Translation of social disease in Spanish:

social disease

enfermedad venérea, n.


  • 1 euphemistic

    (venereal disease)
    enfermedad venérea feminine
    • Sadly, actual sex may not produce the same effect because it exposes you to social diseases that may increase the risk of a problematic prostate.
    • All you have to do with this social custom is to grab the other person first and make kissy-kissy noises beside their ear, while muttering, ‘Don't get too close to me, I've got a social disease.’
    • A major cookie manufacturer reported catastrophic third-quarter earnings after a model carrying a plug for its line of products died of a social disease.
    • Self-exiled to the Marquesas archipelago, after a burst of profound creativity, he expired miserably in 1903 from the effects of social diseases and more-than-social drinking.
    • In the past 20 years, the number of people contracting social diseases has increased rapidly in China.
    • They spread their social diseases with careless aggression.
  • 2

    (caused by social factors)
    enfermedad social feminine