There are 2 main translations of snug in Spanish

: snug1snug2


cómodo y acogedor, adj.

Pronunciation /snəɡ/ /snʌɡ/

See Spanish definition of ceñido


  • 1

    (cozy, comfortable)
    (room/cottage) cómodo y acogedor
    she felt very snug by the fire se sentía muy a gusto junto al fuego
    • he was snug and warm in bed estaba cómodo y calentito en la cama
    • Jake's soft against me, pulled up, and I've leant my head against his chest and his arm's round me and it's comfortable and snug and warm, and nice.
    • They all made themselves comfortable inside their snug and warm sleeping bags.
    • Still, once a fire is crackling, it is a warm, snug shelter.
    • She usually didn't mind the cold but today she felt like being snug and warm.
    • It was cold out there, but underneath the blanket she was snug and warm.
    • She felt like staying in bed a while longer, snug under the warm blankets, but her stomach would not let her, any more than her curiosity.
    • Wood and stained glass partitions help to give it that warm, intimate feel, with a particularly nice snug area near the door.
    • The warm, comfortable bed that has kept you snug throughout the night just seems to be begging you to stay.
    • Most of them have balconies, too, and on a clear night you will be zipping back and forth between the stupendous sight of the Matterhorn and the snug reassurance of your fireplace.
    • In inclement weather, it feels particularly snug pausing in the lounge with a book, or looking out to the turbulent sea through its large windows.
    • It was into this relaxing and snug atmosphere that I sank back into a comfortable bench seat and partook of a spot of lunch.
    • He is known for braving snow and rain to produce his work, but tiring of the recent bad weather he is also looking for some snug vantage points.
    • They share a snug house, with friends nearby and neighbors who look out for them.
    • Blue orchard bees typically stay on the job despite weather that sends other bees buzzing back to their snug hives.
    • On the second floor, curved ceilings impart a snug, protected feeling to the bedrooms.
    • Despite their humble circumstances and cramped flat, the Drakes have a snug, welcoming household.
    • The children are welcomed aboard with hot spiced wine; the cabins are snug and luxurious, with much ornamentation.
    • Muffle yourselves in your snug blankets or sit by your cosy fireside.
    • Castle Mountain Resort, set in a snug valley in the southern Rockies west of Pincher Creek, is where expert skiers and snowboarders should head for the goods in Wild Rose Country.
    • But for now we drift off, snug in our bed.
  • 2

    the jacket was a snug fit la chaqueta le (or me etc.) ceñía muy bien
    • the joints must be snug las uniones / ensambladuras deben ajustar perfectamente
    • She is a tall and slim model-like blond with blue eyes and wrapped in a snug coat with some black pants and tennis shoes also.
    • The fit should be snug but not confining - remember, they'll stretch a bit with use.
    • The fit is quite snug, and I don't think this will be detrimental in performance.
    • They are sized a bit large so go with a smaller size for a snug fit.
    • The final fit should be snug enough so that the helmet doesn't shift front to back or side to side.
    • Elbow pads need to stay put when you slide, too, so be sure they have sturdy straps and a snug fit.
    • Cut each piece of insulation an inch or two longer than needed, to assure a snug fit.
    • Like the original the door has a sliding piece and this clips into the rear of the aircraft to ensure a snug fit.
    • He was wearing a pair of very snug jeans and blue shirt, which brought out his dark blue eyes.
    • A black leather belt was snug around my waist.
    • The overall fit is very snug, but you can wiggle your toes.
    • If they're too snug, the waistband will curl over the belt.
    • He was wearing a black t-shirt that he tucked into his snug blue jeans.
    • Oddly today he wore a loose black button-up shirt and somewhat snug black jeans.
    • The jeans were not too snug and not too large either.
    • I'm five-eleven and on the slim side, so I generally end up with jackets that are snug but too short in the sleeves.
    • In seconds the angle of the arms had been adjusted to a snug but comfortable fit.
    • Offer them snug and stylish wetsuits to keep out the cold.
    • Have the child wear sleeves that are snug at the wrist, mittens (they are warmer than gloves) and water-resistant coats and shoes.
    • They should be snug, not allowing a lot of foot movement inside.

There are 2 main translations of snug in Spanish

: snug1snug2



  • 1

    sala pequeña en un pub o en una casa particular (bar)
    • The main bar greets you and you can enjoy your drink down by the fireplace or in one of its comfortable snugs.
    • It's such an unusual shape, with nooks and crannies and little attic bedrooms here and little snugs there.
    • We pass on, pausing only a couple of times for me to bump my head on bits of metal protruding from various ladders, down into a room that looks like the snug of a golf-club bar.
    • Open fires, stained-glass and prints of old Paisley are nice talking points, but perhaps the most idiosyncratic features are the three snugs at the pub's rear.
    • I arrive early, since the Crown offers the eager and initiated a unique and wonderful reward: snugs.
    • That provincial England closed at nightfall, save for two bingo halls and some old boys playing dominoes in the snug.
    • It lacked Tarana's homely gaggle of locals, but made up for it by having a 4ft kangaroo lounging decadently in front of the fire in the snug.
    • He sounds rather more ignorant and ill-informed than the average bloke in the snug; distressing.
    • There is even a cozy snug for after-dinner drinks and chocolates, complete with board games and an open fire.
    • Under the provisional plans, the wall separating the bar and the snug would be knocked down.
    • Its stone walls, large fireplace, old snugs and nautical artefacts give it a rare character, and there is live music every night.
    • Why, was it only 20 years ago that we held our first, humble get-together in the snug of the Cat & Hacksaw in Sturminster Parva?
    • He expelled a spray of fine white foam which almost extinguished the great log fire in the corner of the snug.
    • With all new seating installed in the snugs and a beautiful dark oak bar centrally located, you are now served more quickly, with the bar facilities on both sides of the house.
    • When eyes meet and glasses clatter, ‘Cheers’ rings out around the wooden snugs like it has done many times before.
    • Everything feels solid and looks attractive while various snugs and plenty of seats ensures a level of privacy when the music isn't playing.
    • It now benefits from a total revamp which has given the pub a greater feeling of space, yet you can still have a quiet drink in its many snugs.
    • It was an open-plan design before this renovation with snugs on one side and the shop on the other.
    • It's all too easy to settle into one of the vaulted snugs and get happily drunk to talk of political intrigue.
    • Famed for its cosy snugs and hearty bar food its antiquated interior creates an atmosphere that some modern bars will never recreate.