Traducción de soar en español:


volar alto, v.

Pronunciación /sɔr/ /sɔː/

Ver definición en español de galopante

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(fly)

      (bird) volar alto
      (glider) planear
      • The Greek fans oohed as it soared through the air, then roared when it was caught.
      • In the distance, beyond a shallow bend, a football soared into the air.
      • She hoped that his heart soared into the starry sky beside hers.
      • I watched a plane with blinking red and blue lights soar out into the dark sky.
      • Each male sweeps round in a wide circle before suddenly soaring upwards.
      • We run across the rooftop hand in hand and then soar into the air.
      • He hovered in midair for a moment, then soared upward, flying through the air.
      • As I put it, the violin emerges from the orchestral fabric and soars into the stratosphere.
      • Nevertheless, persistence paid off, and man was finally able to soar aloft with improved gliding equipment.
      • Sucking in a deep breath, I flapped my wings and soared into the sky.
      • A shopkeeper in Anmin said the smoke soared to the height of a factory smokestack but receded after about 10 minutes.
      • By the time I ran outside he had spread his wings and soared into the sky gripping the pigeon with his talons.
      • I also believe that the Phoenix will rise from the flames and soar to new heights.
      • Even though the lance was small, his own power allowed him to soar upwards quickly, the ground rapidly growing farther and farther away.
      • The 25-year-old was untouchable as she soared to her winning height of 2.06m at the first attempt.
      • Then it suddenly soared above the branch to hover triumphantly high.
      • Then we soared 170 metres above Lucern on a tethered, hot-air, balloon.
      • For soaring high above the earth, a man is finally set free, breaking all bonds.
      • Above, the ridge soars up in a dramatic, turreted crest.
      • As we talk, a high-bouncing trampolinist periodically soars to window-level view from the piazza below.

    • 1.2(rise)

      (bird/kite) elevarse
      (bird/kite) remontarse
      (bird/kite) remontar el vuelo
      (prices/costs) dispararse
      (hopes) aumentar
      (hopes) renacer
      (popularity) aumentar
      their spirits soared se les levantó el ánimo
      • Opium production has soared to record levels, and farmers continue to be reluctant to plant crops that pay buttons by comparison.
      • I scrabbled around in my bag, my panic levels soaring.
      • Prices have nearly doubled in the past year, soaring to their highest levels since 1988.
      • As temperatures across the country soared towards record levels, the industry was predicting one of the best seasons for years.
      • Because ground temperatures soar up to 128 degrees Fahrenheit, the birds can die on their nests.
      • One estate agent says some areas have seen prices soar by 25 per cent in three months.
      • His popularity soared so high, he became the greatest ambassador the game has ever known.
      • After all, hardware gets faster, storage gets bigger, and profits soar higher.
      • But doctors have ordered him to rest and told him to contact them straight away if his temperature soars again.
      • Delhi's summer is getting prolonged and temperatures are soaring to new levels for extended periods.
      • Oil prices are soaring once again, so that's an issue.
      • If growth stocks soar once again, these funds should, too.
      • Despite the challenges, success rates have soared in recent years.
      • Our twin deficits are soaring to new records.
      • As unemployment soared nearly half the population were driven below the official poverty line.
      • The number of people infected with the HIV virus has also soared in recent years.
      • For 10 straight days, they've soared to 109 degrees or higher.
      • But by lunchtime the temperature had soared to 102 degrees and I almost fainted among the ruins.
      • Store rents are also rising as sales soar in ritzy shopping districts.
      • Costs will soar, power and communication lines could be down for months and accommodation will be hard to find.

    • 1.3(tower)

      (skyscraper/mountain) alzarse
      (skyscraper/mountain) elevarse
      (skyscraper/mountain) erguirse literario
      the building soars above downtown Chicago el edificio se alza sobre el centro de Chicago

  • 2soaring present participle

    (inflation) galopante
    (inflation) de ritmo vertiginoso
    (popularity) en alza
    a soaring dollar un dólar en alza
    • caused by soar temperatures causado por una subida vertiginosa de las temperaturas
    • the soaring flight of the eagle el planeo del águila