in the season and my attempts to get a solid training ride or two into my legs had been snookered by various mechanicals and the consequences thereof.
    • They got that briefing yesterday and moved fast to avoid being snookered by the Government, proposing and today supporting legislation to ban the two organisations.
    • The government has snookered itself with austerity measures that leave very little political capital to win the next election.
    • Sure, show the kids that the parents don't mean what they say and can be snookered into taking back a punishment.
    • Apparently you are being snookered into making offers.
    • Ironically, even the author of the famed phrase ‘irrational exuberance’ was snookered into believing that the old laws of economics had somehow been repealed.
    • They just can't avoid being manipulated, tricked, conned, used, snookered, bamboozled, hoodwinked, rum amok and conned by men.
    • Once again, I'd been snookered by the Literacy Lady.
    • Normally, I'm sympathetic to investors who get snookered by the volatility and outright lies that drive so many small-cap stocks.
    • Billy had been snookered by them a couple of times.
    • Realizing he has been snookered, Esau goes on the warpath and hunts down Jacob.
    • Here, in the coming days, the Americans are in danger of being seriously snookered.
    • Was the press snookered by all this official reassurance, and maybe is just now waking up to reality?
    • Farmers are also realizing governments and industry have snookered them.
    • Read his concurrence before suggesting he was snookered, sold-out, or whatever else you want to read into his vote.
    • It is a scenario where politicians couldn't even promise results as labour law snookered workers dogged by bad, bad luck after a life-time commitment to an industry that simply moved from Athy.
    • The US was snookered by these expatriates, all right.
    • Of course, you could try to snooker a bummed owner into trading one of them to you - that, we encourage.