Translation of social in Spanish:


social, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsoʊʃəl/ /ˈsəʊʃ(ə)l/

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    • 1.1(relating to human society)

      (change/reform/unrest) social
      • We should follow his example to meet our needs and social obligations.
      • Yesterday dozens of people attended a street party in Avebury Road, specially designed to break down social barriers.
      • He was also the founder of a number of educational and social organizations.
      • To a certain degree, this can dilute the urge to protest in real life and is therefore useful for social stability.
      • The earliest Bulgarian American political organizations grew out of social need.
      • Architecture has always been a mirror to the social structure of a society.
      • A portion of the money raised will be donated to various civil rights and social organizations.
      • Science as a social endeavor is seen as a collective project for the improvement of social structures.
      • Indeed, the rural exodus changed the social structure of the rural population in the South irrevocably.
      • Very few organizations have completely homogeneous social structures.
      • For centuries, marriage has been a basic element of social organization in societies around the world.
      • The aim is to raise standards in areas with social problems and therefore improve the average across the county.
      • Policymakers are increasingly worried about social fragmentation within local communities.
      • Drawing on the support and resources of the community, known as social capital, is a common theme in these enterprises.
      • His diaries indicated he is aware of the social crises in his community and does something about them.
      • Binge drinking can cause significant health problems for young people and it is now clear it is a major social problem in our communities.
      • We have stated that we support business as long as it retains an ethical outlook with a concern for social responsibility and the community.
      • Devotees believe that, if enough people meditate in a community, social tensions ease and crime rates fall.
      • The Government has a key role to play in helping individuals and communities deal with the social effects of change.
      • Let them hear from you with your ideas on how social and community problems can be tackled.

    • 1.2(relating to rank, status)

      (class/status) social
      among social equals entre gente de su misma clase (social)
      • a social climber un arribista
      • social elite élite
      • There is no distinction of class, wealth or social status made during the exercise, and all are treated as equal.
      • The rank and social standing of the subjects of portraiture are also expressed by conventions, which shift with time.
      • For centuries, spouse selection was subject to family status and social standing.
      • Class was defined as the individual's social status based partly on economic factors.
      • With this success has come lots of positions in government, and a new social status for election winners within the party.
      • That was when the presence of imported equipment in the house spelt social status and turned the neighbours green with envy.
      • ‘Women are not marrying for social status or financial security any more,’ he said.
      • Statistically, females tend to marry men with a higher social status.
      • Money, social status, talent, opportunity and chance all define the contours of our inequality.
      • Unlike the hereditary peerages of old, knighthoods are not bestowed according to birth or social status.
      • You should feel proud of yourself for not being shallow and liking someone for social status or looks.
      • She said the amount of disposable income people had to spend on fruit and vegetables was related to social status.
      • Furthermore, clocks were a symbol of wealth and social status at that time.
      • It seems that our perceptions of beauty are determined largely by our perceptions of social status.
      • My social status among my friends rocketed as I was the only one with my own television.
      • His elevated social status allowed him to speak out on issues in exactly the way that he saw fit, no matter what the consequences.
      • Previously batik's motifs and colors indicated the social status of the users.
      • Annapolis had a large number of bachelors among those of high social rank.
      • When there is no cash, there is no social mobility and therefore no threat to the status quo.
      • Sending a cool email link to a friend shows you are thinking of them and know what they like, and can therefore increase your social standing.

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    • 2.1(relating to social activity)

      (gathering/function) social
      the social event of the year el acontecimiento social del año
      • social engagements compromisos sociales
      • social evening velada social
      • social gathering reunión social
      • he has no social graces no sabe alternar en sociedad
      • an appalling social blunder una gaffe horrorosa
      • I'm only a social drinker solo bebo cuando estoy con gente
      • social column columna de ecos de sociedad
      • She is as sharp as a tack, but excellent company in a social setting.
      • Beverley, a cosmetics factory worker, met Whelby in 1984 at a social club in Skelmersdale.
      • He can be captivating company and, in social circles, very likeable.
      • The committee of Erins Own invites all members of the community to this social night out.
      • She had come bent on changing us, like she often did after social calls in such company.
      • Friday concluded with a social evening in Ballintogher Community Centre.
      • It's always unsettling when friends leave: it creates a huge gap in the community and on the social calendar.
      • Both Miki and I are really sociable people and the thing I missed most was social company.
      • We are at the beginning of a Golden Age of social software, software designed to support the interactions of groups of people.
      • No job was ever too big for Alvina to tackle, and at the end of a long day she still had energy for the social activities she so greatly enjoyed.
      • The Foxford Card Games are a community social event on Tuesday nights and all are welcome.
      • Elizabeth enjoys the social interaction, the companionship and the activities.
      • In other words, weblogs create particular spaces and times in which social activity may, and does, occur.
      • The group arranges social facilities and community support for lonely, mentally and emotionally unwell people.
      • Generations have grown up honing their sporting and social skills at the community games.
      • The March meeting concluded with a social chat and a very nice supper hosted by Mary Delaney and Margaret Collier.
      • A youth shelter is designed to meet the social needs of young people where they can sit and talk.
      • She was a keen card player, and it took her into the community as a social occasion amongst the people she had served all her life.
      • He said the club's social activities have ranged from football to having its own choral society.
      • The Club meets for social tennis every Sunday afternoon and it is hoped to have regular members' sessions at other times.

    • 2.2(sociable)

      (person) sociable
      I'm not feeling very social this evening esta noche no estoy muy sociable
      • Children become social companions rather than problems, although your wallet needs to be guarded - more than ever.
      • As the primary unit of man's social living, the modern family has to grapple with several problems.
      • One is destined to become a vibrant community with a rich social mix and a youthful population.
      • She began to make friends and become social.
      • He has become social with other children, engages in imaginary play, and has started to potty train!

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    (living in groups)
    man is a social animal el hombre es un animal social
    • Common wasps are social insects and live in nests of up to around 10,000 workers.
    • Various models have been presented to account for division of labor in social insects.
    • One of the baffling things about social insects such as ants is how their co-operative behaviour has evolved.
    • Studying more on social insects, he knew that males existed, but were rarely as powerful as the queen.
    • Native social bees visit only male inflorescences in search of pollen and nectar.
    • This should not surprise us - it is, in some degree, a characteristic of most social mammals.
    • You know in that sense obviously we have evolved from social primates.
    • Chimps are social animals and live in groups of up to 80 where food is plentiful.
    • Horses are social animals.
    • Rabbits are intelligent social animals who need affection.


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    reunión (social) feminine
    • How can they live their entire lives on the social?