Translation of sober in Spanish:


sobrio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsoʊbər/ /ˈsəʊbə/

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  • 1

    (not drunk)
    I am perfectly sober estoy perfectamente sobrio / despejado
    • we'll talk about it when you're sober lo hablaremos cuando estés sobrio / cuando se te haya pasado la borrachera / cuando te hayas despejado
    • Drunk or sober, he was driven by a manic energy and impatience that made him a difficult friend and an almost impossible husband and father.
    • I got my bearings reasonably quickly, though, despite spending more time drunk than sober in the city centre.
    • Trust me, I've been around a few drunks and being sober and standing there trying to understand what they are saying is hard enough.
    • It's like watching a sober guy walk his drunk friend home; just one stumble and they both hit the sidewalk.
    • Detectives said she had consumed only a small amount of alcohol and had been sober at the end of the evening.
    • I laid in bed last night, totally sober, praying for alcohol to fall out of the sky and into my mouth.
    • I'm worryingly sober, despite a rather copious amount of alcohol consumed.
    • People recognize me more when they're drunk than when they're sober.
    • He turned out to be an abusive drunk that couldn't apologize once sober (the abuse was only verbal).
    • Two, Sadie's a drunk and not a very good singer, sober or otherwise.
    • He emphasised that anyone who is knowingly drunk is not served but anyone who is sober is entitled to purchase alcohol regardless of his or her appearance or demeanour.
    • It was a pretty good night, even if, towards the end, I (being one of the more sober people there) had to nurse a few people who had drunk a little more than they should have.
    • I didn't even care that I had to stay sober to drive.
    • He wouldn't have asked even if she had been completely sober.
    • If you didn't know me, you'd think I was completely sober.
    • Much alcohol was consumed, yet I have a ridiculously high alcohol tolerance so remained very sober.
    • When sober, the man was one of the finest actors in the world.
    • The rhythm is perfect for drunk morons who can't dance even when sober.
    • You must be relatively sober or they'll discount the act as drunken foolishness.
    • The tour was fascinating for those of us that remained sober enough to care.
  • 2

    • 2.1(serious, grave)

      (expression) grave
      (young man) serio
      (young man) formal
      (occasion) formal
      • The coverage was serious, it was sober, it was comprehensive, and the press really seemed in tune with the surge of patriotism in the country.
      • Instead, such a point should be one for sober and serious analysis of how we can address some of our key weaknesses and lay the foundations for future growth.
      • Their manifesto is sensible and sober, identifying issues that concern real people…
      • Policies have to be reformulated and alliances rebuilt in a serious, transparent and sober manner.
      • She's very serious and very sober and as an actor she has a lot of technique and understanding of what's she doing.
      • Only that kind of serious, sober, independent reporting can give the public the insights into American business it now knows it needs to learn.
      • This resolution is sensible, it is sober, it is realistic.
      • With slow tempos predominating, they are sober, even solemn works, but hardly funereal, and never monotonous.
      • I know this chapter was more serious and sober… but I still hope it was okay!
      • Sunday mornings were solemn, and worship, although often grand and glorious, was also serious and sober.
      • That brought everyone back into a serious and sober mood.
      • As long as they had known Ian, they had seen him cheerful and smiling - perhaps quiet or sober during serious moments, but always ready with a smile.
      • His expression was perfectly sober, and he didn't sound anything but serious.
      • They provide a careful, sober assessment of the biological story in all its complexity.
      • In recent years, a series of very sober and real statistics have surfaced.
      • Thanks for your sober and clearheaded assessment of the situation and its significance.
      • If we are true to the principle that the measure of a democracy is the depth and scope of participation enjoyed by its citizens, then celebration needs to be tempered by sober reflection.
      • Anyone undertaking a sober assessment of our drug and alcohol laws would conclude that they are thoroughly inconsistent.
      • These positive emotions are not at all out of place, but need to be tempered by the sober realization that the potential for injury is ever present.
      • For this he needs courage above all, and a sober, clearheaded approach to sport, to his own fame and that of others.

    • 2.2(rational, moderate)

      (attitude/view) sobrio
      (attitude/view) sensato
      the sober facts los hechos tal cual son

    • 2.3(subdued)

      (dress/colors/decor) sobrio
      • Trouser suits and sober colours probably describe me best.
      • Kennedy, dressed in a sober grey suit, blushed as the press urged him to kiss his wife on the lips.
      • ‘I think I look a bit silly,’ he said as he surveyed the more sober colours surrounding the entrance to the County Stand.
      • The classroom, painted in its sober colours of beige and black, is half-full.
      • He's dressed in a dark three-piece suit and a sober tie.
      • I'm later struck by how she's wearing bright red and green outfits in the cabinet photos on the wall downstairs when all the boys are in sober suits.
      • Others marked the occasion with sober suits and black ties.
      • Mostly they wear sober suits but on special occasions can be seen in fancy dress.
      • The sober dark suits and flowing robes of 34 ministers and their minders have long since left for the airport.
      • The uniforms may have been replaced by sober suits, but the buzzcuts and the brightly polished shoes remained.
      • Who can resist a peek at the salaciousness seething behind the sober suits and marble halls of American government?
      • We go into meetings and there's me in a sober business suit, and Sarah, apologising for her outrageous T-shirt.
      • A sober brick building, unpretentious in scale and design, lies modestly low among lawns at the end of a road with playing fields on either side.
      • By adopting the sober, plain attire of the butterfly's closest relative, the former world number one was a man transformed.
      • In a sober dark trouser suit and sensible walking shoes, she ticks the names off the electoral list on her clipboard.
      • Fabrics embellished with elegant cuts, graceful falls and rich hues to gracious and sober tones are those best suited for the special occasions.
      • As other women are pulling on their veils she walks past us in a plain black headscarf and a sober dark ensemble.
      • The nominee was in a sober suit with the expected white shirt and red tie.
      • Observing the industrious lads is a 50-ish man in a sober wool suit.
      • Mostly they wear sober suits but on special occasions can be seen in fancy dress.