Translation of snub in Spanish:


desairar, v.

Pronunciation /snəb/ /snʌb/

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transitive verb snubbing, snubbed, snubbed

  • 1

    (person) desairar
    (person) (by looking the other way) voltearle la cara a
    (person) (by looking the other way) volverle la cara a Spain
    (person) (by looking the other way) darle vuelta la cara a Southern Cone
    they felt snubbed se sintieron desairados
    • I tried to talk to her and she snubbed me le quise hablar y me volteó la cara
    • He cannot in any real sense be snubbed, ignored, or ridiculed.
    • I am not suggesting that any information you provide to forces of that nature will be snubbed and ignored, but if you are not happy with the response what would your action be to pursue it?
    • The new Greens, he adds, belong to a younger generation and several have already proven their mettle by snubbing standing invitations to join the provincial Liberals.
    • The Government has consistently snubbed his requests for an official inquiry into the affair.
    • The occupation authorities have urged them to surrender their arms voluntarily, but reportedly many have snubbed the request.
    • Residents spoke out in 2000 after years of being snubbed and claimed the area was being ignored by the country's leaders.
    • The first time they won parliament seats, they snubbed traditional politics and rotated different members of the party through those seats.
    • But its request, submitted 18 months ago, was snubbed by the Royal Mail.
    • He insulted me, snubbed me… even broke the truce he offered!
    • It is an insult to the primary producers of this region to be snubbed by any Minister, let alone one who supposedly represents their industry.
    • Though he talks about his various capacities, he snubs any attempts to talk about these in relation to his daughter.
    • That's not snubbing Scotland, but I just want to concentrate on playing in the Premiership.
    • The changes come as young people in Manchester are snubbing a national trend, which has seen the number of worshippers in the UK drop by 100,000 in the two years 2000-2002.
    • Seven months after its long-awaited completion, drivers are snubbing the Manchester and Salford inner relief route and preferring to wait in jams on busy through-route Deansgate.
    • There was some sort of confusion, but he said that they were not snubbing the committee and in fact they planned to reach out to the intelligence committee and all of the various committees.
    • The government denied the logging ban was an election stunt and said the state's conservationists had failed a test of their credibility by snubbing efforts to save the forest.
    • It can't happen: something always goes wrong - and it's all the more likely if you have mortally offended one of your guests by snubbing his hairdressing skills.
    • Conservatives challenge reformers, the government and opposition quarrel but agree on snubbing outsiders when the latter call for reform.
    • For the next several weeks, Grandma refused to speak to Mother, openly snubbing her not only in public but in her own backyard as well.
    • Anger has spilled into claims of intimidation and media manipulation, with once-friendly neighbours snubbing each other in the street.
  • 2

    (proposal/plan/offer) desdeñar
    (proposal/plan/offer) rechazar


  • 1

    desaire masculine


  • 1

    (nose) respingón
    (nose) respingado Latin America
    • The Himalayan's broad head, tiny ears, full cheeks, large, round eyes and short, snub nose conspire to produce a sweet but extreme expression that few people can resist.
    • She's either not made up or has applied very subtle cosmetics to her high forehead and cute snub nose.
    • One member species, Rhinopithecus roxellana, is widely known as golden monkey or snub-nosed monkey for its shining golden coat and funny snub nose.
    • Her little sister had their father's snub nose, and his slightly wavier hair.
    • This one was shorter, with curly black hair and an Irish snub nose.
    • The poor girl must have been only thirteen, with short brown hair, a snub nose and the pointed ears of an elf.
    • He had close-set gray eyes, a snub nose, and a smiling mouth, framed by short blond hair.
    • Her hair had a pageboy cut, and her snub nose was sprinkled with a small amount of freckles that gave Manda an impression that the woman could also be girlish in nature despite her age.
    • She has a snub nose and hair that once was golden.
    • The plate in the field guide shows a strange, golden-brown animal with a prehensile tail, hook-like claws and a funny snub nose.
    • She didn't approach the door but paced the hall, her snub nose wrinkled at the sour smell of urine and smoke.
    • She has a snub nose and hair that once was golden.